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57 L ignorance Ignorance, Milan KunderaIgnorance French L ignorance is a novel by Milan Kundera It was written in 1999 in French and published in 2000 It was translated into English in 2002 by Linda Asher, for which she was awarded the Scott Moncrieff Prize the following year 2004 2006 1384 202 9789647033183 20 1385 173 9648564248 1391 172 9789642244331 1999 2000. 57 La lgnoranica Ignorance, Milan KunderaIgnorance French L ignorance is a novel by Milan Kundera It was written in 1999 in French and published in 2000 It was translated into English in 2002 by Linda Asher, for which she was awarded the Scott Moncrieff Prize the following year.Czech expatriate Irena, who has been living in France, decides to return to her home after twenty years During the trip she meets, by chance, Josef, a fellow migr who was briefly her lover in Prague The novel examines the feelings instigated by the return to a homeland, which has ceased to be a home In doing so, it reworks the Odyssean themes of homecoming It paints a poignant picture of love and its manifestations, a recurring theme in Kundera s novels The novel explores and centres around the way that people have selective memories as a precursor to ignorance The concept of ignorance is presented as a two fold phenomenon in which ignorance can be a willing action that people participate in, such as avoiding unpleasant conversation topics or acting out Yet also exploring the involuntary aspects of being ignorant, such as feigning ignorance of the past or avoiding the truth 2006 1391 172 9789642244331 20 1385 173 9648564248 20 1380 202 9647033184 1381 1382 1387. After being somewhat disappointed recently with Identity, Ignorance marked a return to form for Kundera, and although this was a really good effort, at this point of his career I still think he was past his peak brilliance There is no doubt when he got it right, his gift of mingling politics, love, sex, history, and an exploration of subjectivity, really hits the spot, delivering a unique and captivating reading experience Ignorance sees Kundera tackling a humanly richer theme than in Identity, and I felt closer to his characters as a result of that It is written with a nostalgia for ones homeland, and in irony tells of the Odyssean homecoming, but its deeper concerns lie with memory and forgetting The set up is quite straightforward Two exiles and widows, Irena and Josef, settled in Paris and Copenhagen respectively, take a trip back to post Communist Prague to rediscover their old lives, but it is far from being easy as twenty years of political isolation and emotional absence mean no one really counts them among the living any Not even family At Paris airport the pair meet by chance, and shared a brief encounter in Prague many years before, but only she remembers having met him He has no idea who she is Kundera homes in on with meticulous skill the alienation of the returning migr Trying on a dress, Irena is momentarily imprisoned in the life she might have led had she stayed, and believes any sort of future can only exist in France For Josef, seeing his old watch on his brother s wrist threw him into a strange unease, and he attempts going though an old teenage diary but the obscure memory of his first love seems to punishes him Both struggle to pick up the past or even claim a future And it s this alienation that inexorably brings Irena and Josef together in the end But their attraction is based on an unjust inequality, and in a regrettable manner is exposed as a delusion in an inevitable sex scene towards it s climax This Kundera book, so than the others I have read, carried with it a deeper sadness and trauma It was less fun to read, but still resonated like a loud siren with what it had to say And although it can be looked at as a novel, we have to remember this is Kundera we re talking about, so it is, but then again it isn t Ignorance could also be seen as an essay on the theme of homecoming and the idea of return. 13 24 35 44 48 83 87 92 68 I lost my review no idea how while copying it from my notes it could completely vanish No backup nothin I won t even consider writing another one Or typing out the excerpt I wanted to include again I m too mad Soa couple of quick tip of the tongue thoughts The reading is cerebral than experiential Thoughts about memory forgetting illusion nostalgia are running themes There is sadness in coming home returning home after twenty years away We follow two lovers who each have loss spouses and are haunted by their past Kundera is a complex interesting author to read Some of the writing is absolutely gorgeous Some is a bit over the top pretentious And I like Kundera enough to want to read his other books I own a few so in due time 3.7 rating .EPUB ☪ L'ignorance ♧ Kunderin Itatelj Mo E U Prvom, Kao I U Neizbje No Drugom Itanju, O Ekivati Golemo Estetsko I Intelektualno Zadovoljstvo, Onakvo Kakvo Je Rijetko U Suvremenoj Knji Evnosti U Ovom Romanu, Autor Ni E Scene Poput Filmskih Slika Tu No Lijepe Slike O Iskorijenjenosti I E Nji, Li Ene Sentimentalnosti, Prikazuju Ljude Koje Je Povijest Izgurala Iz Ivota Duboko, Potresno I Ganutljivo Kunderin Tre I Roman Napisan Na Francuskome Jeziku Predstavlja Svekoliko Umije E Jasno U Jezika Bez Imalo Suvi Nosti, Nadmo U Razvoju Pri E I Mudrost Uvida U Unutarnji Ivot Likova Milan Kundera Je Arobnjak Kao To Je Legendarni Kralj Midas Sve To Bi Doticao Pretvarao U Zlato, Tako I Kunderi, Kralju Proze, Vidljivo Polazi Za Rukom Ni Iz Ega Stvoriti Iskri Av Knji Evni Dragulj The vast the amount of time we ve left behind us, the irresistible is the voice calling us to return to itIn this poignant recount of two people, forced to bid goodbye to their native country, in the diminished, yet flickering hope of finding a brighter tomorrow in an alien land, almost 20 years ago from the present, unravels a story replete with questions than answers Irena and Josef have found comfortable refuge in their respective abodes at Paris and Copenhagen and have led a fairly decent life, battling through tags of migr s and periods of insuperable doubts Irena has outlived her husband, Martin, reared her two daughters dutifully and seems comfortably living her life with her partner, Gustaf , many years her senior Josef, after leading a few years of blissful matrimony with his Danish wife, had to surrender her to death which clutched the hands of a severe disease to bring down the curtains While it is not clear whether it was the insistence of Irena s friend and the last request of Josef s dying wife or the unbearable curse of her life s banality and the inescapable ache of his loneliness that triggered the home coming, but when both took their flights to Prague, they were like two light, aimless clouds, who felt justified in being swayed adrift, since their hearts were a flutter of what they wished it to be and any likelihood of bathing in a sunnier sky was worthwhile the suspension in thin air But upon their arrivals, they get arrested in stifled laughs, hushed accusations, hesitant embraces and above all, a terrible wave of intermittent nostalgia Josef reads from the diary of a teen Josef, which he accidentally finds in the discarded little box handed over to him at his brother s place, about his young love interestThe desire to feel compassion for her and the desire to make her suffer are one and the same desire He walks the city to spot novel changes which prick his eyes with their shiny bodies and he eloquently feels thatduring his absence, an invisible broom had swept across the landscape of his childhood, wiping away everything familiar the encounter he had expected never took placeIrena, on her part, falls into the very trap she had tried so valiantly to flee twenty years ago her garrulous mother s circle of influence She thinks she can escape her tyranny by escaping the brick house but the roads too seem mercilessly hostile She wears a local dress, she finds in a city shop, to look and feel one of them but when she looks herself in the mirror, the dress itself seemed to have disowned her, accusing her of a traitor who could not live through the pain of this country a coward who did not have the courage to bear her individual struggle in the interest of her nation.Both Irena and Josef keep trudging into a world they felt was theirs all along but upon touching which emptied into the deepest throes of their comprehension, from where they could not retrieve it, despite determined measures The familiar images seem breathing behind a veil of forgotten identity, rendering the entire image a nebulous element Their families, friends and well wishers were like distant dreams which look beautiful to think of and can be an aid of comfort for passing time but hold no consequence if chased.The story culminates with Irena and Josef bumping into each other, which suddenly looks like the only worthwhile event of their home coming, for its in this chance meeting, that they find redemption of their individualities, their choices and their fates Kundera handles the nuances of human mind with an expert eye, which catches every skipped beat, which arrests every fleeting thought Living in prolonged pain turns it a friend Then the only image vitality conjures is that of an adversary The ideas of forgotten and nostalgia find utter beauty in his nuanced hands Recreating Odyssey and drawing startling parallels between the protagonists was a class piece of emotional legerdemain And his laced language had a subtle undertone of poetry which was marvelous to encounter at various bends of this book I will sign off with this beautiful metaphorical giftShe makes love wildly, lasciviously, and at the same time the curtain of oblivion wraps her lewdnesses in an all concealing darkness As if a poet were writing his greatest poem with ink that instantly disappears , 2 , 20 ,.