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Janice Hardy is a rock star no, wait She s a novelist But she rocks Blue Fire is the second volume in her trilogy entitled The Healing Wars, and it takes us to Baseer, one of three formerly independent cities, all of which now suffer under Duke Verraad s unlawful, violent, and self serving power grab Nya, a shifter a specially gifted person who can shift pain , and her little band of friends, along with the Baseeri underground, are the only hope for the future Nya is brave, resourceful, self sacrificing, loyal, and unswervingly committed to good The entire story is narrated in her voice, and we get an unencumbered look into her thoughts and feelings It s a great book, fun to read and hard to put down I am in awe of Janice Hardy s imagination. Blue Fire is the second installment in the Healing Wars books While I really enjoyed the first book, The Shifter, I will admit Blue Fire left a little to be desired Nya s powers have continued to develop since book one, and she is struggling as she tries to use her new abilities in the right way But things don t really go as planned with the Duke and his people continually hunting her and other Takers What I had trouble with in this book was the distance I felt with the minor characters in this story I hoped we would get to know the supporting cast a bit better, but the world really felt like it revolved around Nya I didn t feel like anyone really developed between book one and book two, and it made it hard to really engage at times in the story Run away, get captured, fight back, save people Somehow some of these elements felt a little robotic, rather than exciting like the first book Maybe I was just expecting something a little different I just didn t feel as captivated as I did reading The ShifterRegardless, I enjoy Janice Hardy s writing, and I felt like there was enough new material to make a exciting conclusion in the final book I don t feel like the book was bad, I just know it didn t quite meet the expectations I had I still like Nya and her friends, and eagerly wait the conclusion. #DOWNLOAD ó Blue Fire ë Part Fugitive, Part Hero, Fifteen Year Old Nya Is Barely Staying Ahead Of The Duke Of Baseer S Trackers Wanted For A Crime She Didn T Mean To Commit, She Risks Capture To Protect Every Taker She Can Find, Determined To Prevent The Duke From Using Them In His Fiendish Experiments But Resolve Isn T Enough To Protect Any Of Them, And Nya Soon Realizes That The Only Way To Keep Them All Out Of The Duke S Clutches Is To Flee Geveg Unfortunately, The Duke S Best Tracker Has Other IdeasNya Finds Herself Trapped In The Last Place She Ever Wanted To Be, Forced To Trust The Last People She Ever Thought She Could More Is At Stake Than Just The People Of Geveg, And The Closer She Gets To Uncovering The Duke S Plan, The She Discovers How Critical She Is To His Victory To Save Geveg, She Just Might Have To Save Baseer If She Doesn T Destroy It First It was great After my enthusiasm for The Shifter was unshared by my family, I got worried that I wouldn t be impressed with the sequel now that the magic system was less novel, maybe I would realize that the rest of the book wasn t as fun as I thought I shouldn t have worried Though the magic is still a strong selling point, there were many other things that I like in Blue Fire Topping the list is humor The whole story is told with a wry and endearingly understated wit It is easy to share Nya s optimism when one is smiling at her clever jibes I also love Nya for her capabilities and her fallibility Nya is quick on the uptake, figuring out everything that the reader does She is resourceful and bold, taking things on the fly with only in fiction audacity At the same time, she has emotions that not only merit description but also interfere with her judgment even when she doesn t realized it Hardy does an excellent job of giving her first person narrator coherent, consistent responses that are believable but clearly irrational.I really like the way this book examines a number of ubiquitous genre assumptions For example, one rescue attempt involves grappling hooks and shinnying up ropes These ropes and spikes, however, are subject to real world physics and employed by less than miraculously adept adventurers They become utilitarian objects, rather than a lazy trope to get our heroes on or off the roof In another example, fight scene banter is so painfully melodramatic that the characters can t help but wince they know it sounds dumb, but it s the best they can come up with under pressure.I also enjoy the very quick pacing of the story Things happen quickly, with little time for ruminations in between Talking, and even thinking, are not free actions Nya and her friends are frequently interrupted or surprised when their time and attention are focused on explanation or decision making The quick pace in part means that Nya can struggle with moral dilemmas but not agonize over them The book does not explore the moral issues that it raises, and many are bypassed entirely, but at least for me it brushes up against enough questions to send my thoughts in the right directions.I am a bit disappointed that Hardy does not explore the magic system as much as I had expected her to, but she does make good use of it And instead of expanding on the quirkers and their abilities, Hardy chooses to fill out other aspects of her world There is a well developed culture, history, and structure behind what the reader sees, even though little of it manifests directly in the book.I m looking forward to reading the next one I LOVE THIS BOOK Reviewed by Joan Stradling for TeensReadToo.comNya is on the run from the Duke of Baseer s trackers for a crime she didn t intend to commit.The Duke is using Healers to make an unstoppable army, and Nya is determined to stop him But with trackers after her, it isn t easy to hide, and Nya finds herself trapped in a place she never wanted to be and having to trust people she isn t sure she should.Nya s adventures in BLUE FIRE were even thrilling than they were in THE SHIFTER THE HEALING WARS novels are off to a great start Hardy s characterization is well balanced with tension and excitement in the plot, which makes it hard to put down.I look forward to the third book in the series and discovering how far Nya will go to save those she loves. Lost interest and dropped it I might read it later But for now No chance No way This is where our ways part for the time being Au Revoir. I was pleasantly surprised by this book, I d read the previous one a few years ago, and its one of those books that can be a bit hard to jump straight into if its been a while since the last one, and that s what put me off reading it when i first got hold of it, and i did try but found i couldn t get back into it, which is why its so weird that i literally just picked it back up one day and started reading then couldn t seem to stop.I think the trick was to stop stressing myself out who the characters were and just read.Boy was this a journey, i felt quite strongly when reading this like i do with some books, I was stressed at the stressful scenes, Angry at others, but in a good i m way too into this book Kind of way rather then AT the book, which was great.I actually ended up reading it really fast, in a matter of about a day and a half, but ended up stranded without a book because i thought it would last me longer, But maybe that s my fault for not being prepared with something else to read rather then the book being short because it didn t actually feel short which books can sometimes, in fact the book i read before this one did end up feel pulled short as the plot just sort of ended in the thick of things, But this one didn t do that which i appreciated Luckily i have the next book in the series to read so when i m ready i can literally just pick it up 3.5 StarsReview I gotta be honest, I read this book in 2015, I wrote this review in maybe 2017 based on my notes about how I felt toward the book right after reading it, and I m now finally posting it in 2019 So I don t know how I d feel about the book now, but this review is how I felt about the book when I read it.As I mentioned in my review of Book 1, I don t usually read young YA or middle grade not sure exactly what this would be classified as , and at the time I wasn t into high fantasy, so I was really surprised by how much I was enjoying the series After Book 1 though, I couldn t help but continue, and Book 2 was just as enjoyable It was well written with a strong voice, likeable characters, and good pacing It even had some fun all ages humor.This was also the book when I really started to love or get intrigued by some of the characters I already talked all about them in my first review, so I won t do that again Instead I ll just say the way Jeatar was working so hard in this one, always trying to help everyone, running himself ragged, getting so weary that he wanted to just give up it definitely made him realistic and interesting.I did sometimes found myself getting lost and confused during escape missions and parts of high action though I knew the general idea of what was happening e.g they were fighting soldiers , but I couldn t figure out the layout of the building or where exactly they were or what exactly they were doing I still got the main gist though, so it never actually made me lose track of the story.So overall, this was another solid book in a fun high fantasy series for young readers with lovable characters and a good story Recommended For Fans of Book 1 in Janice Hardy s The Healing Wars series Anyone who likes MG YA high fantasy and lovable characters Original Review Metaphors and Moonlight 2.5 Stars again.I m not quite sure much happens in this book that didn t already happen in the first book Evil people are doing evil things, there s a war raging, there are riots, the world is in shambles, and it s up to Nya to save the day again It bugs me a bit still that the people in this book are so black and white and one dimensional If you re bad, you re bad if you re good, you re good.And Nya seems to be the only one with a gray area of morality compass that keeps getting questioned by herself and even her friends And then we rehash the same dilemmas that I had thought Nya had already established a somewhat of a conclusion to already Mainly, her use of her Shifting powers to heal and hurt others keeps being pinned by herself and her best friend as morally incorrect and disgusting.And while I stand on the point that torture and violence and killing is an evil, when you are an high fantasy with worlds at war with one another, maybe violence ends up being a necessary evil Because then, why is it okay for others to use weapons swords, daggers, etc to hurt or kill others, but it s wrong of Nya to use her own resources to keep someone from killing her A sword can kill just as easily as her shifting pain into someone else, however, with a sword, dead is dead Apparently with shifted pain you still get a chance so long as you can find a Healer and a slab of pynvium to relieve that pain.So you want Nya to heal people and do good, but you don t want to see her shifting that pain into someone else even if it will kill her if she keeps it for too long The idea of shifting pain back and forth from one person to another s not so bad an idea though, since this action apparently leaves no lasting side effects how convenient.Despite the fact that she hates seeing her own healing powers as a weapon of potential mass destruction, the fact is, she just needs to accept what she can do and use appropriately as she has been doing continually Which then makes me wonder what all the whining about her guilty conscience is about if she s just going to ignore it anyway, then wallow in self pity This world is on the brink of war and destruction and it seems everyone else will not stop to reconsidering chopping your head off, but you re going to hesitate toshiftpain into someone else because it could kill them if they can t heal themselves first This is probably why children shouldn t be the world s one hope in bringing peace in the midst of bloody war I m not saying that children can t save the world given the right resources and determination it just seems like a heck of a whole lot to put on a child s shoulders just because she seems to be different Or, even if Nya is the singular hope of saving the world, she should at least have some handy friends and experienced war veterans or soldiers to help her out.I m not certain how I feel about how competent her friends and the adult rebels are in this book And Nya, herself, is a full stewing pot of rash decisions and no planning ahead and eventually ends up causing trouble than not Then again, there was enough monotony in the narration that maybe I missed some significant and genius rebellion plot somewhere that didn t involve biding your time until you could publicly humiliate the great evil villain, The Duke, and make him concede his throne because then what Of course, despite the repetitiveness of this second book from the first book, and despite the flatness and one dimensional ness of all the characters, I guess I managed to enjoy reading the book just fine I just wished there was to it than such a simple, The Duke is evil because he s evil and needs to be defeated Nya s friends and sister keep getting kidnapped and it s up to her to save all of them Something always ends up blowing up and nearly killing everyone The magical technology in this book keeps evolving with no indication of how anything works, and I m still teetering about the magic system and the healing process that still makes little sense.While a lot of backstory begins to unravel concerning Nya s family, still very little is known about her or even her friends And even less is known about the world and the three countries that are portrayed in this world We barely glimpse the surface of the cultures in a vague attempt to illustrate a setting More enchanters are introduced, but their significance dwindles just as quickly as they appeared and so I have no idea what enchanters do and why they merit being labeled as such if all they d been doing is melting pynvium and molding them into weapons.Or did I miss something, somewhere Anyway, I ll be finishing this series if only to find out how the entire war turns out and what other troubles Nya manages to get herself into and how she ll finally save the world without getting kidnapped again.