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The title was somewhat confusing to me, but in the end i liked the book It just makes you think in a creative way. Great fun even for non designers like my boyfriend and myself Creative and interactive challenges have given it as a gift to two designer friends so far who have enjoyed it. @Free E-pub ì Creative Workshop ã Have You Ever Struggled To Complete A Design Project On Time Or Felt That Having A Tight Deadline Stifled Your Capacity For Maximum Creativity If So, Then This Book Is For YouWithin These Pages, You Ll Find Creative Challenges That Will Help You Achieve A Breadth Of Stronger Design Solutions, In Various Media, Within Any Set Time Period Exercises Range From Creating A Typeface In An Hour To Designing A Paper Robot In An Afternoon To Designing Web Pages And Other Interactive Experiences Each Exercise Includes Compelling Visual Solutions From Other Designers And Background Stories To Help You Increase Your Capacity To Innovate Creative Workshop Also Includes Useful Brainstorming Techniques And Wisdom From Some Of Today S Top Designers By Road Testing These Techniques As You Attempt Each Challenge, You Ll Find New And Effective Ways To Solve Tough Design Problems And Bring Your Solutions To Vibrant Life Great way to become inspired and get going I do a couple of exercises in here and it s enough for me to push out 4 8 visually appealing prototypes to be turned into high fidelity prototypes later on. It took me a while to read this book because there wasn t much pulling me forward But, that said, I found it to be pretty interesting and provocative While I have yet to try any of the ideas, it did serve as a creative stepping stone to me creating my own ideas of activities I can do My only real criticism is I was hoping that the activities would be at a beginner level Some of them, I think, would require some hefty graphic design skills that many who are designers don t have. In formative and to the point.The author is very creative in keeping the readers interest I almost stopped reading a few time yet it seemed the next sentence or chapter heading would pull me back in. Good design reference book, the last two sections innovation and interpretation are particularly intriguing. Excellent book for providing creative projects and ideas to develop creativity and sharpen design skills Exactly what I needed This a classroom post degree exercise book As a recent graduate with graphic design knowledge and skills in back pocket, this book introduces exciting self projects to get your creative gears moving and reinforces the habit of sketching which, I believe is an underappreciated initiation of design solving for many This is THE book for creating items for your portfolio Each exercise includes rules, time restraints, examples of others work, and a possibility to manufacture make believe stress with advanced guidelines One of them, for example, is SEO s wife wants a handwritten font D oh Can you handle all that problem solving and create a final product in the next 120 minutes Get cracking This book is an interesting tool for when you as a designer feel your creativity is drained out Each chapter is an activity to hone your designing skills I didn t do the activities just yet but some of them look really daring.