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Danger or Dangereuse St Richard Hunter and Alexion Shade The Prologue of the book was quite frightening That s because I hadn t realized before that Dark Hunters can go bad And because I had not seen a bad Dark Hunter before in action Daimons were our usual good looking, disgusting human soul eaters.Later , I happily visited Katoteros, i.e the place where Acheron, Simi and Alexion live Alexion is the one that has been watching over Simi and kept her out of trouble for a few thousand yearsWhere s my plastic, Lexie Simi apparently loves shopping and she does not know the value of money Simi will be confused in this book because there will be a family reunion for her.Alexion on the other hand will meet again his old friend Kyros I highly recommend that you read the short novel The Beginning Dark Hunterverse 0.5 , if you want to learn the tragic story of Alexion and how he became firstly a dark hunter and later on a kind of Shade.Alexion will meet Danger when he visits the human realm again on a mission Danger is French and she became a Dark Hunter during the French Revolution These two lonely souls will find each other and will connect during difficult times when Acheron has disappeared and a number of Dark Hunters are about to turn against himSleep in peace, Danger I won t let anything hurt you I promise This is another compelling and entertaining book in Dark Hunter series It had me hooked from the very start.The romance in this story is not as good as the previous one Although I felt no chemistry between Alexion and Danger, it wasn t important because the author kept me busy concentrating mostly on the Dark Hunters and the Daimons instead Moreover, the story was so intense and exciting that it pulled me into this story completely.After reading 6 books in this series, Acheron has never stopped to amaze me with his generosity and all the things he had done for humans and Dark Hunters The I ve known about him, the I want to read his book I know this is not a good review and I m so sorry for that But I have to be quick because I need to jump right into the next one now So, straight onto Unleash The Night I m not satisfied with this book Sins of the Night is mediocre at best, both in storyline, characters, and style.The story starts good, a paradoxical situation given and a man or being without equal That already makes you expect something peculiar Doubt stared out from the dark depths of her eyes Then prove it That was easier said than done Prove it how The only way to prove to you that I m not out to kill you is to not kill youBut it is all ruined Another rebellion against Acheron Really How stupid one has to be to try this The romance resembles the plot of Dance with the Devil There Astrid was to judge Zarek, and as they were locked together they had the opportunity to get to know each other In Sins of the Night Alexion is here to judge Danger and other Dark Hunters The story is mainly about the two of them, the development of their relationship But while the development of the love between Zarek and Astrid was impressively detailed, the delineation of Alexion and Danger s love is superficial.The story is of full of repetitions Not only phrases, but action lines, and thoughts are repeated as well The reader is continuously reported to about Alexion s thoughts revolving around his loneliness, his inability to taste, to feel, etc You are also told many times how Danger was betrayed and killed by her husband yes, it s sad, but repeating it again and again doesn t make it impressive Danger is repeatedly surprised by Alexion s godlike powers Even Alexion finds it strange.The dialogues are monotonous and all alike Repetitions in the erotic scenes page 182 a moment before she pulled her shirt page 184 an instant before he pulled her pants page 184 he swore he saw stars page 185 she swore she saw stars The story didn t touch me as much as it should have I didn t feel their emotions, their sufferings, doubts I couldn t see the reason for falling in love with one another Their HEA is solved by deus ex machina, a.k.a Ash Fate can t be changed, but there is always a loophole, isn t there The main charactersAlexion was the third Dark Hunter Artemis had created He became a Shade as his beloved wife s love wasn t pure toward him, and she had dropped the medallion that contained his soul Acheron felt himself responsible, and brought him back from Shadedom in a certain form Now he could only observe life, he couldn t live it He has no emotions, nor a corporeal form, but has godlike powers He is incarnated here on Earth for only ten days to rout a Dark Hunter rebellion One of the renegades is his once best friend, Kyros, whom he knows than 9000 years He was Acheron s Alexion, an Atlantean term that had no real translation into English Basically, he would do whatever was nevessary to protect Acheron and Simi And he truly meant whatever He had no conscience No morals In his world, the only right was Acheron s will It governed everything about him Yes, he could and did argue with Acheron at times, but at the end of it all, he was Acheron s protector He would always do what was in Acheron s best interest no matter the personal or physical cost to himself. Alexion s character is erratic once he is rigid, cold, and nonchalant, then suddenly he is lecherous and funny His thoughts revolve around how he misses tasting food, his sorrow that he has no feelings, that he is so lonely, and how much he wants to have sex He has much difficulties with his erection than the dilemma of judging his best friend, Kyros.Danger was betrayed and killed by her husband during the French Revolution, so you would think it would be difficult for her to trust a man again Well, she is so impressed by Alexion s superpower that she easily forgets about the trust issue.I was told about Danger s inner glow, warm , but I didn t feel it either In the first half of the story she is constantly wondering about Alexion s powers, as if she weren t a paranormal being as well This wow you have so cool powers thing seemed so fake.Secondary charactersUrian Dark HuntersDark Hunter enters, expresses his skepticism, Dark Hunter leaves Then comes another one, repeat It was like a stage play with very limited facilities.The newly introduced view spoiler Charonte demons Isn t Simi the only one hide spoiler