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While there are many positive aspects to this play, I simply cannot give itthan a couple stars I realize that this is theatre, folks, but there is a limit to how far my credulity can be stretched I can comprehend two, perhaps three bizarre random things happening to one person in the course of a play But eight and counting By the second act I was completely disconnected simply because I could no longer relate any of the characters to true life any . #EPUB ¹ Reckless ⚝ At Home On Christmas Eve, Rachel Is Informed By Her Guilty Husband That He Has Hired A Hitman To Kill Her, And She Must Flee For Her Life Which She Does By Scrambling Out The Kitchen Window And Into The Snowy Night She Meets And Joins Up With Lloyd Bophtelophti, A True Original Who Has Changed His Name To Avoid Alimony Payments And Who Now Lives With A Paraplegic Named Pootie Who Also Pretends To Be Deaf In Order To Get Double Disability Thus Begins A Series Of Picaresque Escapades Involving Numerous Psychiatrists, A TV Game Show, And, Eventually, An Ill Fated Reunion With Her Husband Filled With Bizarre Characters And Events, The Play Reflects The Fractured Lifestyles Which Have Become The Norm For So Many In Our Tenuous Times Quite the whirlwind play The plot does some truly wondrous loop de loops, you never know if you re coming or going, and yet it all comes together in the end The last line of the play makes the whole whirlwind worthwhile and brings tears.Rachel Fitsimmons loves Christmas But this Christmas her husband has a surprise for her he s paid a hit man to kill her Out of guilt he orders her away Stumbling into the snow she tries to reach a friend, who doesn t believe her So instead she hitchhikes away with Lloyd, who lives with his parapelegic and deaf wife Pooty They let Rachel stay, only now she goes by Mary Ellen, and it turns out that Pooty can actually talk, and Lloyd changed his name to get out of paying alimony for a crippled wife children that he left because he was drunk and ran over one of their boys.Things go from odd to bizarre when Rachel, Pooty, Lloyd win money on a talk show Because Rachel s husband recognizes her, and comes to get her Only they drink some champagne that s been drugged and well, three deaths, an attempted murder and another fifteen years later and Rachel is a therapist with a very special client right before Christmas. I directed this wonderful play.It is so underrated. Holds up amazingly well considering when it was written I m thinking of how I feel like a lot of the madcap 80s comedies have aged kind of badly, like Fuddy Meers This feels like a very new play until partway through the second act, then it gets a little not quite what it was in the beginning. Every little odd detail fits in perfectly in this VERY bizarre journey We who write plays take in exhale a great savored Ah Yes. This is hilarious Also, Mary Louise Parker is in the movie. A few good monologues I m still mulling this one over It was oddly wacky The wackiness of Act I was one thing charming, funny but then the number of scenes and the even wackier it got during Act II had my head spinning a bit I imagine it would be a riot to see TBG There s an entire sub genre of American drama in which, through forces beyond her control, a sweet but scattered woman gets thrown into increasingly bizarre situations involving an array of oddball characters These plays tend to be fast paced lampoons of television, psychiatry, the nuclear family, and all the other ways in which we try to pretend that everything is all right And while your initial reaction such a play is likely to be How wacky , by the end of it you may be saying, instead, How sad Christopher Durang has written several plays like this David Lindsay Abaire sFuddy Meersis another example And after reading Craig Lucas Reckless, which premiered in the mid 1980s, I m willing to bet that it helped codify a lot of the elements of this sub genre It s the story of a young wife and mother named Rachel who is forced to flee her house in bathrobe and slippers one Christmas Eve after her husband confesses he s hired a hitman to kill her From there, the play mounts a satirical assault on the institutions and customs of normal American life No one s who they say they are psychiatrists are useless bizarre violent crimes abound And if Rachel makes a reckless decision or two along the way, it s only because, as another character says, life s been reckless with her.