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Pragmatic approach great methods I m already in the process of testing the websites Short, fairly quick read, but I kept putting it down I think it s just not something that seemed fresh to me Key points Less is , you just need to figure out what to keep What should you keep The content that pertains to the user s top tasks. If you have a website or produce content for a website, then you really need to pick up a copy of The Stranger s Long Neck How to Deliver What Your Customers Really Want Online by Gerry McGovern This book talks about how you can create a better experience for your viewers by attending to the critical tasks It looks at critical tasks, navigation, search, and the effect of noncritical tasks on your website performance Read Core topics organize web around tasks, find the most important ones as seen by the customer Measure task success, failure and disaster Old stuff actually reduce quality and should be removedUnanswered questions He is arguing that you should ask the marked Asing the marked would never lead from Nokia phone to iPhone When is a service so innovative that the marked is a wrong source for information. Used this book as a desktop reference when designing web sites to measure and increase visitors experiences through integrated and interactive communications.. good book for all usability enthusiasts Useful to anyone looking at Web development Like all of McGovern s writing, The Long Neck ispractical than other Web usability marketing books. Pretty much essential reading for anyone who runs a large website with the intention that users customers get what they need quickly and with minimum stress Great stuff. Brilliant insight This is a necessary book if you work in the User Experience UX field. `DOWNLOAD BOOK ⇕ The Strangers Long Neck ↞ The Stranger S Long Neck Is A Practical Guide For Any Manager Wishing To Improve Their Organisation S Online Performance Web Content Specialist, Gerry McGovern, Explains That All Websites Have A Small Set Of Tasks, Or Long Necks , That Are Important To Its Customers And That Must Be Easy To Complete Or Customers Will Go Elsewhere The Stranger S Long Neck Shows How To Tune In Effectively To What Your Customers Want And Then Deliver It With AplombUnderstanding Customer Needs Can Be A Difficult Task When Customers Are Strangers , In That He Or She Is Always On The Outside , Particularly So In An Online Environment Using Case Studies Including Tetra Pak, Microsoft And The NHS, And Illustrated With Web Shots Throughout, The Stranger S Long Neck Shows How Organisations Can Use The Long Neck Theory To Create And Manage Efficient And User Friendly Websites