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!Epub ♚ Dirty Dancing (Looking Back #2) ⚕ To A People Who Are Blind To The Lessons Of The Past, Ambeth R Ocampo Is The One Eyed King Sure, He Has His Critics, But All The Time, He Is Entertaining, Fresh And Bracing, Not Stodgy Or Stultifying Like Some Academics With Their Voluminous Footnotes And Explanations He Always Makes Historical Figures Come Alive, Blemishes And All, And With His Curious Eye, Makes Our Heroes Very Human And Not The Mythic Figures That We Want To Make Of Them Ambeth Makes History Enjoyable Reading While At The Same Time Makes It Anchor Us To The Past And Therefore, And Hopefully, Prepares Us For The FutureF Sionil Jose, National Artist For Literature Ambeth Ocampo is now one of my auto buys The way he rewrites history in this entertaining, easily consumable way is impressive For instance, I don t think I ve ever laughed while reading a history book before It s a mixture of good research, inspiring experiences, good sense of humor and passion. 3 stars for the writing style that I feel sometimes cut up Nevertheless the flavor of history cannot be denied in this collection and even makes me want to research on the points Ambeth started to scratch thus the additional star.Filipinos should re read history like this for us to learn from the strengths and weaknesses of the past, lest we just continue repeating history the latter being unfortunate. This book is all about history but I finished it in one sitting because I got lost in layers upon layers of rumors, deceit, and other juicy stuff Enjoyed Mabini s English, Fun in Names, and The Beatles in Manila because I m such a fan and if I had my way, I wanted to be born during their time. History Fun Yes History, after all, is a collection of stories, complete with characters, settings and plots History, in Filipino, is kasaysayan, which means salaysay na may saysay That translates to meaningful stories People like stories, right More so if they bring meaning to them Some of these stories can be found in the Looking Back series by Ambeth Ocampo Continue reading our post here.Please note We don t use ratings but for this purpose, we tag books with three stars by default Would like to be a reviewer contributor to Bookbed Sign up here We also accept review requests More info here. 2nd Part of a History Book series about Philippines History during Spanish Times and our culture Challenge Around the world in 80 booksLocation Home Asia Philippines Favorite parts I was going to be named Agrippina, after my grandma and after the patron saint of our birthday This book says that the name Agrifina is short for Department of Agriculture and Finance in Luneta The Beatles visit in Manila Another good collection of essays by Ocampo that touch on the Revolution, the naming conventions of Filipinos, and, surprisingly, the Beatles 1966 visit and subsequent snub Ocampo always makes these short essays digestible though I wish they were longer Some anecdotes are comedic, bringing liveliness to a subject history that is often though of as dusty and boring. The Looking Back 2 continues to be as entertaining as the first one From the capture of Aguinaldo to the facts of false economy during the late 1930s, then to the gays in the Philippine revolution, The Beatles stories in Manila including postscripts , the human side of Bonifacio, and the heroes in disguise Mr Ocampo stirs up my curiosity on things i didn t learn when i was in Philippine history class seriously, i envy friends who had a chance to sit in his class at admu Direct quotations from Bonifacio are rare But it is indeed a gem to find out the human side of a hero who is portrayed as a man of steel I do not know how much sacrifice you can lend to our cause Posterity will recognize you and this makes me glad In case i fall in battle, re marry so you will be protected, but choose a man who will have the same love and affection which i have for you The Supremo to his Oriang Gregoria de Jesus memoirs, 1896 In this book I ve learned about the un Filipino like treatment received by The Beatles when they came here in Manila about the gays in Philippine revolution and offered some smile for those funny Filipino business names.There s so much to learn about our history and let s all offer our thanks to Ambeth Ocampo for making it easier for common folks to read about it History doesn t have to boring and too traditional We have Ambeth now giving us a new alternative on how to enjoy history by writing short and entertaining essays about it Whispers Isn t that great