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Patricia Preston s puts the wild back in the wild west with Almost An Outlaw This novella puts it all on the line with plenty of danger and gunslingers, but at it s heart is a western romance between two lost souls One that, despite all the obstacles against it, could never die.Austin never forgot the young girl who gave him wild flowers and stole his heart Circumstances tore them apart and now Austin has come back to Missouri to ask Darcy for her help to contact the infamous Jesse James gang Austin had a priceless horse stolen from him and he knows James gang can help return what is rightfully his Neither Austin nor Darcy expected their attraction to still be so strong after all these years Despite their passion and mutual feelings for one another, their pasts may be the biggest obstacle in their path to love and happiness.This short story starts years after our two leads have seen each other So of course they reflect a bit on the time they spent together and the memories Their reflections on the past are endearing and tenderly sweet The impact these two individuals had on each other is romantic and charming to say the least But of course, now they are older, wiser and terrified of their past and their feelings for one another Still, their dialogue was always straight forward and honest, which was truly refreshing There were no coy moments or awkward silences between these charactersif they wanted to express their feelings, they simply said so.For the history buffs out there, you will enjoy the connection Preston s heroine has with well known outlaws Frank and Jesse James This adds a dazzling historical spin to the backdrop of this lovely romance story It was a creative addition to the story and added a few interesting characters.I was truly surprised with what Preston lays out for the readerthe obstacles, a murder mystery, the character introductions, the romance A lot takes place during this novella and none of it feels rushed or unresolved It a very entertaining and complete read You have a good dose of drama and romance that creates a great story Preston creates a promising novella that fans of western historical romance will enjoy immensely.Almost An Outlaw by Patricia Preston is a worthwhile read for an easy afternoon A little spicy, a little sweet and overall delightful, this is a short story you won t be sorry you picked up Overall Rating 4 5Heat Level 3 5Lisa Once Upon A Chapter 3 Wine Glasses A Good ReadSet in the old west, the story centers on a close family member of the notorious James Younger Gang, Darcy Branson He rescued her from death during the war, he was her first kiss and her first love but she never thought to see him again Eleven years later though, the darkly handsome, Captain Austin Cade walks into her dress shop asking a favor He might have been known for being a war hero in the south and for running with the Boys but now Austin Cade is just a horse rancher whose prize mare, Midnight Dancer, has been stolen and he won t stop until her finds her and makes the thief pay But the beautiful widow distracts him from his purpose even though he knows that loving a woman whose heart belongs to another only leads to heartache all he has to do is remember his mother s relationship with the Marshal When a murder shows up seeking the large bounty on Jesse James and threatens the women the Boys hold dear Cade finds himself back in the action and falling hard for the girl he once knew Almost an Outlaw is a short and sweet western historical romance that was a heart warming and fun read.I loved the historical aspects of the story following the James Younger Gang and who doesn t like hot gunslingers I enjoyed the main couple Darcy and Austin, they had great chemistry and previous history that made for a fast moving relationship perfect for this short There were two loves scenes, the first one being pretty steamy Both characters showed development and growth One small problem I had with the story though was that the author never gave reason to why Darcy was one minute set against jumping in the sack with Austin and then the next between the sheets with him Also, there was some odd phrasing here and there that distracted from the story a bit, but these were few and far between Over all Almost an Outlaw is a charming story of second chances, the perfect lunch time read. What do you do when that long ago love suddenly appears in front of you He is your first hero, your first kiss and the only true love you have ever known Not to mention he once saved your life Do you run and hide or march head first and take the only thing in life that you hold so dear to your heart Darcy Branson is a woman with a mission to forever protect her heart Her brief marriage fell very short of her expectations and she lives with the guilt that she caused her husband s death She is about to attend the marriage of her cousin, notorious outlaw Jesse James To protect him from the ever present law, Darcy acts as the go between for Jesse and the rest of the world Enter Captain Austin Cade, infamous guerilla commander, thought dead and Darcy s long ago love Austin also remembers everything about Darcy, their first encounter, first kiss and only he knows that he has always loved her When Cade needs to contact the James gang, he seeks out the Darcy and wonders if there still is room in her heart for him While Cade is looking for a horse thief, the townspeople are on the lookout for a murderer Can he find his missing horse and protect the love of his life Captain Cade is the ultimate bad boy turned great man He is fresh and unassuming at the same time strong and dangerous His dominating strength combined with his soft romantic side is the perfect combination for a woman of Darcy s protective and caring nature These are the perfect romantic couple, their passion for each other is front and center but they struggle with pride and fear of rejection He is the man who is wishes to right a very old wrong and she is a woman who cannot forgive herself for something that she was out of her control Can they turn back the clock and start again Although a little short on story and with so much that could have been told Patricia Preston, we certainly hope these two make it in this thoroughly enjoyable adventure Facing the unpredictable and the unknown comes with the turn of each page, but the danger and the romance of the Old West along with the presence of several of America s notorious true life outlaws makes this an interesting and entertaining period piece Originally posted at Almost an Outlaw by Patricia Preston I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Almost an Outlaw takes us back to the days of Jesse James and the James Gang Darcy Branson not only owns the dress shop in town but she s Jesse s cousin Everyone wants the bounty on Jesse s head and they think Darcy is the answer Darcy just wants to be left alone Austin is back in town with a mission he wants his prized horse back and will stop at nothing to get her He needs to get a message to Jesse and the boys so he stops by Darcy s for help He didn t expect long buried feelings to resurface the moment he sees her.It has been years since Austin rescued Darcy from the soldiers but she never forgot him He makes her feel things she hasn t felt in a very long time but she won t allow herself to act on it She feels responsible for her husband s death so she dresses in black and won t allow herself to forget Austin wants Darcy but refuses to waste his life waiting on a woman that will never forget her husband Austin and Darcy may have a history but can they have a future I loved this story the old west was the most fun during the times of Jesse James We were given a glimpse into the lifestyle of the gang and the town they were from Darcy is their cousin so she is continuously watched by the bounty hunters in town She just wants to be left alone to live her life in mourning Austin makes her feel alive, which leaves her feeling guilty She has always wanted a family and kids but she doesn t feel like she deserves it because of the part she played in her husband s death.I love Austin, he s been on his own for a long time but he never forgot his first kiss or the girl that gave it to him He s ready to settle down and wants Darcy for his wife if he can convince her it s ok to live Austin is a sexy cowboy with a big heart.This story has something for everyone, a trip to the old west, a sexy cowboy, murder, mayhem, and lots of sexual tension I really enjoyed it and give Almost An Outlaw 4 Flaming Hearts. Austin rides into Liberty looking for the James brothers to help him track down a man who stoled his prize mare when he shows up at Darcey s dress shop she is taken back He saved her once a long time ago Darcey helps Austin get to her cousins Jesse and Frank James.Along the way villain Gaberial, is taking to murdering anyone that stands in his way of the James gang He corners Darcey out on a trail and hurts her wrist Austin finds out about it and gets word to the gang All the while Darcey and Austin are feelings things Darcey is not sure of She blames herself for the murder of her husband Will they find true love and can Darcey overcome her guilt I enjoyed this book to a point The characters were good and I like the fact of the James Younger gang being involved The story could have gone on a bit To me the story was too short and there was a lot of potential for further things to happen I did like the romance and suspense It leaves you wanting. ALMOST AN OUTLAW by Patricia Preston is an interesting western historical romance 1874,Liberty, Missouri It is well written with depth and details.The characters are charming,engaging, and will capture your heart Darcy,cousin to Jesse James,of the James Younger gang,a widow,a dressmaker,has attracted unwanted attention from a bounty hunter and just wants peace.Austin,an ex Captain,a horse rancher whose prize mare was stolen leading him to Libery again,old comrade with the Jesse Younger gang and was once Darcy s rescuer eleven years prior After all this time and many things happening in their lives,when they first meet again,they still have an attraction to each other For Darcy,Austin was her first kiss.For Austin,Darcy,was his never forget Together they will find each other again,and fall in love This is a short,sweet story with a couple of steamy moments,but nothing to cause alarm.While,I enjoyed this story I would have liked to seen a better ending,that would allow you to see what happened next.But overall this is an interesting,sweet,quick read This book was received for the purpose of review from Net Galley and the publisher and details can be found at Carina Press,and My Book Addiction Reviews. Almost an Outlaw was quick, but so well written that I felt like I had read a full novel Ms Preston did a great job of making feel like I knew the back story and the characters Darcy and Austin share a past, but guilt over the death of her late husband prevents her from moving on I was cheering Austin on for not settling for anything less than love That was a nice twist You don t often see the man saying he wants it all or nothing The little mystery was of the killer was a nice added bonus and enhanced the story. I was fortunate enough to receive a pre publication copy of this book to review This short story by Patricia Preston was a pleasure to spend some quality reading time The story was about a young widow, Darcy Branson, who was battling her conscience over her husbands death When Austin Cade shows up in her store, the fire they had for each other long ago is instantly rekindled A sweet story about love, loss and second chances. {EBOOK} ó Almost an Outlaw ⚩ Rancher Austin Cade Rides Into Liberty Looking For His Old Comrades, The James Younger Gang He Needs Their Help Tracking Down The Horse Thief Who S Stolen His Prized Mare In Town, The Former Gunfighter Is Reunited With Darcy, The First Girl He Ever Kissed And Never Forgot Young Widow Darcy Branson Owns A Shop Full Of Fashionable Ladies Attire, But Continues To Wear Mourning Black So She Won T Forget Her Role In Her Husband S Death Austin Stirs A Passion Inside Her That Has Long Been Dormant, But Can Darcy Learn To Believe In Austin And Love Enough To Let Go Of Her Tragic Past Time Is Rapidly Running Out As A Cousin To Jesse James, Darcy Has Attracted Unwanted Attention, Thanks To Her Rud Association With The Gang Soon Austin And Darcy Are Faced With Confronting Not Only Their Growing Desire, But Danger In The Form Of A Deadly Bounty Hunter , Words I give this book 4 stars Love the connection between hero and heroine and the history throughout the book Patricia Preston knows how to weave a great story and make it come to life