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[[ Download Ebook ]] ô All Aliens Like Burgers à Young, Polite And Intelligent Tom Bowler Has Barely Ever Ventured Out Of The Small English Town Where He Grew Up So When He Applies For A Job In A Fast Food Restaurant At A Local Service Station During His Gap Year He Is Rather Surprised To Discover That The Vacancy Is In Fact Based On Truxxe, A Planetoid Stationed Between Local Galaxies Triangulum And Andromeda He S Surprised Further Still To Find Himself Becoming Friends With A Purple Alien And That He Has Strange Feelings For His Android Supervisor, Miss Lola Tom Soon Discovers That Truxxe Has Many Hidden Secrets Just What Makes It So Special And Why Is Its Terrain So Rich And Varied That It Can Be Used For Fuelling Such A Diverse Variety Of Intergalactic Spacecraft What Are The Glorbian Space Pirate Brothers Schlomm And Hannond Plotting And Just What Is It That They Put In Those Burgers A young man responds to a job advert for employment in a burger bar, only to find that the interview takes place on a spaceship, and that the actual work will be done light years across space on the planet Truxxe.Naturally, he takes the job.The burger bar is populated by a colourful array quite literally of alien beings, be they customers or workers Much humour is derived from misunderstandings and differences in culture.A number of times, this book put me in mind of Douglas Adams The Hitch Hiker s Guide to the Galaxy It is the start of a trilogy, and so sets the stage, posing questions than it answers.My favourite concept is the Virtual Wardrobian Effect.My favourite line is, I look like a stewberry in a ruffleberry bush My favourite character name is Baff Bulken he sounds like what he is.If you like Adams, you will appreciate Wheeler All Aliens is a good first novel.Now, if you ll excuse me, I need to brush up on my Spotoon I bought the Truxxe Trilogy from the author at Bolton Comic Con The thing I enjoyed most about this first book was its generally upbeat atmosphere Wheeler clearly has fun creating the environment and alien races, and gets a lot of good quirky humour out of it The story s not just a farce, however it has some serious elements which presumably will continue to be built upon in the rest of the trilogy and incorporates both inventive fictional technology and real physics such as the theory of relativity Tom Bowler is an effective audience surrogate as he struggles to make sense of the world he s signed up for, and the alien friends he makes are interesting and likeable I liked this story very much and look forward to reading the rest of the Truxxe Trilogy. This book was okay The universe was interesting than the actual story Worth a read but it s not in the same league as Hitchhiker s Guide.