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Read this book S c r i b d problem in book in beginning rayne and sunny found out their parents are acturally magical fairies who escaped from a mystical Irish island, to live amortal one And now, it seems, the other fairies back home have tracked Sunny and Rayne, and they want the family to return.raynes and sunny s parents explained about how the twins lifes was never really normal and they had fake aunts and grandparents that their parents hired..and now the mother explains how their fairys and the twins found out that their dad never acturally run away from the family he left them when they were little because he wanted to protect them and moved in with heather.heather is acturally works in the slayer inc..and oh yeahsunnys the next fairy in line to become a fairy queen.later on they are interrupted by faeries running in through heathers house and demanding to take the twins away to fairyland the twins dad ends up telling heather to go to plan B and then next thing rayne knew, the last thing she remembered was that her mother was on the floor in pain trying to protect rayne and then nothing.rayne wakes up at a slay school and heather says that they probaly going to stay there for a while and later on sunny is all crying about her love life and how magnus might think she ran away from him for jayden the guy that sunny meant in vegas on her mission to save magnus.they then meet lilli happy type of chick.later on after talking to the headmaster, the twins run into the alphas as everyone calls them tuff bullies school sucks i slayed vampires and noone else slayed as much as me kind of people 5 people to the alpha group.luckily sunny was there to calm rayne or she was going to beat their asses up.Varuka peter Leanna Mara corbin member of the group..later on in the room sunny complains about her love life again and rayne ends up laying on her bed thinking how her life changes so fast and what she learned.then after that rayne thought about what it would be like if she kissed her elbow and become a fairy to save her sister from becoming queen.the next day rayne ends up beating corbins ass in slay class and now cobin hates her and is always staring at her when shes not.plus now shes like popular at the school with everyone talking about her beating up cobin and she remembers that the headmaster said to keep a low profileguess rayne broke that rule.later on rayne ends up at the library, and finds a fairy book and she does the ritual that starts ur fairy transfer rayne doesnt think it works until next day rayne ends up seeing her own wings, along with sunny freaking out.now sunny knows that rayne is hungry for blood, and she is starting to have wingsand that they have to run away from the school to be safe.they run later on only to be caught in some trap and found out the alphas took them and they were talking with the alphas and hanging around when rayne asked corbin what side is he on like werewolf,vampire and then rayne finds later on from the other members that vampires killed corbins parents and that cobin wants to become a slayer to take revenge on the creatureslater on cobin comes running and saying that things are coming, and fairys ends up coming and rayne gets hurt saving cobin,cobin then ends up carrying rayne to a cave and later he comes to report about sunny and that shes safe and also that the alpha kicked their asses.rayne found out that he never acturally killed a vampire before, it was just in a game that he killed vampires..rayne later on ends up using the vampire scent on corbin and sucks his blood to heal herself,after that cobin wakes up later on and rayne says that he got bitten by a fairy,then he fainted again.next day peter ends up being cassies partner in slay class because corbin was still in the infirmary.rayne ends up sending peter sailing across the field with one little touch.peter leaves later on asking to go to the infirmiary, while rayne thought and thoughtuntil she found out that maybe she has vampire powers now because she finally bit a human..and now she has a plan to escape using her powers and she needs to find sunny.only to find her in the cafateria laughing like nothing ever happened and saying that peters cute and all that.cobin ends up coming in the cafateria and taking rayne with him out to the forest.only to have corbin tell his story about his parents being sucked by a vampire and dieing, and rayne ends up drinking cobins blood again.sunny meets rayne in the dorm later on at around 5 am and she said that she had with this random dude named aiden so much for sunnys special first time with magnus plan.then later on everyone is ordered to go to the chruch, where the headmaster tells everyone that their in lockdown and that the DNA that they tested was a DNA of a vampire and a fairy..also that they will be interviewing each of the students.later on corbin feels raynes wings while hugging her and he knows that shes the one who sucked his blood and walks away.then rayne gets sunny and puts her in a closet, only to find out later on that the person inside sunny isnt really sunny, and that the person inside sunny told the headmaster that rayne is a vampire and a fairyrayne wakes up in a room later on, and the headmaster tells rayne the truth about the night house, and how they pick a few kids and test DNAs on themand now corbin is in a bed next to rayne, and people are planning to test raynes DNA with corbinto see if he will become someone really strongand later on rayne wakes up to be trapped in chains and corbin is too, later on rayne calls for help and later on lilli shows up and shes a vampire thats why she heard raynes call,.,.,and her names not really lilli its rachel and in place of her happy outfit is a goth outfit so they were about to go out when rayne steps on a place and alarms start to gorachel ends up dieing saving corbin and raynes lifesand rayne and corbin escaped on a helicopter..later they arrive at a place, and jareth comes running in with a happy expression on his face for seeing her alive.later on magnus,corbin,rayne,and jareth ends up on a airplane,where their heading off to a city close to fairy,where they plan to find fairy and save sunnylater on rayne meets this old lady at a bar, only to find out that she knows where sunny is and that shes a fairy godmother.later on the fairy godmother ends up giving rayne directions and the spells to say to get her there,rayne finds out from the godmother also that sunny has a wedding gown which leads to marriagerayne then ends up later on in corbins room, and then corbin trys to kill her and she ends up sucking almost all his blood from him then jareth turned him into a vampire later on, then metioning to rayne that magnus has to know what happened and rayne has to do what magnus says.later on magnus is mad when he finds out what happened and wants to put rayne in a help program for vampires, but for now he allows to let rayne save sunny first, later on their at the entrance of fairy,but no vampires could come in because it was sunny, so rayna and jareth went..later on they catch sunny on a cart being pulled by horses, but when sunny sees rayne, she doesnt notice her.rayne trys to get to sunny when tinker yes, tinker bell beated up rayne and the world went dark.rayne wakes up to find jareth across the other cell from her, and her parents in another her mom later finds out that rayne is dating a vampire and also sunny and is freaking out.magnus comes later on 9he has a GPS on jareth and frees them, and convinces raynes mom to be on their side.after that their under the tower when apple blossom the guy that the twins mom was supose to marry but picked to run away with their dad instead came and almost killed rayne, but raynes dad grabbed a iron thingy and stabed it to the fairys chest and he fell..then the dad fell too..and rayne then remembered that fairys are allergic to iron, and that her dad risked his life for her..rayne remembers his last words befor he died Don t let this all be in vainlater on sunny is about to get married when magnus runs in and declines their marrage and says that he owns sunny, that made the priest say that if sunny says magnus owns her, then they can leave in peace only to have sunny still under a spell and doesnt even know magnus..but later on magnus kissed sunny and freed her from the spell just like any disney movie.and so at the end the twins mom ends up saying that she wants to stay in fairy since its her destiny, and that heather will take care of the twins till their 18.EPILOGUE Problem corbin is now a vampire, and he doesnt appreciate the blood coven for saving his life, and wants revenge on the blood coven and rayneso he hacked into magnus safe place and stole some of magnus s important documentsand now everyone knows that war is coming once corbin gives the important papers to the slayer inc. Plot I had to read this after reading Blood Ties because it came in afterwards I m partly glad I read this, so I m caught up with the series, but I also think I didn t need to read it I felt that this installment wasn t the best out of the rest of the series The plot was kind of made up on the spot I could understand why Rayne should go to Riverdale, but it was weird how Sunny had to go to Sunny isn t a vampire slayer, so why couldn t she just go to another private school or a public school in a foreign country It seemed unnecessary for them to go to a school to go into hiding Along with that, the romance between Corbin and Rayne was confusing It seemed like they both had feelings for each other, but then Rayne mentions that it is because of feeding off of him So, I wasn t sure whether or not Corbin feelings were true and why did she like him if she knew the reason to his behavior Plus, I have to mention the fae names and world It was cliche and I wish it was a littlemythical and not Disney ish Characters Rayne She was the narrator for this installment I do like her POV s because it s a little less slang oriented However, her s has less romance in it this time around She would mention Jared and Corbin, but it wasn t a priority for her, which made me doubt how strongly she felt for Jared She said she loves him but it s hard to see when they re together But, I do love how determined she is and that she thinks logically to get out of situations Sunny When one twin is narrating, it seems like they re distant from the other twin, but yet they say they re close Rayne doesn t have a clue what s going on with Sunny and I didn t like Sunny a lot of times in here She was whiny or confused it was hard to find her likable Cover The girl is perfect for Rayne It has her blue eyes and dark hair It s very simple, but pretty I love the new covers for this series Overall Rating I have to give this book a two out of four I didn t like this installment and couldn t get into it I m hoping that the seventh one will involveromance and drama like they usually do This one wasn t the best and since I read Blood Ties and then read this, I didn t really need to read this I do love this series and will continue, but I wasn t happy this book at all Peace and Fangs,Alisha My thoughts Just when you think nothing worse could possibly happen to Sunny and Rayne it does Now they find out shocking news that their parents have a past and they use to live in Fairyland and their mom was Queen of the Fairies The only problem, Fairyland needs a new queen and if mom won t do it, one of the twins has to But when there is an attack on the family which endangers their lives, mom and dad go back to Fairyland to sort things out and the twins are hidden away in the Swiss Alps at Riverdale Academy, a secret vampire slayer training facility When Sunny starts acting out of character, Rayne gets suspicious that something sneaking is going on a Riverdale However this could be the one place that might be the death of Rayne because she s a vampire among a school full of slayers Will she be able to keep her secret safe or get dusted in the process As with all the other books in this series, it was a fun read and I found myself laughing out loud onthan one occasion Rayne never fails on making smart remarks or finding the humor in a situation she may be stuck in I love her character She s her own person and doesn t care what others think about her She s protective over her sister Sunshine and doesn t back down from a challenge Rayne faces a lot of challenges this go round There is a ton of action in this book and the journey that Rayne and Sunshine take leave me curious as to what book 6 Blood Ties will be about I d have to say that I enjoyed this book the most out of the series so far It turned into quite a page turner If you are a fan of this series then of course you should pick this book up on Jan 4th, 2011 It s a great compliment to the previous 4 books. I like this series a lot for some weird reason And while this book was still fun to read and I look forward to the next one, I had some problems with it that didn t sit right with me.Warning Spoilers Do not click if you do not want major spoilers view spoiler 1 We find out at the beginning of this book that Rayne and Sunny s mom and dad were fairies that ran away from Fairyland so they could be together The baby that their dad had with Heather while still married to their mom Totally normal in fairy world, and their mom didn t care at all In fact, their mom LOVES Heather and was totally supportive of them being together Here is where my problem lies For YEARS, their mom has participated in saying that their father was a deadbeat dad, that Heather was a Home Wrecking Bitch their words , and worse When in reality, their mom loves Heather and thinks very highly of her, and their dad is staying away for their protection I can understand the need to protect them, but how can their mom let these two girls cry all the time about their father not loving them and leaving them all for Heather Couldn t she have lied to them and said that she wanted the divorce and he moved on with Heather, or something I just don t understand how a mother could inflict that pain on her daughters and JOIN IN on bashing people that she holds in high regard It didn t sit right with me at all.2 Their dad dies at the end I almost cry, but the twins show hardly any emotion It hints that their mom was falling in love with their dad again, but within minutes of him dying, she is back with David and shows no remorse at her fallen lover Huh 3 Fairyland is Disney World Yes, you read that right 4 Their mom who is a fairy princess, mind you freaks out when she finds out that Sunny and Rayne s boyfriends are vampires She is so upset by it, that Rayne has to hide that she, too, is a vampire Seriously Could you be anyof a hypocrite 5 The twin s boyfriends seriously suck No pun intended Magnus was completely ruined for me practically from the get go, but Rayne has nothing to say about Jareth except how gorgeous he is She hadchemistry with this new prep kid, as well as a booming genuine friendship with him Same with Sunny and Jayden from the last book How I wanted her to dump Magnus and get with Jayden, but alas he is so gorgeous she never will Ugh.6 Oh yeah, and the twins find out that the grandmother who has been there for them their entire childhood was an actor hired to play the role of a loving grandmother Seriously I don t give a crap how much you are wanting to protect your children This goes back to point 1 you gave them a fake childhood with fake family, and then let them believe the worst of their father to the point that they don t even care when he died Oh, and he died to SAVE RAYNE But as long as she is with her gorgeous boyfriend who cares, right 7 I liked Rayne at first, but these endless and stupid mistakes she keeps making are driving me insane She kisses her elbow to become a fairy and then just says whoops Ugh hide spoiler I m gonna preface this by saying My fault for picking up book 4 5 in a series randomly But that hasn t deterred me before The premise 2 twins who are both vampires and in one case, a slayer find out they re OMG fairy princesses WTF And no that s not me being glib with the chat speak, that s REALLY how the author writes Which is nauseatingly immature, and will date the series book in about 5 minutes.Not to mention, I can t figure out how someone so stupid as the narrator Rayne has managed to NOT get herself killed She makes Sailor Moon look like a brainiac Even Betsy Taylor from Undead and Unwed hadto offer the world How someone with a journalism degree can write such insulting, mindless drek about modern teenagers is beyond me I m used to misunderstandings and adults not being smart as the main cause of conflict in teen romance adventure but this presumes everyone involved in supposed age old secret societies of otherworldly creatures could be outwitted by four year olds I gave up after 2 chapters. I ve always loved Rayne s POV as much as I love Mari s spontaneous ability to make thingsinteresting by the end of the books with another cliffhanger This is no True Blood season 3 view spoiler Despite Sookie and Rayne WAS the fae royalty hide spoiler The book was interesting I guess It wasn t what I expected at all I wanted it to befunny and i don t know romantic I guess, so this book got 3 stars Anyway I hope the next book won t disappoint me like this one RAYNE S PERSPECTIVEFairies have found them.And they want the twins to return to their land.Rayne and Sunny must hide out in Riverdale Academy Night School a school with vampire hunters in training that will stake a vamire in a seconds notice Its even worse for Rayne since shes a vampire thats in a vampire hunter school.And also she meets a boy who is stuck between wanting to love her..and destroy her.Sunny She just finds out she has to marry a stranger and become farie QUEEN.And shes been acting weird the past few days.It turns out she has another soul in her body and her soul is in theirs.Ending The dad died giving up his life for Rayne.The mom becomes queen its her destiny.Rayne gets her wings removed and Sunny keeps hers Heather agrees to take care of Rayne and Sunny till they re 18.Epilogue Corbin killed the doctor erasing his mind and has ransacked the Blood Coven headquarters..also has stolen some top secret documents that can put a war between Slayer Inc and the Blood Coven Rayne..Jareth..Sunny..and Magnus must track down Corbin before its too late.Characters Rayne McDonald Sunny s identical twin,bloodmates with Jareth,dyed black hair,gothic clothes,retired vampire hunter,a fairie princess and vampire but b c of the disease in the last book she is powerless but she can go out in the sun ,had to hide out in Riverdale Academy,kisses her elbow at the Slayschool wanted to find out if it really did grow wings and try to ensure Sunny..but the wings didnt grow b c she had to go through rituals first ,almost fed off Corbin while being his partner in slayer training,went to the library and found a book on fairies and finds out how to do the ritual to get wings wanted to try it to see if it works..by citing words and kissing her elbow ,gets her wings the next day in the morning once she wakes up,was escaping Night School when the Alphas showed up,was attacked by fairies again but this time in the forest with the alphas got injured and got carried away from the attack leaving sunny by corbin ,seduced corbin used her vampire scent on him and drank his blood in the cave she needed blood to recover from injurys ,gets fairie powers and her vampire powers she drank real blood so it gave her vampire powers ,tells corbin she has a bf,got captured and is tested the fairies traded rayne for sunny to Slayer Inc ,takes a pic of Jareth in the pink wings,woke up in a jail cell,removed her wings.Sunny McDonald Rayne s identical twin,Magnus s girlfriend,blond,a fairie princess soon to be forced to become queen ,had to hide out in Riverdale Academy,was escaping Night School when the Alphas showed up,was attacked by fairies again but this time in the forest with the alphas,a spirit starts controling her body and she starts to act drunk and loses her virginity i would say sunny still has her virgin since its not her soul in her body right now ,saved by Magnus,desides to keep her wings.Jareth vampire,goth,manly,blond hair,beautiful face,Bloodmate of Rayne,Blood Coven General, Magnus s right hand vamp,got his powers back and can go out in the sun,picks up Rayne and Corbin when they make it back from helicopter ride,turns Corbin into a vampire to save him,got corbin to agree to give his life over to the Blood Coven so he wont sue or anything if he changes his mind after becoming a vamp ,had to wear the fake pink wings to not stand out,got laughed at by girls b c of the fake wings lol ,woke up in a jail cell,is chipped by the Blood Coven to keep track of him it came in handy when they were locked in a jail cell ,gets taken back to Donegal cause hes injured from the silver.Magnus Sunny s vampire boyfriend,king of Blood Coven,long brown hair,sent Rachel on a mission to Riverdale Academy to see whats going on at Night school,made Jareth wear the fake pink wings,breaks the spell on Sunny by kissing her.David Mrs.McDonald s boyfriend,works with Slayer Inc.,says a threat is coming against Mrs.McDonald.Mrs.McDonald Sunny and Rayne s mom,divorced,fairie,vegetarian,heir to the LightCourt throne before escaping the island with Mr.McDonald, parents wanted her to marry Apple Blossom but she refused , Princess Shrinking Violet was her name in fairie land when she was a princess, becomes the queen of fairyland they needed a queen.Mr.McDonald Violet Sunny and Rayne s dad,divorced but married another woman, fairie,was Mrs.McDonald s guard befor escaping the island with her, left Mrs.McDonald and went to Heather b c his mother in law fairy found him and said if he gets out of the pic he and Mrs.McDonald will get to live in the real world,goes with Plan B when the fairys come which is to send Rayne and Sunny to Riverdale Academy ,dies he had to touch iron in order to slam it into Aplle Blossom s back to save Rayne , Dont let this all be in vain is his last words before dying.Heather Sunny and Rayne s step mom,works for slayer inc.,agrees to take care of Sunny and Rayne until they re 18,is not involved in the taking over the world thing with the other Slayer Inc members.Stormy Sunny and Rayne s half sister,dauhter of Heather and Mr.McDonald.Apple Blossom general of the royal fairy army,black haired fairy the spitting image of Cinderella s Prince Charming,wide dark eyes with thick lashes,built to the max,broad shoulders,expansive chests,six pack abs,muscular legs,white teeth,chiseled cheekbones,came for the twins,got staked by Rayne but didnt die ,kept the mom and dad trapped in the jail cell and also Jareth and Rayne untill they were saved by Magnus and the other vamps ,forced Sunny to turn into a fairy by will,making Sunny marry his son so he can get all the power,almost killed Rayne but got ironed by the dad,responsible for the death of Queen Tatiana Rayne s and Sunny s grandma fairy queen ,dead.Apple Junior Apple Blossom s son,Sunny s groom,guilty,was arrested.Charles Teifert Slayer Inc VP of operations.Rachel real name Lilli fake name vampire,curly black haired girl,goth,wears a orange wig in Riverdale Academy,a slayer in training,goes to Riverdale Academy, talkative,hears Rayne s call for help through vampire mind thingy and comes to rescue Rayne and Corbin,Magnus s former blood donor got infected by disease in last book and got turned into vamps by the BloodCoven to save their lives ,can go out in the sun,gave up her life for Rayne and Corbin to escape there was too much weight on the helicopter for 2 so she jumped off and got arrowed ,dies.Charity Magnus s former donor got infected by disease in last book and got turned into vamps by the BloodCoven to save their lives ,can go out in sun.Evelyn one of Lilli s friends.Roberta headmistress of Riverdale Academy,older woman..probably in her sixties,watery blue eyes shielded by bifocals and a firm set mouth,member of Slayer Inc.,finds out Raynes a vamp fairy and captures her,wants to make an army of vampshees vamp plus sidhe and take over the world,plans to pick top 6 students to go to Night School and be turned into vampshees but they dont know that ,wants corbin to be the first experimented on.Varuka splitting image of Miley Cyrus,snob,member of the Alphas a group of five snobs..the best of the best at slayschool ,direct descendent of Van Helsing.Leanna blond,snob,member of the Alphas a group of five snobs..the best of the best at slayschool.Mara member of the Alphas a group of five snobs..the best of the best at slayschool.Peter short,member of the Alphas a group of five snobs..the best of the best at slayschool.Corbin Billingsworth The Third messy brown hair,green eyes,a strong chin,and cheekbones that could cut glass,kind of hot..if you like the jerk off..a hole type,leader of the Alphas a group of five snobs..the best of the best at slayschool ,gets vampire scented by Rayne on accident,parents were killed by vampires,kisses Rayne in the cave and gets drained abit and passes out doesnt remember a thing and thinks he got bitten by fairies ,starts liking Rayne,tells rayne how his parents die and kisses her again he didnt let go so she had to bite him. again ,when blacked out the second time he had to go to the infirmary again and be tested the scientist found out the thing that bit him was fairy and also a vamp and the school is in lock down and the headmistress is interviewing everyone ,finds out rayne has a boyfriend gets sad but hugs rayne and finds out shes The Fairy..cause he felt wings ,gets captured for the experiment,flys the helicopter,trys to kill Rayne resulting as being almost drained full by rayne ,got sent to a safehouse to get help for his transformation,murdered the doctor doing his memorie erasing..then ransacked the headcouters..then stole away secret important documents that will put Slayer Inc against the Blood Coven if he shows them.Mr.Klaus in his forties,sporting a porn mustache and muscle mass.Johan guard of Night School.Aiden did it with sunny the guy sunny loses her virginity to..well its not actually her anyway..just her body with another person s spirit in it ,goes to Night School.Dr.Franken scientist,a man with wild salt and pepper hair and thick bifocals,tests Rayne s blood wants to makevampshee vampire fairies for an army to take over the world.Parker Anderson one of the failed experiments in Night School,in a comatose state b c of the experiment,blond hair,pale skin.Collin human,notthan Rayne s age,works as a bartender at Old Castle,has a thick Northern Irish accent.Eairy craggy faced,white haired woman,missing alot of teeths,knows about Sidhes,Rayne s and Sunny s fairy godmother,gives Rayne..Magnus. Jereth..and Corbin a map to T r na n g,made Sunny s wedding gown.Glinda the good witch.Francis the former doormanfrom the Blood Bar,now Magnus s personal bodyguard.Tinkerbell beautiful blond fairy with a perfect hourglass figure big breasts,six feet tall,tinywaist,when Rayne and Jareth were trying to use the tunnel to get to the castle tinkerbell stopped them,beat the crap out of rayne and blew pixie dust at jareth so he went incapacitatied,can turn tiny if she wants.Facts Sidhe another term for Fairy.Known as the People of the Mounds, and they evidently go way back in Irish and Scottish history.They live infairyland,a dimension beyond our own world,under a monarchial system, kings and queens living in the lap of luxury in beautiful otherworldly palaces.There are several different courts and none of them can ever seem to get along.Besides their wings, they look just like regular people, as opposed to the pint size pixies that make up a lot of the old fairy tales But their powers goway beyond those of men.Besides being able to fly, some of them can also change shape at will.Some of them cant even lie..its like impossible If a fairie kisses their elbow they grow their wings.The wings cannot be removed except surgically Once a fairy hits puberty, they re supposed to go through a magical ceremony to kick start their transformation Iron can kill fairys Night School where the top 6 graduate students from Riverdale Academy go to thinking their going to gettraining and turn into a real slayer..but instead the chosens get turned into vamp fairies Silver can kill vamps..iron can kill fairies.Funny Part When Magnus made Jareth wear pink ugly fake wings to go into fairyland Oh no, my Gothy but manly boyfriend protests, holding up his hands Definitely not You re going into fairyland, Magnus reminds him Look outside.Everyone here has some sort of wings.Do you want to stick out like a bloody thumband get caught before you can rescue my girlfriend His question leaves no room for argument Fine, Jareth grumbles, grabbing the wings and reluctantly affixing them to his back He looks so miserable and ridiculous I burst out laughing and fumble for my phone Hold still I need a photo I cry, grabbing my new cell phone and clicking a photo before he can cover the lens with his hand I look down at the viewscreen Aw, how pwwetty you look If you dare post that on the Blood Coven forums Oh, so now you re concerned with your image I tease Just yesterday you were wearing that dirty oldBatmanshirt again I ll have you know that s a very rare vintage tee Tinkerbell blocking the path in the tunnel.Teifert member of Slayer Inc.,is not involved in the taking over the world thing with the other Slayer Inc members,Rayne s mentor Tinkerbell looks at me, her head cocked in question, probably wondering why I m not paralyzed, too She reaches for my wing.I slap her hand away They re real, I inform her Unlike your breasts. This was my first Blood Coven novel this is the fifth novel in the series but, as the book starts with a My story thus far , it s pretty easy to catch up Blood Coven novels switch points of view between the two sisters and this time, it was Rayne s turn to tell the story We start out with a quick recap of what s been happening in the two sisters lives and, well, it s quite a bit Rayne was always the Goth chick, into the arcane and paranormal while Sunny was completely the opposite When Rayne decided she wanted to be a vamp, she took the classes, got certified and, instead of the vamp, Magnus, biting and turning Rayne, he bit Sunny Sunny was pissed and so she went off to get un vamped by way of the Holy Grail Along the way, Sunny and Magnus fell in love, though Sunny still reversed the transformation and went back to being a normal human Rayne, on the other hand, did eventually get turned but only after she found out she was a vampire slayer So now, she s a vampire vampire slayer With a vampire for a boyfriend.Now the girls have just found out that their parents are both fairies royal ones which makes Rayne a vampire vampire slayer fairy princess Sunny s just a fairy princess but, turns out, the fairies want her to be their queen and they re willing to kidnap her to do it So, Sunny and Rayne are shipped off to this remote vamp slayer school for their own protection Once there, Rayne realizes she has no blood and no way to get it despite some rather obvious hints from someone on campus Crazed with bloodlust after an attack by the fairies how did they find the girls , Rayne entrances and bites Corbin, one of the Alphas supposedly the best slayers the school has to offer Then she figures out her sister actually was kidnapped and they left a changeling in her place so they all have to escape the school, get to Fairyland, and save Sunny Oh, and there are also really bad things going on in this building on campus, nicknamed Night School , but we ll just leave that for another book, shall we Maybe I ve drunk my fill of vampires pun intended but I just wasn t a fan of NIGHT SCHOOL Don t get me wrong the writing is fast paced and the action never stops but, for once, I wanted it to stop just so I could catch my breath I mean, we jump from a kidnapping attempt to a creepy new school to a confrontation with the Alphas to Rayne becoming a fairy for real zies the girls weren t official fairies until they did an incantation to another kidnapping attempt to near death and on and on It was just too much.Plus, it just wasn t realistic Okay, I realize realistic is maybe the wrong word, since fairies and vampires and the like don t really exist But to have one character be a vampire slayer AND a vampire AND a fairy princess AND to have a vampire boyfriend AND a sort of vampire slayer boyfriend It was too much for me.Then there s Corbin, the new guy in Rayne s life He s a jerk An asshat An arrogant douche who also happens to hate vampires since one killed his parents, which makes him exceedingly dangerous for her a vamp to be around But he s just so cute And, of course, Rayne s drawn to him and sucks his blood, which makes him think he s in love with her Gah Please give this girl some common sense Plus, doesn t she already have a boyfriend who she claims to love Come on, Rayne Get it together.I know this series is loved by many and, maybe if I d started with the first one and worked my way through them, I would have liked this one Become a convert to the Blood Coven, even But, to me, this book wasn t cute or quirky, as it was written to be it was a long slog through an outlandish story.Rating 2.0 5.0This review was originally posted on Book Binge by Mary. `READ PDF ⇴ Night School (A Blood Coven Vampire Novel) ✐ Vampires, Slayers And FAIRIES Sunny And Rayne McDonald Are About To Get SCHOOLED After Their Parents Shocking Revelation About Their Fae Heritage And An Attack On Their Lives, The McDonald Twins Find Themselves On The Run Forced To Hide Out At Riverdale Academy , A Boarding School For Vampire Slayers, Deep In The Swiss Alps With No Cells, No Internet, And No Way To Contact Their Vampire Boyfriends The Twins Are On Their OwnBeing A Vampire Stuck In A School Full Of Slayers Isn T Easy Especially With No Blood Substitute Stocked On Campus Soon Rayne Finds Herself Succumbing To Her Bloodlust And Losing Control Especially Around The Arrogant, But Devastatingly Handsome Corbin Billingsworth The Third Who Isn T Sure Whether He Wants To Kiss Her Or Kill HerBut When Sunny Starts Acting Strange, Rayne Realizes Riverdale Academy May Be Hiding Some Deadly Secrets Of Its Own Leading To A Showdown In Fairyland That May Cost The Twins Their Lives