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A long time to finish, despite its brevity Stoddard s wisdom and reflections on the impact of a letter, how it s an excellent treasurable document memento preserving friendship and love, what rules don t apply when writing to friends, and little ideas to make the ritual of setting pen to paper as magical and enjoyable as it can be. For a little book 123 pages I took a long time to read it Not that the subject matter was boring, I just wanted to take in all it had to offer A handwritten letter is a special gift we give to those we care about. EBOOK ♥ Gift of a Letter ♒ This Enchanting Book Is Dedicated To One Of The Most Intimate And Touching Of Human Experiences The Letter With Charm, Grace, And Enthusiasm, Alexandra Stoddard Describes The Art And The Pleasure Of Writing Letters And The Surprising Joy It Can Bring To Writer And Recipient Alike A Letter That Takes Only A Few Minutes To Write May Be Treasured For Years Its Contents Are A True Expression Of Heart, Mind, And Spirit Brimming With Anecdotes And Ways To Bring Letters Into Your Life, Gift Of A Letter Inspires And Satisfies Though outdated, this book has a few nuggets of truth and wisdom about letter writing, letters written by well known people, and stationary and letter writing paraphernalia This book did lead me to my favorite letter from President Lincoln to his brother in law about borrowing money There is no reason that I find that I would need to keep this book I will pass it on to our local little library But besides that I don t find much use for it. Alexandra Stoddard s Gift of a Letter is a lyrical, often moving paean to the almost lost art of letter writing It is a book to be read slowly and thoughtfully And then to be acted upon.I enjoy reading historical biographies, such as McCullough s John Adams, many of which use as source material the letters written by the subjects and their contemporaries I am frequently astonished by, and envious of, their ability to express themselves in their letters to loved ones and associates Stoddard s book is an introduction to following in their footsteps It is less formulaic than it is appreciative, but there are, nonetheless, abundant insights into letter writing Stoddard writes movingly of the need for handwritten letters, the blessing that they are to recipients, and the perfect tools pen and paper for writing with dignity and elegance As she says A letter is a gift It can turn a private moment into an exalted experience Unlike the phone, a letter is never an interruption A letter doesn t require immediate attention it can be saved and savored for the appropriate time and place A letter is a treat with no strings attached Stoddard s book has led me to find personal stationary, and to when and how to initiate correspondence with a number of people, both family and friends, in my life That, too, is a gift. The book, Gift of a Letter, by Alexandra Stoddard, provides a timeless analysis of the value of hand written communication for both the writer and the recipient She intimately describes the value of a letter in revealing deep truth and loving thoughts and compares letter writing to sending your ship out as the vulnerability and permanence are fixed She encourages leaving the misspelled words, cross outs, and additional expressions of truths because a letter written from the heart, i.e., a spontaneous letter, is an extraordinary gift She further reports that a correspondence with, only one line is sufficient Ms Stoddard refers to and quotes many famous letter writers including Samuel Johnson, Abraham Lincoln, Elizabeth Barrett, E.B.White, etc provides appendix listing famous letters she has enjoyed and warmly discusses the writings of Virginia Wolf throughout the book She states that, Surely letter writing must be a part of the pursuit of happiness Who can deny the pleasure of receiving a hand written correspondence from someone you personally know even if it says only, I m thinking about you Ms Stoddard challenges, dare to begin, it is never too late, that no news is not good news, and provides advice concerning how and what to write including comments concerning quality of hand writing I recommend this book for any wondering about taking up the valuable habit of letter writing Letters allow you to purposefully communicate your true intent and may be read and re read by the recipients at their leisure This is an easy and educational read. Just the thing to read before hopping on a private jet to New York The overall message of the book is to just get writing, which comes across convincingly It is short to read, which is a plus One things I was not a fan of was the stationary stores she focuses on are are not practical for most people to visit in New York, USA London, England or Paris, France However, that deficiency was likely because the author lives in the United States and the book was published in 1990. It s a book that gives you inspiration to sit down and write a letter There are a few examples of letters written by famous people to get you into writing It is not a book on how to write a letter Alexandra also goes into her personal letter writing examples I found it funny that postage has changed quite a bit since this book was written, 25 cents I miss that. I received this book from my Grandmother this spring when she was cleaning out her apartment in preparation for a move to the Nursing Home I will always treasure this little book because it came from Grandma Jeanette In this age of email, Facebook messages and texts, I still prefer to write letters to stay in touch Really interesting read with good advice for corresponding with others. I ALMOST abandoned this book Now that I ve finished it I m glad that I didn t While slightly outdated in a few respects, Alexandra does give some good ideas for letter writting Most importantly though, she inspires you to want to sit down and write a letter I think a shopping trip for new stationary and pens is in order now And I ve already been to the post office to purchase the commemorative stamps instead of the basic flag ones So yes, the book is effective.