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Not surprisingly, since Mark Haddon s Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time exploded autism spectrum fiction into popular consciousness, a flood of teen first person fiction titles along the same themes have saturated the publishing industry Mindblind diligently attempts to break down stereotypes of Asperger s, but it s this very diligence that overwhelms what could have been a charming story Fourteen year old Nathaniel Clark spoke fluent Mandarin Chinese by the time he was four, knows the periodic table by heart, completed his first college degree at the age of 13, and is not a genius He knows, because he read it in one of his mother s parenting an autistic child books, that to be a true genius, he needs to use his talent to make a contribution to the world While pondering just which of his many gift is his true talent, which grad school to attend, and how to make a global contribution, Nathaniel also stumbles through a strained relationship with his dad, his crush on a fellow band mate, and just how neurotypical he wants to act All of this would be great, and Nathaniel feels believable overall, but it s his friends who are out of a parent s fantasy, completely accepting and supportive, popular and protective, and, apparently, straight edge without the cool punk angle Between the occasionally didactic tone and friends straight out of an after school special, the author, who happens to be a parent of a child with Asperger s, interferes with her own story What could of been great isn t, but it s passable Try Anything But Typical by Nora Raleigh Baskin or Emma Jean Lazarus Fell out of a Tree by Lauren Tarshis instead. I don t normally comment on the cover, but this one didn t really fit the book at all It appears sort of mysterious and dark, as if the book will be really tragic Instead the book was pretty upbeat and humorous You don t understand the cover until you re done with this book.Mindblind is about a fourteen year old boy named Nathaniel who s whole life has been devoted to becoming a genius He already has the brains he just needs to find one thing that can prove he impacted the world Since he s a brainiac, he talks in a really weird way, with almost no contractions, which makes you feel like you re reading about a naive little kid, when really you re reading about a teenager who s IQ is probably bigger than yours This isn t necessarily a bad thing, but makes you view Nathaniel in a different way than intended.I liked how Nathaniel has these files in his head where he can remember anything They came in handy many times when he described something that happened in the past and provided very nice background information I also liked having the misunderstanding parent an issue that many teenagers feel they have His friend Cooper talks the way most teen guys talk, which makes you feel weird having such young seeming characters Logan, Jessa, Nathaniel next to such a horny boy view spoiler Nathaniel being in love with Jessa is realistic Jessa later liking him back is not as realistic, but it does give the ending a sweet touch hide spoiler #FREE EPUB â Mindblind ⚛ Fourteen Year Old Nathaniel Clark Lives In Two Worlds The Outside World Of His Family And Friends And His Own, Special, Inside Aspie World, Where He S Not Forced To Interact With People Or Worry About Wearing His Clothes Right Side Out The World Where He Can Solve Mathematical Problems That Elude Even The Brightest Graduate Students The World Where He Feels He Can Find His Own Inner Truth People Say He S A Genius, But Nathaniel Thinks Differently According To A Book He Once Read, A True Genius Uses His Talent To Make A Contribution To The World Nathaniel Takes The Definition Literally, And Begins His Quest For Genius Status I Will Start, Right After I Wash The Chocolate Off My Face If I Want To Be Seen As A Genius, I Should Not Look Like An Idiot Nathaniel Has A Sky High IQ And Perfect SAT Scores, But Jennifer Roy And Her Husband, Greg, Have A RemarkableYear Old Son, Adam, Who Not Only Inspired The Character Of Nathaniel Clark, But Also Created The Amazing Race Charts And The Narrative At The Back Of MindBlind Nathaniel Clark is fourteen and a college graduate taking a year off before graduate school He has an off the charts IQ, taught himself Mandarin Chinese when he was four, and is on the autistic end of Asperger s He spends a lot of time happily alone he was home schooled but has in the flesh friends He s in a band And he s trying to become a genius, because, despite his high IQ, he can t be a genius until he contributes something to society This book takes him through some regular teenage things first crush, a party he really shouldn t and didn t want to be be at, misunderstandings There is no great plot, but he grows emotionally I enjoyed the novel, but it has its flaws The characters, except for his lout of a father who doesn t believe in the existence of Asperger s syndrome who he thankfully only sees on weekends are pretty perfect They are totally supportive and accepting of Nathaniel s quirks They seem to have no real lives or problems of their own, no development, but just exist as props in Nathaniel s life His mother, who seems to have no emotions except for love for her son, is always there, never frustrated, never upset except with her ex , and seems to exist for her son She, like the friends, is perfect I m a little suspicious that the mother is a Mary Sue, the author having a son with Asperger s I m sure she hopes to be the good mother than Nathaniel s mother is I m also sure she hopes that her son s life is navigated as smoothly for the most part that Nathaniel s is I hope so, too Or perhaps this isn t a flaw perhaps these people are so flat because Nathaniel, mindblind to others thoughts and emotions, sees them that way There are some brilliant bits Showing Nathaniel organizing his mind in the form of computer files is great, both in the idea and in the delivery The part where he has an episode of mania is so well done that you feel manic yourself reading it you don t really catch your breath until it winds down into hypomania and then finally normalcy This is a book, I think, that would work well for tweens, but doesn t really hold up for adults not that it s meant to. I liked this story at the beginning because of the way he remembered things, but it started to get boring near the end The theme was to keep going towards your goals, even if they are hard like becoming an official genius. MindBlind is the incredible story of Nathaniel Gideon Clark, a fourteen year old boy who has been diagnosed with aspburgers disorder and is proclaimed by his friends and family to be a genius However, He does not like being called this due to his definition of being a genius of A incredibly smart individual who s contribution s have directly influenced the course of history for the betterment of humanity Page 12,Line 10 With the help of his extremely supportive family minus his dad, who is kind of a jerk Page 5 , Mindblind offers incredible insight into the world of those who have been diagnosed with disorders such as autism and aspburgers and how they deal with their problems. Open File C MyFiles Mindblind.avi Date4 8 11 First, from a personal standpoint, I enjoyed this book for its revalations about life with Asperger s Syndrome Like other books in this genre Curious Incident of a Dog in the Night Time, House Rules, Rules I am fascinated by the workings of the mind of a child who functions on such a different level than myself But I also find having read this book that there are so many similarities between an Aspie and myself what s different is the degree Sometimes all of us have a hard time functioning in the outside world of our work, our friends, and society at large Sometimes we, too, want to escape into our own worlds In fact, books are often the key to this place for me.In the classroom, this book offers so much for middle school students who are struggling to discover themselves and how they should function in the outside world They are trying to navigate the rules of an extremely complex adolescent land Often the best guide is a character who must traverse even greater chasms than we must, so that we can feel comforted that our lot is not so much to bear We see Nathaniel s thoughts as he struggles to understand the world in such a literal way We learn lessons by living the life of Nathanial vicariously.The acceptance of Nathaniel s friends is heartwarming They have figured him out, even if they haven t figured him out They know how to be with him even if they do not always understand the impetus for some of his behaviors This aspect of the book provides a great lesson in acceptance of the other for all our middle school kids This lesson has tendrils that reach toward all the varied differences of students in middle school and, one hopes, helps our students come to understand the importance of tolerance and loyalty.The math in this book alone went beyond me most of the time, but the logical nature of the equations was interesting to contemplate Wouldn t we all wish for simple expressions of the most confusing and complicated aspects of life It s a great way to tie literature to mathematics to have students think about how to express their own lives in equalities And maybe, when life all plays out, all things are equal on some level.Overall, a great read with lessons too significant to pass up, with great interdisciplinary connectionsM 3 Mindblind was beyond my expectations of any book with a genius I expected Mindblind to be similar to Artemis Fowl, minus the fairies and Butler, but it was not Ms Jennifer Roy managed to make Mindblind similar, yet completely different from the Artemis Fowl series The similarities are quite obvious Nathaniel and Artemis are obnoxious know it all brats who are trying to find their own place in the world Well, Nathaniel is and Artemis has already somewhat found his own place Nathaniel is finding difficulty because he cannot really accept his genius status He claims he is not a genius because a genius contributes to the world, and he has not Mindblind is Nathaniel s journey in finding his place in the world and society where he does not exactly fit in.One could believe that Mindblind would be dull because there is no exciting action or similar in the plot That is true, but Nathaniel instantly hooked me on the first page As I was hesitating to read Mindblind for months, I finally opened the first page I immediately found a seat in the school library and continued reading I was entranced with Nathaniel s outlook on life and everything Even though Nathaniel is a genius, he matures quickly during the course of Mindblind After all, he is a fourteen year old who is now a college graduate I really enjoyed Mindblind even though it was usually not the typical genre I prefer It is one anyone can be easily be swept into and is extremely fluid Mindread may have around two hundred fifty pages, but they are small pages, so it is a nice, quick read If you want a book to read in your spare time and can focus, Mindblind is an excellent choice I would not advise you to read this while being distracted because Nathaniel prefers talking in algebraic equations and it maybe be a little confusing if you are not focused nor paying strict attention. I found this book very great This book was about a boy who had Asperger s His mother and father got divorced when he was an early child toddler Ever since, he ends up winding between his mother and his stepfather while trying to keep himself together His parents try to motivate him to be a little bitsocial, but each attempt becomes either futile or awkwardly good.I really liked the main character He s got that groove for math and science, like I do He sees his life like a computer, giving an insight like he is an android of some kind It really made me laugh Also, I liked the driving problem pushing him along All together, it was like the greatest experience ever. I m not a disorder of the month kind of reader, and I normally steer clear of books that delve into areas with which I have a lot of familiarity This book caught my eye, though in an airport Hudson News, no less I live to see my books in airports someday , and I m glad I gave into my impulse to pick it up 14 yo Nathaniel has Asperger s, but he s a high functioning Aspie, who orders his world with formulas Oh, and did I mention that he s a genius Before you roll your eyes, lighten up a little this kid isn t a savant or Rain Man either He s got a couple friends, a crush and except for his dad a supportive family While the family parts fall on the side of being too good to believe, Nathaniel s goal isn t While he s got the IQ, he figures he has to make some truly memorable contribution to the world in order to qualify as a genius So if he can only do that and kiss the girl of his dreams he s set Don t let the math or formulae deter you this is a little book with a very big heart.