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This is the sixth book of the Halleujah Love series and with each story the characters has grown on me and However in Heaven Forbid there was so much going on with each couple until you felt a little let down with the endingso with that said I hope that this is not the last of the series just yet but I will DEFINITELY have to agreee with another reviewer when they stated that some of the character s stories were better left untold. I started this thinking that it was going to be a standard bodice ripper of a book but I found that it was well written, funny, and had a couple well developed characters. #FREE DOWNLOAD Û Heaven Forbid (Hallelujah Love #6) ê Still Reeling From The Disgrace Their Former Pastor Left In His Wake, Members Of Gospel Truth Church Need Someone Who Can Restore Order Enter Reverend Doctor Pastor Bishop Overseer Mister Stanley Obadiah Meshach Brook, Jr Who Quickly Sets Up A Code Of Ethics So Strict Even Jesus Might Not Pass Muster When The New Rules Send Much Of The Flock Fleeing, Reverend Doctor O Turns To Reverend Stanley Lee And His Wife, Passion, To Lead A Revival But The Church Isn T The Only Thing That Needs Reviving So Does Stanley S Libido Passion Was Celibate For Five Years Before Marrying, And Is Not Happy That Her Husband S Lackluster Wedding Night Performance Has Become The Rule, Not The Exception Desperate To Make Her Marriage Work, Passion Turns To Reverend Doctor O S Wife, Maxine, For Advice But Maxine Is Busy Trying To Clean Out The Skeletons In Her Own Marital Closet Because Even The Holiest Have Secrets Wow This series gets better with each book I m not sure anything else can compare The old people drama was EVERYTHING Heaven forbid is the latest book in the Hallelujah series by Lutishia Lovely and she does not dissapoint This book stars Reverend Doctor Pastor Bishop Overseer Mister Stanley Obadiah Meshack Brook, Jr or Reverend Doctor O as friends call him who is the Head Pastor over Gospel Truth Church and he is set out to make his church the outstand, upstanding church that is was before it started crumbling from the scandel with the previous pastor He brings in a ringer, Reverend Stanley Lee who is and excellent preacher and very easy to look at, to reel back in the people who were going astray But how can these two powerful preachers preach the word to the congregation when their lives are in turmoil and they are trying live the word that they preach to the best of their ability This book is an excellent read and I would recommend to everyone to get this series Sex in the Santuary, Love Like Hallelujah, A Preacher s Passion, Heaven Right Here, Reverend Feelgood and Heaven Forbid. All in all, I enjoyed this book My one complaint is that there are entirely TOO MANY characters to keep up with, I almost wanted for there to be a chart at some point in the book to help me identify who was related to someone else as I flipped through If I would put down the book for a day, when I picked it back up, I was sure to need to go back a few pages for a refresher There was also no clear lead in the story All of the storylines were major, nothing seemed to take the background to anything else The underlying similarity in the entire story was that there were quite a few legalistic Christians, but that did not stop a great deal of them in dealing in illicit love affairs and sex There were those who were no longer having sex, so their marriage was impacted, there were others who were having a great time having sex, so their marriage was great There were those who had entirely too much before, then decided that they needed to become one with God, so they abstained from sex There was another couple who had some secret past lives that were overwhelmed by sex Quite a few other instances, but I think that you get the point In all of the story lines that the author tells, I found it interesting that very little of her story dealt with the repurcussions of all of these stories intertwined with love affairs and the church Is it possible that a person in a position of leadership was involved in this sordid affair and nothing ever came of their positions Perhaps, but I found it interesting that it did not I would have preferred to have had fewer story lines completely introduced, giving meat to the main story The other story lines could have been introduced in later works by the author so that the reader is not overwhelmed with so many details and left with so many unanswered questions. Scandals, sex all intermixed with faith Gospel Truth Church is trying to restore order after the former pastor left in disgrace Reverend Doctor Pastor Biship Obadiah M Brook Jr comes out of retirement He sets up a code of conduct that has members fleeing the church He then decides to have a revival, and sends for Reverend Stanley Lee and his wife, Passion.There is a lot going on, but Lutishia Lovely keeps it lively and you re flipping those pages to see what s going to happen next Great read. Well written, good character making But there were way too many characters, making it hard to keep up with who was who, and breaking the story up into too many story arcs Allso I m not a fan of this kind of book About black mega churches full of hypocritical, supposedly ultra religious, judgmental folks They are just not appealing to me I didn t like any of the people in the book and I thought several of the story arcs were totally unbelievable.Sorry. Good book and I really enjoyed it.We have Kelvin and Princess that dated for awhile but she caught him in their house with Fawn Princess ended up pregnant but Kelvin told her he was to young and that she had to get an abortion Then afterwards she found out that Fawn was pregnant and had a son But Princess and Kelvin went there separate ways.Next we have Mama Max and Reverend O they called him, but he cheated on his wife with Dorothea which she never let him forget so whenever he came home late she thought he was with her But then one day she went into his study for some books and found his secret room behind the books with a plastic doll, Playboy magazines and DVD s, you name it he had it But she wasn t going for that with him getting up on Sundays preaching against this very thing But they ended up filing for a divorce.Then we have Reverend Stanley Lee and his friend Byrce who used to be lovers till the Reverend told him he could no longer participate in such behavior and that it was against what he teaches So Byrce told him about the King James Bible and that the old king was a faggot But in the end Stanley and his wife Passion went to see a marriage counselor someone that could help Stanley deal with being raped by a man till he was 12 years old I believe that s what it said But he gotten better with the help of the marriage counselor and his supportive wife. Book 6 of the Hallelujah series picks up where Reverend Feelgood left off Nathaniel Thicke and his wife Destiny have been replaced by the Reverend Doctor Pastor Bishop Overseer Minister Stanley Obadiah Meshach Brook Sr and his wife Mama Max have taken their place Problem is Reverend O is so strict that a lot of the members are leaving, and it doesn t stop there, because the Reverend has been hiding a secret that could possibly end his marriage First Lady Passion Lee is also struggling on the home front Hey husband, Pastor Stan Lee is also hiding a secret and it s affecting their love life Will he give in to his past desires or fight for his marriage Princess has decided to own a novel to not only inspire, but also encourage young women that they can practice abstinence until the right man comes along Question is Has the wrong man changed it has the right man stepped up I enjoyed reading this book by lutishialovely, I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a drama filled read.