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I was stuck on whether to rate the book a 2 or a 3 so I ve decided to go in between and rate it a 2.5 I enjoyed the writing style, and that it was an easy read However I found some of the characters unnecessary and you only find out the basics about them all, the plot was laid out with no real depth, the friendships were set in stone straight away and whatever the kid said, goes without any real hesitance, with unnecessary events And also you don t get a conclusion I found it a good plot, although no real depth The story could have been amazing, and could of possibly had potential 2.5 5 stars. E-PUB ☨ Hear the Dead Cry ♅ The Cemetery I Know Best Is Forest Grove I Spend Most Of My Time There That S Where Most Of My Friends Are The Ones My Age And The Children, They Almost All Need Someone To Talk To They Weren T Ready They Ll Tell You That Murray Doesn T Have Many Friends At School A Quiet Loner With A Troubled Family Life, He Spends All His Time Down At Forest Grove Cemetery, Speaking To The Dead And Listening To Their StoriesWhen He Hears A Terrified New Voice Pleading For Help, Murray Is Convinced It Is Nikki, A Popular Young Cheerleader Who Went Missing Over A Month Ago But Who Will Believe Him And Where Is The Body Together With Pearl, The Daughter Of The Cemetery Groundskeeper, Murray Must Struggle To Uncover The Truth In A Town Full Of Secrets Quite enjoyed this The characters are really well developed and unique which is great considering how many characters there are and how many POV shifts occur I found that a but disjointing, that midway through a paragraph from one POV the reader is suddenly in the head of another character But it s consistent, this happens throughout the novel I was a little annoyed at the blurb on the back as it says Murray is convinced the new ghost he hears is the missing girl, Nikki In reality he doesn t come across this assumption until 3 4 of the way through the book So the reader knew before he did, seemed a bit of a copout.Short chapters, easy read, worth a look if you see it on a bookshelf i m disappionted in this novelI really thought there was to it.. Nothing really too exciting here. When I picked it up, I expected a dark gothic story I was disappointed it wasn t dark but impressed by the book overall. Murray can hear dead people, he can also talk to them.Nikki Parker when missing over a month ago Everyone is searching for her, nobody can find her Murray hears a voice crying, but he can t find the body.the story is told with 6 main characters who is all connected in someway Murray can hear the dead, his mother is a prostitute Janochek cemetery groundskeeper Pearl Janochek s daughter, Murray s only friendBillup hates Murray and loves to drink Deputy Gates needs to solve the Nikki case, lost his sun a few years back.Robert Barry Compton saw the kidnapping happen but keeps forget it because of brain damage together they get to solve the case Nikki was murdered by her cousin one removed Gary Craddock then got thrown into his father s grave who was buried that day Everyone in this book was either nutty, high on drugs and or stupid, it was a little mind boggling actually It also dealt with some pretty dark topics for being YA, unfortunately it was rather unsatisfactory as none of the dark topics mainly sexual abuse of some kind never got resolved, it was still there at the end Realistic I suppose but disappointing.I was also disappointed with who the killer turned out to be, I m glad there was a twist but it was completely left field No way we could have guessed who done it The story behind the killer was also very disheartening.The premise behind the book was interesting and did keep me intrigued but I m not 100% about the overall execution.2.5 Stars.