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Valerius I ve been hearing mention of this name since book one in Sherrilyn Kenyon s Dark Hunter series Valerius is portrayed as a heartless and cruel Roman bastard in the earlier books He is described that way before we even get to really meet him But in Seize the Night, he has a chance to shine Since this is his book, he has the opportunity to completely redeem himself And he does He really does By the end of this book, I was totally in love with Valerius And Tabitha and Valerius have become my new favorite DH couple.Valerius is a Roman General He is used to being pretty much alone since everyone either misunderstands him or blames him for the actions of his family over two thousand years ago Yes, these Dark Hunters tend to hold grudges for a long long time So being alone means he s not used to answering to anyone He is very particular about what he likes Let me put it this way He pretty much has a stick up his bum All the time Oh, and he is Kyrian s number one enemy, the hero from book one.Tabitha is a free spirit One of 9 sisters, she is used to saying what is on her mind, mostly filter free, in order to have herself be heard Tabby is Amanda s twin sister, the heroine from book one You can see how this couple may seemed doomed from the get go She is everything Valerius is not and her brother in law is Val s mortal enemy But after accidentally stabbing Valerius and bringing her home to tend to him, Tabitha is drawn to him and him to her I love how their relationship plays out We have known Tabby since book one and she is a recurring character in some of the previous books In other books, she is portrayed almost as flighty and short tempered But in reality, she is a caring friend and sister, very compassionate and overall just someone who fights to protect human kind There is so much to her than I first assumed And how she brings out just a bit of tenderness from Valerius it s perfect I really like how Sherrilyn didn t go overboard with this How Tabitha didn t make Val completely change Through the book, she is still she and he is still he just enhanced Brought a little to life.Let s talk about one of my favorite characters in this series, Acheron Ash appears in each and every book and in each and every book, he becomes a little of a mystery Well, and get ready for this, in Seize the Night he becomes even of a mystery You are left thinking Whoa blue fire spitting lightning bolts immortal er I guess we really do have to wait for his book to finally get some answers sigh And Nick Whoa again There is a little side plot that comes pretty much out of nowhere but that you can tell will play a significant role in future installments This little development were Nick is concerned makes you think OMG Nick A what And whoa I can t wait to see where his new adventure takes him.I am loving this series I mean really really loving it I know I m one of the last people on the planet to read these let s not talk about that I am finding myself being pulled into this fabulous world that Sherrilyn Kenyon has created and and although I ve met many already, I can t wait to fully get to know the characters in the following books And Ash I m starting to think the mystery of Ash will soon be on par with the mystery of Barrons Seize the Night reminded me how much I enjoy everything about these Dark Hunter books and it has made me want Thank goodness there are still 13 books left for me to read before I m caught up to the series And Sherrilyn is still writing it That is an epic win. Holy crap a lot happened in this book ok let me just out it out there I don t get the hatred of Valerius He is the GRANDSON of the SOB that tortured and killed Kyrian He is the brother to Zared who did try to help him Yes he failed miserably, but he was not vicious towards him, nor did he know he was his brother Since he looks just like granddad I can see why Kyrian does not want to look at his pretty face But the violence and hatred just seems so ridiculous.I did not like Tabitha in earlier books and did not find her much better in this one She annoys me I find her crass and way too cocky I did not like Valerius much either He is a pompous ass Yes he had a horrible childhood but he has had a couple thousand years to learn to be his own man But he chose to be a snobby asshole So I guess opposites really do attract.I did not love the MCs But the story was good and the action was excellent For anyone interested in the ongoing storyline, this is a must read Safety gang safe Valerious Magnus Hunter and Tabitha Devereaux HumanWhat s wrong, Valerious she wispered, rising to stand before him I m just trying to understand why you re with me Because I like you Why She bit her lip seductively before she shrugged You re strangely amusing and you re kind He shook his head I m not kind I only know how to be cold She buried her hands in his unbound hair and let the silken strands caress her fingers You don t feel cold to me, General Recommended song when you read the book Can t Help Falling in Love by ElvisRecommended snacks when you read the book Barbecue dishes and pizza Valerious aka Val is Roman or used to be Roman, when he was human Moreover, he used to be a very successful General ie many Greeks have died in battles because of him AND his grandfather crucified and tortured Kyrian As a result everyone Greek hunters and their friends hates him They spit on him, they curse him, they throw dirty water on him, they laugh at him Since he is royalty and extremely cool, he usually ignores them Until Tabitha appears in his life and makes everyone understand what a great guy Val really is.Tabitha is just another Buffy the vampire slayer But she is really understanding as a true empath And she really really likes Val.The tragic and sad events and the funny events in this book have a great balance between them Almost nobody of our favourite characters will be the same when the book finishes. This is basically all you need to know about this book or series.To say I am hugely disappointed is an understatement.So far I ve noticed the books get worse and worse as the series moves along, but call me an idiot, I still decided to read them all because I am DETERMINED to get to Acheron s book.What disappointed me here spoilers ahead The main couple First you have to know that everyone hates the main guy, everyone So, the main woman sees how they hate him and she just can t understand how someone could hate a guy who is that beautiful I mean it is mind boggling So she decides to defend his poor beautiful hide from all those horrible people who don t see his looks as they should It s not like she needs to get to know him or something, I mean that would be ridiculous They can have sex in every other chapter and she can only think about how he is beautiful beyond compare The story Basically it is non existent The first half of the book we get lots of sex from the main couple and them thinking about the other one s looks The second half gets a bit dynamic, I admit, but it is done in such a ridiculous way, a huge battle is announced and it is settled view spoiler with a flick of Ash s finger hide spoiler This is the book that forever shatters the Dark Hunter worldWow the plot was Amazingit was mix with a lot of actions and romance, and they didn t overlap each otherproblems arises in just a snap yet they were solve too, it would leave your heart ache for the characters and some went crushing along, it made me cry to many times in the book and the romance squeal I m so happy with the story so muchI guess I feel like all of us misfits need to hang together At least that way we don t swing aloneVelerius and Tabitha are the perfect yin and yang couple, they are opposites yet they are perfect for each other For me they are the best couple in the seriesit wasn t insta lust not even instant love yet there was an attraction between them gahh call it sexual tension, with all the stolen kisses sigh I love every moment of itThey met when Tabitha was fighting the Daimons soul sucking vampires , when Valerius tried to help her, she didn t notice that he was not one them, because of the fangs lol so at first they fight with words as no one wants to back down, they tend to agree to disagree but Val always surrender though, he s just sweet tenderness and caring shows to both characters and you can t help but fall in love with them bothI m an acquired taste Most of my best friends had to know me for years before they could even stand my presence I m like mold, I usually grow onyou very slowlyTabitha twin sister of Amanda is such a character With a free spirit, she doesn t follow any rules nor listens to others, but she s one compassionate person who is ALWAYS there in times of need heck she even feed the homeless, she s always there to remind Val that someone cares for him too, she feels other people s emotionsI want to grab her from the book and give her a big cute hug she was amusing and charming in a most unexpected wayBrazen temptress, vampire slayer, complete uncouth lunatic woman that she was. There were no boring moments when she and Val are together, humor seeps the room when Tabitha talks, oh I remember the penironi again hahaha and the Drag Queen Pageant was so endearing, those were hilarious scenesShe s even different with the other previous heroines because she already knew what the Dark hunters wereyou can be known as Val or Babycakes His gaze darkened My name is Valerius and I will not answer to Val She shrugged Fine then, Babycakes, have it your wayOh Val, I want to marry him lol, oh poo he s already taken Val was introduce in the previous books as rude and mean, he wasn t famous to other dark hunters because he s Roman were most of his brothers in arms were Greeks..and that includes Julian and Kyrian who hated him with a vengeance attach to it, especially the latter since Kyrian was crucified by Val s grandfather who had the same name and looks as him.I love his vulnerability, that behind those cold facade he is a sensitive and kind and sweet guy, it just shows in a way that you want to reach out to him a give him a pat in the back For me Val is a strong character,his stoic demeanor on the past books was just his cold exterior because most people blame him to the sins of his ancestors and relatives He taught me to ignore what people say, insults and all and that I should focus to those who matter to me because they deserve the love and care Val is pure good man Unlike most Dark Hunters, he wasn t a leather wearingbarbarian He was the epitome of sophistication Breeding Nobility. Mr Armani swoonI can t say anything else about it, just sexy Again Ash shines his way through out the story, just love that manits in this book were his through identity was revealed, what s his weakness and triggers himI m still emotional towards him whenever he got hurt and then there s Nickwhy why why why may it be fate or free will or Ash s curse that led him to do such horrible thing, I don t know, as Acheron always say Emotions don t have brain. maybe that s what led him but still it was irrevocable and I want to change the past in order for him not to do it This book is one of the best in the series, the Author made a turning point and it was fantastic how everything change..love love love..I m going to read it again soonLife is serious No, Life is an adventure It s thrilling and scary Sometimes it s even a bit boring, but it should never be seriousThese are the books in the series that made me bawling in tears AcheronDance with the DevilDevil May CrySeize the Nightsome short stories Fear the DarknessA Dark Hunter ChristmasSecond ChancesEnjoy This was an adult paranormal romance, set in New Orleans.I felt quite sorry for Valerius in this the things he had been through were terrible, and the way people treated him, just because of who his grandfather was, was awful Tabitha on the other hand said whatever come into her head, and was a little irritating at times The storyline in this was about Tabitha and Valerius being thrown together, and Tabitha being unable to resist Valerius because he was so beautiful There was quite a lot of tension though, with Tabitha being Amanda s twin sister, and Valerius being the grandson of the man who tortured Amanda s husband Kyrian.The ending to this was okay, but this was probably my least favourite of the series so far.6 out of 10 Re Read October 2015I freaking love these books Seriously, each one gets better and better I loved everything about Valerius and Tabby s story.I want to live in a world with Dark Hunters I imagine Kyrian, Acheron, Talon, and Valerius are just hanging out like a hot bunch like these guys. OMG I loved this one love val and tabby love that Kyrian ran in and stabbed val lol I think this is my fav so far Love isn t easy Anyone who says differently is lying to you But it is worth fighting forAs for me, Seize the Night is one of the best books of 2012 It is the 6th book of the Dark Hunter Universe series, the story of Tabitha and Valerius.The story is just perfect, I loved it It is filled with unforgettable characters, incomparable romance, mesmerizing erotica, real drama and tragic losses, vicious and powerful antagonists, witty and deep dialogues, sparkling humor, forceful emotions, thrilling and dynamic action.The romance What I liked the most was the development of the relationship of Tabitha and Valerius It is a relationship with no doubts and no games Their problems come from external sources Even though they both know that they couldn t be together, when they realize that they can t live without each other, they decide to make it possible, somehow Together.Tabitha is the heroine I would choose to be She is exquisite Strong, brave, and beautiful with unmatched intelligence She is perceptive, honest, open, and reasonableLife is serious No, she said, her passion glowing in her blue gaze Life is and adventure It s thrilling and scary Sometimes it s even a bit boring, but is should never be seriousFrom their first encounter, throughout the story, Valerius is continuously stunned by her actions, intelligence, kindness, and unbiased attitude I really enjoyed his perceptions about her, and seeing as he slowly lets her into his heartSaeva scaeva, Valerius muttered under his breath Saeve puer, she shot back.Valerius actually gaped at her Did you just insult me in Latin You insulted me first Not that I m particularly insulted by being called a rampant she devil It s kind of flattering, but still, I m not the kind of person to take an insult in silence In spite of himself, he was impressed It had been a long time indeed since he d met a female who knew his native tongue Of course, he didn t like being called an oafish boy, but there was something to be said for a woman who possessed such intelligence.And it had been an eternity since he was around someone who didn t openly disdain him She wasn t biting in her retorts Rather she was sparring with him like a champion debater who took none of this to heart.How unusual How frighteningly refreshing. She is vivacious, and outspoken, with no holding back Okay, there is one teeny weeny bit of information she holds back from Valerius, but when it is revealed, her reasoning is clear and comforting It is one of my favorite parts of the story.Valerius is the most misunderstood Dark Hunter so far His childhood was a real horror, his human life ended in unimaginable misery Since then, he has had no peace He is displeased, hated, and mocked by his fellow Dark Hunters and the Squires as well No one wants to know his real personality, because they are not willing to see over their own prejudices No one, but Tabitha When one was an immortal, the freshness of life had a way of dying even quickly than one s body had As the centruies blended together, it was easy to forget the human side of oneself To remember why humanity needed saving It was hard to remember how to laugh Then again, laughter and Valerius were virtual strangers Until Tabitha, he d never really shared a laugh with anyone. His rigidity is only a fa ade He is incredibly lonely Underneath his behavioral defense mechanism , he is passionate, loving, and caring He is an equal partner of Tabitha He respects her above all He has no intention to change her in any way.The plot is precisely structured Valerius and Tabitha s first encounter and the scene when Tabitha view spoiler finally gives him his soul back hide spoiler ^Book ↜ Seize the Night ☚ Dark Hunter An Immortal Warrior Who Has Traded His Soul To Artemis For One Moment Of Vengeance On His Enemies In Return, They Swear To Spend Eternity Protecting Mankind From The Daimons And Vampires That Prey On Them Valerius Isn T A Popular Dark Hunter He S A Roman, Which Means That The Largely Greek Hunters Have A Major Grudge Against Him And His Civilization For Superceding Them To Make Things Worse, He S Very Conscious Of His Aristocratic Background And Breeding So It Serves Him Right When He Runs Into Tabitha Devereaux She S Sassy, Sexy, And Completely Unwilling To Take Him Seriously Not To Mention Tabitha Is Also The Sister In Law Of Kyrian, A Former Dark Hunter And Val S Mortal Enemy What Tabitha Does Take Seriously Is Hunting And Killing Vampires And Soon She And Val Have To Grapple With The Deadliest Of All Daimons One Who S Managed To Come Back From The Dead, And One Who Holds A Serious Grudge Against Both Of Them To Win Against Evil, Val Will Have To Loosen Up, Learn To Trust, And Put Everything On The Line To Protect A Man He Hates And A Woman Who Drives Him Nuts