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BOOK ë Shopaholic Ties the Knot ⚹ Life Has Been Good For Becky Bloomwood She S Become The Best Personal Shopper At Barneys, She And Her Successful Entrepreneurial Boyfriend, Luke, Are Living Happily In Manhattan S West Village, And Her New Next Door Neighbor Is A Fashion Designer But With Her Best Friend, Suze, Engaged, How Can Becky Fail To Notice That Her Own Ring Finger Is Bare Not That She S Been Thinking Of Marriage Or Diamonds Or Anything Then Luke Proposes Bridal Registries Dance In Becky S Head Problem Is, Two Other People Are Planning Her Wedding Becky S Overjoyed Mother Has Been Waiting Forever To Host A Backyard Wedding, With The Bride Resplendent In Mum S Frilly Old Gown While Luke S High Society Mother Is Insisting On A Glamorous, All Expenses Paid Affair At The Plaza Both Weddings For The Same Day And Becky Can T Seem To Turn Down Either One Can Everyone S Favorite Shopaholic Tie The Knot Before Everything Unravels Even after reading all this book and seeing Becky progress than only just shopping even though I hope just like Luke she never looses the Bloomwood I m sure I wouldn t want a joint bank account with this woman, she d also drive me a little crazy but in a good way in small dozes.The shopaholic s life is on the up and at her friends wedding Luke proposes and Becky is now engaged Tasked with planning a wedding or shall we say two The whole problem from the start is everyone interfering, Becky should have just chose what she wanted from the start, it s there wedding no one elses I felt like shouting for much of this book it s Becky s Wedding so she should be deciding I love all the letter again including the one about divorce before they are even married.Luke s mum even with the back story I still think she s a cow no wonder it took me a while to warm to Luke when he has some of her genes It starts with the prenuptial agreement it s just the way her manner is in anything she s asking I don t like the woman one bit The one person I hate as much as his mother is Robyn the American wedding planner she s like an axe murderer and I d happily sue the woman for 100 thousand dollars like she does for a cancellation fee It s like blackmail, she d have you marrying an axe murderer which Luke is not but still there is a much preferable wedding to be attended Luke was a character in the first two books I did not warm to however this one really changed my opinion of him, you took away his outer appearance of being always confident and replaced it to me with the real Luke He s very raw in this book and it s like he s having a mid life crisis but it s the best I ve ever thought of him and I ve never liked him better I like Micheal again in this book and i m pleased he gets over heart attack Suzie is another great character and the addition of the baby is an interesting one with where this series will be heading Alicia is still a bitch and I love it when Luke kicked her out another good thing to add to why i m not warming to Luke Back in England it s interesting to see Tom and Lucy split up and for Tom to still be in love with Sophie Danny is also a great character even with some of his dodgy sewing.The wedding at the end is much perfect for them just due to it being not perfect with the sausage roll dress Becky and Luke at the end are set to go on a round the world trip for a honeymoon and in true Becky style two large suitcases to bring things back in, wherever there home will be. Only Becky Bloomwood could get herself in this much trouble But the best part is always seeing her struggle to get out of it Never change, Becky. I love Sophie Kinsella s writing style so much Her books are like candy and I can t get enough I love how Rebecca isn t a totally likable character she has her flaws but she always learns from her mistakes in the end and becomes stronger I was obsessed with the first half of the book as I m totally invested in Luke and Becky s relationship, but the wedding drama kind of dragged on a bit too long for me Still really liked this book, though, and I will be reading the fourth very soon I love Kinsella s books, and I loove Becky, but this one was my least favorite The way she had to drag on the wedding decision totally wore out my patience What sucked was that THAT was basically the main part of the story At some point, I was so irritated at her that I wasn t really concentrating on what I was reading because I wanted to hurry up and get to the conclusion And it s too silly how Luke was so unaware of the chaotic wedding planning, don t you think Almost pretentious I mean, my boyfriend is totally successful super busy and I may be a ditz but he would know if I m planning two weddings But yet it was definitely entertaining, and it did make me want a spectacular wedding at Plaza Wouldn t anyone