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A great primer for kids, which introduces both the history and puritanical context for the hysteria of 1692 and the human toll it took on the colonial community. (((FREE))) ☔ The Salem Witch Trials: An Unsolved Mystery from History ☠ In , Tragedy Strikes Salem, Massachusetts When A Group Of Girls Came Down With A Horrible, Mysterious Bout Of Illness, The Town Doctor Looked In His Medical Books But Failed To Find A Reasonable Diagnosis Pretty Soon Everyone In Town Was Saying The Same Thing The Girls Were Ill Because They Were Under A Spell, The Spell Of Witchcraft And Still, The Question Remains Why Did The Hysteria Occur The Townspeople Had Many Things To Worry About Back Then Smallpox, Strife With Local Indigenous Communities, A Preacher Demanding Higher Wages, And The Division Of Land In The Community But Did All Of Those Problems Justify A Witch Hunt Become A Detective As You Read This True Story, Study The Clues, And Try To Understand The Hysteria The Unsolved Mystery From History Series Is Written By Acclaimed Author Jane Yolen And Former Private Investigator Heidi Elisabet Yolen Stemple This Is An Innovative History Lesson That S Sure To Keep Kids Thinking Everyone has heard of the infamous Salem Witch trials but no one know exactly why the events were able to unfold the way they did or how twenty people were sentenced to death for witchcraft It s one of the great unsolved mysteries from history that Jane Yolen and Heidi Stemple are bringing to the attention of a new generation of detectives An intriguing read that will surely lead to fascinating discussions and varied opinions Were the girls really telling the truth Lying so they could receive attention Playing a scare game they were unable to stop Suffering from a mental illness Or were they put up to do it to steal land from the accused Personally I feel the girls were excited about the attention they received without realizing what horrors their actions would bring. The Salem Witch Trials ist ein Teil der Reihe Unsolved Mysteries from History der mehrfach ausgezeichneten Kinderbuchautorin Jane Yolen und ihrer Tochter Das Buch ist aufgebaut wie eine Detektivgeschichte Ein M dchen, Tochter eines Detektivs, liest ber ungel ste und r tselhafte geschichtliche Ereignisse und stellt diese in einer Zusammenfassung vor.Auf jeder Doppelseite ist eine Pinselzeichnung von Roger Roth, in einem gelben Kasten stehen die Tatsachen, in einem anderen in Form eines Notizblock zus tzliche Informationen In bunten kleinen K stchen sind Erkl rungen von W rtern, mit denen Kinder vielleicht noch nicht vertraut sind Auf den vorletzten beiden Seiten werden f nf Theorien ber die Ursachen der Hexenprozesse von Salem aufgef hrt und anhand von Fragen werden die Kinder dazu angehalten, sich selbst Gedanken zu machen oder auch eine eigene Theorie zu entwickeln.Die Darstellung ist neutral, faktenorientiert Au erdem ist vorn eine Liste der verwendeten Quellen in Buchform oder Internetseiten beigef gt Ein super gemachtes Kinderbuch f r 8 bis 10 j hrige Leser. 3.75 starsThis is a picture book for kids it says ages 6 9 that explains what happened in Salem, Mass in 1692 It s actually told from the point of view of a modern day girl trying to solve why it happened, looking at clues like a detective would I m impressed The story was told very well of course, simplified for kids , and there were little sticky notes to explain slightlydifficult words The illustrations in the book are amazing, they really helped bring the story to life, I thought At the end, there is a summary of various theories as to why it happened For each theory, there are questions for discussion It seems like a good book for kids to learn what happened and to discuss it with their parents or teacher 3.5 stars for the story, and an extra.25 star for the illustrations. I liked the way this was presented, especially in light of the intended audience The known facts of the case were laid out, along with useful context and the leading theories of what really happened, and the reader was invited to come to their own conclusion The narrator presented as a detective s child who is interested in mysteries as well and did the presented research also offers some questions to help the reader evaluate each of the theories and their own thoughts on them I would potentially be interested in using books like this in teaching my child in the future how to collect evidence and weigh the pieces with and against one another to come to a reasoned conclusion All in all, I was pleasantly surprised with this book An excellent introductory book for children first learning about the trials, geared less towards being a history lesson andtowards being an exercise in critical thinking and fact gathering checking Yolen writes in her usual clear and precise manner, and bypasses the violence of the trials though she does reference it to focuson motivations and context of how something like this could have happened Her summation of the theories behind the incident are excellent and can be useful for adults trying to wrap their heads around what happened too. I ve always loved reading about the Salem Witch Trials My family and I visited Salem several years ago, and I loved hearing the stories and seeing the sites The town still has a sense of mystery and tragedy This story is told from the point of view of a girl who wants to be a detective and is trying to solve the mysteries of the trials She invites the reader to make his her own conclusion after the facts and theories have been presented Kids would really enjoy this book It could be part of a bigger unit on unsolved mysteries of the past. This is a really nice series Incorporating narrative with factual information it presents an overview and then several theories about what really happened It is very engaging for kids and a perfect level for 5th graders What could it have been like for the townspeople of Salem Village in 1692 absolutely horrible Full review at mystery of the Salem Witch Trials is one that has haunted the United States for over 3oo years now and is one that students love to read about and I do, too Most of my thoughts about this book are about how awesome this book is for the classroom The Yolens seemed to have written it specifically for teachers to use.