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READ BOOK ♽ The Way of the Image ☫ This Revolutionary New Book, The Way Of The Image, Brings Us The Foundation For An Incredibly Rich And Profound Approach To The Psyche One Based On Objective Knowledge Of How To Translate The Meaning Of Images Dream Images, Fantasy Images, Images From Film, Literature, Art, And Even The Latest Newspaper Headlines Into Language We Can All Use To Understand Ourselves And Our World Readers Will Discover The Stunning Viewpoint Brought To Us By One Of The Greatest Psychologists Of Our Era, And A Whole New Vista Of The Human Psyche Will Open Up The Revolutionary Propositions In This Book Have Astounding Implications Everyone Who Is Interested In Knowing About Themselves, About Their Dreams, About How Therapy Can And Should Work, And About The Way The World Of Our Psyche Works, Will Find This Fascinating Book To Be A Guide For The Rest Of Their Life the psychoanalytical approach in this book was off putting very much analayst as expert which is not really my bag I knew what I was getting into, though the book did, however, give me pause to consider dreamwork from a different angle, and doing so has yielded direct results I have to say that the core ideas in this book are solid, despite my reservations re the suggested approach.