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!Pdf ♭ Plus ♌ Popular EPub, Plus By Joseph McElroy This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Plus, Essay By Joseph McElroy Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Hard to know where to start with this novel the usual question of what s it about doesn t really seem adequate, almost childish considering this thing I mean part of the book is about a language beyond language, a journey beyond the frail scope of human existence and into the very fabric of definition and meaning, the foundations of the self the first real transhumanist novel maybe.As Yves Abrioux says in his erudite review link here the book is a posthuman Bildingsroman which challenges the reader s powers of apprehension, insofar as its context lies outside normal human communication.The prose of Plus is simultaneously simple and complex, baffling, maddening, beautiful a potion of words that allows us a stark glimpse into the idea of the Self As Imp Plus constructs his Self we re invited to deconstruct ourselves What we might find in that deconstruction isn t a view of technology or language and technological language as our masters but our intimate relationship with them how what we are is beyond familiar semiotics and meaning creation.Flore Chevailier says in her essay link here that the erotics of McElroy s fiction is based on the exploration of a hybrid language that merges Eros and science I d pretty much agree with that, McElroy is acutely aware as so many writers aren t of our relationship with technology and how in some ways we ve become a kind of technology or a part of it through our engagement with it, the us and them dynamic doesn t work as such, we move and speak and be in the terms of technology now And his prose often reflects that and Plus is maybe the most explicit example of this.Imp Plus had lost the knowledge of what had been lost 6 And through this Imp Plus thought or was suddenly looking back at having thought that those particles that were just missing were driven away by the aim of his looking 6 A flash like a thought apart from him popped up It was a silver sliver Like the slivers that hung in the lowering light near the algae Crook winged waves folded into it long distance The light was lowering everywhere The sliver Imp Plus popped out sailed on It moved at a lean A figure shining through the heavens at an angle Proud filament launched by Imp Plus, its motion a long long breath drawn in Was why it moved why it kept moving 71 72 Elegant, rewarding, and real.Essentially Plus is about an engineer who died from radiation poisoning and whose his brain has been placed inside a capsule Imp blasted into space and is orbiting Earth Much of the book revolves around Imp Plus attempting to see without eyes and the descriptions of what he sees This seeing becomes a kind of phenomenological exercise, as Imp Plus s new sight is merged with his old memories, and we see the seeing of seeing The memories often take the form of his wife and kid Imp Plus looked beyond the strange slivers, looked for the shore, found it grain by grain hacked into by an ax of flesh Grain upon grain visited salt by salt by waves of foam He saw fingers in the water but then his own chlorella which the Acrid voice had said was only seaweed Imp Plus looked for the seashore and saw four long fingers softened by water, saw teethlike digits he knew were toes paddling by the fingers that were bigger in the water And the underwater fingers went for the toes, which were also swelled by the water But the toes moved on beyond the fingers and beyond what grew back from the fingers that were hers and what grew still further back deeper in the shallows of the sea But he found not her but a sunny plasm as if about to dissolve Undivided she was but a blur of green and blue, orange and yellow and hold plasm, less there than his own chlorella beds were here winking under his eyeless sight here in orbit 56 57 Imp Plus s reflections on the past are than simple nostalgia, in the past he sees not only what he was but what he can become, memory is a key element in self development and definition and in McElroy s fiction there does seem a preoccupation with the power of memory, notably in how it can aid what we can become.At the heart of this book is loss Imp Plus has lost his body but also the body of his wife, he s lost the language that defined himself and thus his self, the end suggests a rebellion against his masters but also suggests he has pushed through his loss and become something anew, there s a kind of bravery about Imp Plus, a kind of spirit even And I d argue that this book isn t some cold scientific chore rather a kind of spiritual becoming for a largely secular age.But the darkness down here was another light, not just the hand and face of the Sun at work in the evening communities of himself 161 Part of this novel seems concerned with our relationship with the Earth, with the processes of life on Earth, photosynthesis, the energies of plants and the Sun, where we fit into this and where we are when we lose our bodies but maintain our intellect Transhumanism is obviously something that has gained and traction in recent year as technology continues to progress and McElroy s Plus echoes many of the potential future scenarios talked about by optimistic transhumanists, particularly ideas about leaving your biological body and downloading your consciousness, the novel asks the questions of what we become when such a scenario becomes reality, and McElroy s strength in this novel is that he doesn t really give an answer, it s neither good or bad, it s something beyond that.He saw the previous leaning that had been present enough to grow into itself And this not distant past the earlier tendings and extendings, the dark red or pale green ripples gradient than motion, the turning of nets of micro orbits of surface into silk films to see the Sun, yet cloudy silks to slow it Imp Plus must incline away from the moment of those near memories for they offered to slide him right down the axis of distance into all the shapes of Earth that could not be his now and would choke him in the words they threw up to him, shadows of what he saw and was and what he meant now instead to see and be, here in himself that is, apart from Earth 143 144 As we can see in the paragraph above, Imp Plus is shedding the idea of his old self or at least the need of it Imp Plus must incline away from the moment of those near memories , admitting the disastrousness of his memories and how they threaten to slide him right down into his old Earth form and the words of that era of him, how his new self is apart from Earth.Above all this novel is deeply moving. Joe has given himself an impossible task here He has attempted to write a text which describes an emerging consciousness, a Being other than Dasien, who has enough of a memory of English words for them to be used in a rational manner However, there is a fracture between signifier and signified, and an impossibly Other experience of existence being expressed To give one example a brain, of course, has no eyes and no nerve endings, so cannot feel or see in the way we use those words However, IMP PLUS is connected to a number of sensory devices for example one measuring the photosynthesis occurring in the plant beds beneath him and this input is experienced in a way which is similar to the way our brain experiences the input it receives from our retina IMP PLUS calls it seeing , as that is the only appropriate word he can find, though what it signifies is different This can make the process of reading, for us Readers, rather confusing IMP PLUS also has flashes of memory, which are both beautiful and sad, and which further complicate his Being.And so it all depends on whether you can enjoy reading in a state of uncertainty, if you can resist the urge to attempt to decipher each sentence so that it makes sense from a human perspective My advice would just be to let it all flow and see how you feel at the end personally I enjoyed the whole thing, and found the end rather moving but you may think differently, of course Joe writes in the same way a 3d Printer creates an object.They create through additive processes, layering successive pieces of a component, building cross section upon cross section until an object is formed Completion, and by completion in this metaphor I mean understanding or the state of having read synonyms in an ideal world, but often not in reality, of course , is only possible once all the layers have been laid If we imagine sitting on the tip of the nozzle of some impossibly huge 3d Printer what would we experience We would, I think, feel something akin to that which occurs in Joe s novels and this one in particular We would leap around in seemingly random steps, we would jar and jerk, we would get sea sick To pause the printing after the creation of the first line would not assist in uncovering meaning The meaning is not to be uncovered, it is to be built There are sentences, paragraphs in this novel which, were we to refuse to move forward until they were understood , could fix us in place forever Joe asks for our trust, we must ride out the process until it is complete It is not linear, but it is not confused, and it is guided by a complex and strict blueprint And yet, to step out of this metaphor for a moment, there are individual sentences of great beauty The music of the prose is stunning While we wait for meaning to emerge, we can just listenImp Plus found in all the folds whose fibers gripped each lens of those eyes he had held with his own lost eyes a sweet humor of sugar and blood which unfolding flowed over him.It was a fluid ground laid down upon furrows, fissures, ridges, rolls.It flowed over Imp Plus s body now, except that he had no body Flowed into folds that were his That sight as far off now as a spring day when he d been touched he couldn t cast away the touch by another laughter which moved up the grid of his back, and he had turned from the unhooded carburetor of a car that would not go and had seen first acres of sea crest skimmed by three broad winged shearwaters . An outrageous accomplishment. Recipe Take one part conventional Science Fiction storyAdd two parts peppy dialogue, 1 part vague techno lingoSlowly pour in love interestAdd 3 4 cup of saving the world histrionicsSimmer on low for 45 minutesServe on decorative plate, garnished with edible flowersSet entire plate on fire, beat it with the blunted side of an axe, and throw it out the windowPut head in blenderEnjoy Okay, where to begin What can be said about Plus I think everyone will get something different out of it Some will be put off by its obfuscating first 50 pages Others like me will applaud the effort What happens when one of the most verbose writers of our time willfully abnegates his ability to show the entire arch of consciousness dawning McElroy dazzles as his prose gains complexity concomitant with Imp Plus own Still, it is an incredibly challenging read at the outset That s what we re dealing with here instinct, sentience, cognizance, consciousness, the re forming of memory, desire, self preservationi.e the entire experience of Awareness It really is a thankless task to try to cram into 25,000 pages, much less 215 But, lest you be discouraged, it is ALSO wonderful and tragic and an apt metaphor for exploitation and human longing And the occasional glimpse of humor he always had a head for numbers As McEloy says, Imp Plus is, in many ways, about a brain becoming information If that sounds like something that might interest you, I recommend it whole heartedly However, if the sentence, what he was in might well be not other than he throws you, best to look elsewhere Either way, there IS tremendous advice for all and sundry within TRAVEL LIGHT. Instantly among my favorite novels I m going to need some time to cobble together a review for this one Lovely 19 January 17A few days have now passed, but, being the dyspeptic reader I am, who can say how many days, how many readings will be necessary before I can articulate the things I now can only intuit about this novel Initially, the obvious remark must be made about McElroy s stylistic uniqueness There s nothing analogous Friend David M posits aesthetic kinship with Beckett s The Unnameable, and I would have to agree Beyond that possible connexion, my reading isn t wide enough to suggest another The narrative feels mechanical with interruptions, cold but for the occasional struck match whose heat and light draw attention as moths would circle in the surrounding dark, or as Imp Plus circles the far blue Earth Seeing that the strange words radii of color were true, he could not stop to know why The end of the novel I found oddly moving, and I have revisited those final pages a number of times since I first read them It s idiocy to point out that the entirety of this novel will stand up to infinite readings.Where now shall I turn with McElroy The big one, Women and Men I fear that reading it, I ll be struck and killed while bicycling to work and they ll discover on my corpse, in my backpack, my copy of that book with a bookmark 30 pages in, and my wife will observe in her eulogy I spent the final six months of my life turning those 30 pages, and that each night I tossed and turned uncharacteristically. Probably the weakest of the three McElroy books that I ve read so far the others at this point being Women and Men and Ancient History and yet still a massive undertaking and accomplishment on McElroy s part.Basically the book is a narrative about consciousness emerging, step by slow step the narrative starts with basic awareness and then adds layer by layer with additive vocabulary throughout the process an awareness, and a remembered memory, that grows throughout the book.I particularly loved the early attempts at distinction between IMP PLUS s true internal thoughts and his transmissions, as he early on is unable to differentiate between them, and I found the book echoing my own questions about the difference as I was thinking them.This is one hell of a book, it s just considerably slight than the other two I ve read by McElroy, and yet it is still in its own way just as accomplished This is a difficult narrative, and it really can t be overlooked how well it s executed, and with it, the sheer talent that McElroy brought to it. 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A philosophical prose poem somewhat in the manner of the Unnameable, an exploration of the limits of personhood Of course McElroy is far less grotesque than Beckett The emotional content of his work can be difficult to register By turns cold, paranoid, new age y, and surprisingly traditional in his focus on familial themes In its super condensed and obscure fashion, Plus runs the gamut of McElory isms This is now the fifth of his novels I ve read I would rank them in the following order, starting with his magnum opusWomen MenActress in the HousePlusAncient HistoryLookout Cartridge