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(DOWNLOAD EPUB) ⚡ The Servant ⚣ Lord McAlpine Observed The Inner Workings Of Political Power During The Fifteen Years Margaret Thatcher Was Leader Of The Conservative Party And He Was Its Treasurer And Deputy Chairman One Of The Prime Minister S Close Personal Advisers During Three Successful General Election Campaigns, He Witnessed Innumerable Battles Within The Cabinet And The Party As Machiavelli S The Prince Described A Code Of Conduct For Political Leaders, So Alistair McAlpine Explores The Relationship Between The Prince And His Or Her Devoted Aide The Servant The Result Is An Entertaining Guide To Survival In A World Of Suspicion And Envy, Of Strategic Alliances And Ruthless Disinformation The Servant Explains How To Destroy An Opponent Through Promotion, And Why Your Enemy Can Be Relied On To Give You The Best Advice How To Ensure A Piece Of News Spreads Tell It To Another In Confidence , And Why You Must Never Let The Prince Tell You A Secret The Tale Of Margaret Thatcher S Eventual Fall From Power Is Threaded Through This Brilliant New Treatise On Realpolitik, Which Is Dedicated To Her By A Servant Who Feels She Could, And Should, Have Been Better Served