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there were some sentences fragments that absolutely floored me and that I have read over a couple times now, but as a whole the bits and pieces and nonsequiturs didn t add up to something that stays w me in the way that books like LENNY BRUCE IS DEAD or TROUT FISHING IN AMERICA have.I m interested in readingby Lor and hope that this chapbook grows on me, that I return to it instead of forgetting it. Dense and difficult prose poems which can, and do, sound fantastic read aloud but which, without constant rethinking, often baffle and estrange possibly the point I like difficult, but I like difficult that makes it hard to breathe rather than hard to care. Reading Ventriloquism made me a temporary ventriloquist I did not waste the lines by my eyes and head only First I read, then read aloud, then only read aloud, read in my head, and read aloud again until I reached the end The best times were when I pretended to to be a perverted witch, a hermaphrodite hungry, lost in the woods somewhere, fantasizing his her next victim plaything lunch sextoy parental component Supposing it s not make to make sense, I made sense of it anyway, whether or not this makes me needy, blasphemous or wicked And syllables did flow, as much as urine flows on ghosts who like it. Physically, Prathna Lor s Ventriloquism is an elegant little book that somehow feels in the hand like a portal to some alternative universe The 45 or so pages of disjointed and humorously sinister prose poems do everything possible to heighten this sense, and it s a truly a bizarre universe to beholdI never liked the sound of my own voice, so I went back to the forest, tied myself to a tree, and let the birds peck at my neck until I heard music andIf I had alligators for arms I d come to your house first I m glad this book exists. Filled with myth, conjecture, mystery, and bibblebabblesquawk I shall not say , you have to read it for yourself. Weirdness Funniness Juxtaposition Deftness Language An animal Prathna Lor is an animal This book is a gem And I hear it is in great demand. *FREE EBOOK ⇝ Ventriloquism ☠ Lor Takes The L From Lutz Gary And The L From Lydia Davis And Adds An Either Or Of Elegantly Psychotic Desire Imagine Hannibal Lecter Talking To The Moon Imagine A Man In A Suit Petting A Whale Carcass Prathna Lor Puts His Hand Up In These Voices And Makes Us Remember Every Way A Mouth Can Move MIKE YOUNG, Author Of WE ARE ALL GOOD IF THEY TRY HARD ENOUGHThese Hilariously Original Crazings And Sorceries Of Language And Of Feeling Let Us In, At Last, On All The Secrets We Ve Been Keeping From Ourselves Prathna Lor Is A DazzlerRY LUTZ, Author Of STORIES IN THE WORST WAYSomehow Objects Get Prathna Lor To Talk For Them When He Was Visited By A Screen Protector, And Witchcraft, And Israel, He Knew What To Make Them Say, And They Knew How To Make Him Say It Where I Live I Am Visited By Many Floating Images, But None Of Them Are A King Lowering Himself Onto A Cock So I Am Glad I Have Ventriloquism Here, And That It TalksEVELYN HAMPTON, Author Of WE WERE ETERNAL AND GIGANTIChttp Powells Biblio