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, . 24. 4.8 5 basically 5 stars of Asimovian goodness This book was simply amazing Among the best science related material I ve yet read Simplistically written yet covering innumerable complex topics I took 0.2 5 off simply because I d have liked it to have a beginning to present chronology chart it has several good charts interspersed, but no beginning to end A minor qualm, nothing.You may think this would be dated, being as old as it is, but for the most part it is fairly accurate to todays accepted sciences I was surprised to learn we knew so much of what we know now, back in 1987 Some things have changed here and there but the generalities have generally remained the same.What to expect Well, this book is a science book There s a lot of science It is fairly easy to read and when it comes to dates and time periods and species and divergent species from others and such forth never fear It may seem a lot to absorb at times there are nice charts to help you follow along This isn t a science textbook, so you aren t here to memorize You re here hopefully for the same reasons as me, to get a sense of the Universe, its beginnings and the stages between then and now So don t worry if it seems a bit much to remember The purpose is to illustrate the details behind past and present and how we know what we know, or think what we think we know.This book reminds me of Bill Bryson s book, A Short History of Nearly Everything, except with less focus on civilizations, among other things Bill Bryson s book would make a great followup after reading this one by Asimov.I highly recommend this to any reader of general science books Its interesting, well paced, simply laid out albeit he jumps back and forth, but that s fine , and and informing read If you have ever taken any high school science classes, you should have no problem reading this No one I ve read has ever explained thing simpler than Asimov.Do not let the age of this book dissuade you. 30 300 RNA DNA DNA RNA DNA. {EBOOK} º Beginnings: The Story of Origins ð A Wondrous Excursion Through Billion Years Of Human And Prehuman History, Written By America S Most Popular And Exciting Science Writer From The Explosive Flash Of The Birth Of The Universe To The Evolution Of Algae And Reptiles, Asimov Covers The Infinite And The Microscopic In Rich Detail Previously Published By Walker And Company