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This is a great book for new moms who have a little distance from the challenge of those first few tough weeks months Even if it s fiction, it helps to see that it s hard for everyone at the beginning and that we all have reasons to count ourselves lucky It s also a heartwarming story of how friendship can help us all weather lives storms. Powerful to me during this period of my life This author s way of intertwining lives and making you feel like you have a front row seat is just amazing It was hard to be brought back to those early days with a baby and how it did shake up every essence of your life and marriage, but wonderful to have perspective I enjoyed all of it and her amazing writing I also liked how the ending felt real Read again in summer of 2018 and still loved it. #DOWNLOAD KINDLE õ Little Earthquakes õ Popular Ebook, Little Earthquakes Author Jennifer Weiner This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Little Earthquakes, Essay By Jennifer Weiner Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I ve liked Weiner s other two novels, if only because she chooses to have the main character not be stunningly beautiful, tiny proportions etc They seem real.I still think my favorite of Weiner s books is Good In Bed , but there was a lot that I liked about this book, too Once again, the author has creater characters that oculd indeed be real I m so sick of chick lit books where the characters are perfect looking and fall for hunks of masculinity Of sexual banter and tension that is a little to perfect.Following these ladies through the course of their friendship was interesting watching their own personal growth, the growth of their friendships, and the growth of their relationships with their husband made an interesting read I of course loved the bits of cookery thrown in to the novel via Becky s talents I want the recipe for that fig jam pizza I nodded my head in sympathy when one mom Becky again, I think, had T Berry Brazelton in one hand and the phone in the other to have her husband listen to their wailing child so he can help identify the type of cry baby is making Is it a shrill, rising cry or a low, rhythmic cry I too, am guilty of stealing into my child s room to look at him sleep and make sure he s still breathing though now that he is 16, I tend to only do that when he is sick I was also delighted by the description of the tres leches cake served at the restaurant Mas 3 milks Yep evaporated, condensed and the milk of human kindness. I m surrounded by pregnant women, new mothers, and aspiring moms Everywhere I turn, there s a picture of a belly or a copy of an ultrasound on facebook At work, I hear the stories of morning sickness and misery from two pregnant co workers I spend much of my time planning programs and creating flannelboard figures for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers I m nowhere near the point of having a child of my own, but I m barraged by the thought of them I picked up this book, not knowing what it was about I had previously read Good in Bed and In Her Shoes, but I couldn t really remember much beyond the bare outlines of the stories As soon as I started Little Earthquakes, I thought to myself, Oh, dear This story centers around a chance encounter at a pre natal yoga class Three women become fast friends after one nearly gives birth after the first yoga session and a strange, stalker esque series of events brings the fourth woman into the fold Every woman has a chapter within the month The time span of this book is a bit longer than I expected The premise was interesting, but by the end, I was sick of all of the characters I felt like it needed to end earlier The stories were not all equally interesting, and I really despised a couple of the characters i.e Kelly, and on occasion, Ayinde Lia, the former Hollywood starlet, was completely out of left field, and I wasn t convinced that Becky could forgive her quite that easily for randomly leaving baby objects in a perfect stranger s baby bag I enjoyed the Philadelphia setting I liked reading about Rittenhouse Square and Walnut Street I recall my time spent in Center City, and I could easily imagine the scenes at Temple and Penn At the end of it all, I was just glad to finish This book was exhausting, which I think was a primary goal of Weiner She wants everyone to know how tough it is to have a baby She repeats this over, and over, and over and by the end, I felt just as run down as the mothers of the newborns I gladly take my leave from the world of breast feeding and pacifiers I ll continue to be a doting visitor for now. I don t read a lot of chick lit, but I have enjoyed Jennifer Weiner books in the past, and I was looking for a quick read This book fulfilled that purpose, fortunately, or I may not have finished it.This story is about three very different women who meet by chance at a prenatal yoga class and bond over the hardships of new motherhood The first problem with the book These women are not all that different They are all well to do women with loving, supportive husbands yes, even the one who cheats is loving and supportive after all, if we are to believe his knocked up mistress, he didn t mean to with mommy issues of which they are unbelievably self aware but totally unable to resolve The second problem These women do not face real hardships Kelly, whose husband loses his job, is somehow able to keep up with the rent on her apartment, without dipping into savings, on only her own part time salary, even though we re told early on that the rent was about half of her husband s and her full time income That s one of many loopholes inconsistencies in the book that an editor should have caught I quickly grew tired of reading about their lack of sleep, excess laundry, crying babies, etc.I d be willing to forgive the shallow nature of these women s problems if any of them were likable or worth sympathy Kelly is by far the worst of the bunch she is materialistic superficial to the point of preferring no couch to an ugly one and is nearly a compulsive liar Ayinde goes from being a confident career woman to someone so needy and naive she follows every word of a misogynist childcare advice book Becky, the fat chef there always has to be a fat woman in a Jennifer Weiner book , is the most normal, but as co owner of a successful restaurant and wife of a surgeon, she is so destitute she has to buy a used stroller and is too stupid to know if it meets child safety regulations Lia s story is the only one that evoked any emotional response She lost her baby when he was only 10 weeks old, and she ran back to her childhood home to escape the grief and guilt There she meets the three women mentioned above, who somehow help her move on What this book really need was a scene where Lia screams at the other three to get over their ridiculous problems and realize how lucky they are to still have their children LIa is definitely the central character of the book it begins and ends with her, and her chapters are in first person narrative rather than the third person narrative of the other women s chapters I can t help buy wonder, then, why Weiner didn t make her someone relatable than a Hollywood semi star with a famous husband Is the lesson that even celebrities encounter tragedy For some reason I found myself thinking about those laughable Stars They re Just Like Us features in US magazine.Apparently Weiner wrote this book based on her own experiences as a first time mother, and honestly I don t see its appeal outside of people who experienced the same thing in the same way middle class to upper middle class mothers in happy if not perfect marriages It offers no insight to anyone who experienced motherhood outside of those parameters. I didn t give it 5 stars because the main character is typical of her other booksstrong minded, insecure inside, wants to befriend everyone, etc etc.I did like the detail she went into in the supporting cast though She easily could have left them all sort of one dimensional, but she gave them all real situations, real lives, real problems And I like that I like that her main characters are sort of quick to judge others other women mostly but end up realizing that even though she had these guesses at what they may be like judging the book by the cover I guess , she finds that they aren t as got it together or snobbish as she originally thought So I will keep reading her books They give me hope That the overweight, misfit will have a group of close friends. So I deviated from my usual elitist book selection method whereby I try to only read books with awards or accolades, and I read this book Largely because it was sent to me free from Barnes Noble I had never heard anything about it, so was a little amused and surprised to find out it was basically full of pregnant characters Barnes Noble, are you spying on me I was also surprised to discover that the author also wrote In Her Shoes, which I frankly didn t even realize had been a book before it was a trashy movie starring the constantly annoying Cameron Diaz Anyway, that kind of set the tone for the book.In the end, it was a fairly enjoyable read, about as enjoyable as In Her Shoes was as a movie it s definitely mind candy, fluff that can be easily digested in a day or two Like any good piece of candy, the story is quite compelling at times, and even moving in parts, but I couldn t shake the feeling that I was reading a high school diary despite the fact that the subject matter is motherhood I think it s largely because of Weiner s very liberal sprinkling of punctuation to indicate emphasis Oh my GOD she screamed Are you SERIOUS If you re in the mood for a book alongside those Shopaholic books that I ve heard about, this is probably a pretty good choice There s definitely some tragedy and drama sprinkled in there though I thought that one of the most interesting aspects of the book was the title One of the characters goes through a nearly unspeakable tragedy from a mother or a mother to be s point of view , and she talks about how she once saw an interview of an earthquake victim The interviewer asked the victim, who had lost her family, How long did the earthquake go on for And the victim looks hollowly at the interviewer and replies, It s still happening. I really enjoyed this novel I don t usually read chick lit, not because I don t like it, but mostly because my usual literary tastes tend to other genres often than not It doesn t mean I won t sit down with a light read once in a while in between other books, or that I m not willing to read something that s outside my usual genre I like to consider myself versatile in my readings So, I picked this book up for the YBS 8 at Bookrelay because I saw it on many wishlists and had added it to mine as well I looked at the story s premise, sounded like something I d like to read and went ahead I didn t regret my choice I really liked this book the characters felt real, with their problems, their ways of getting around those problems, of dealing with them Characters who suffered, laughed, cried, fought, smiled, lived Characters that, despite everything, looked like real people The story is simple it s about four women and their maternity problems, their lives, their husbands, parents, mother in laws But it s told with such heart, captivating you from the first page to the last There are characters you ll love and hate, with whom you ll identify with, with whom you ll cry and laugh I ended up shedding some tears at the end of the book, just because I wasn t indiferent to these characters that seemed so real.I will be looking for books by Jennifer Weiner in the future, without a doubt. 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