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I saw this attractive big book at Kadi Ramadi s library and I instantly fell in love with its absolute creatively crazy idea and its beautifully detailed illustrations A standing ovation all the way from Jeddah to Paris goes to Rebecca s teacher for recognizing Rebecca s talent and encouraging her to specialize in children s book illustrations And to Rebecca Dauteremer herself for illustrating such an awesome book wonderfully No one could ve done it better What s so unique and captivating about all the characters is that none of them is disney s typical princesses at all Almost all of them are weirdly BIG in size and yet BEAUTIFUL It amazes me how the standards of beauty differs from one to another I Loved each and every single princess but I m a bit of a combination of Princess Babbling Brooke who s as talkative as a parrot and impossible to understand She chatters about everything and says nothing There s lots of blah blah blah and plenty of tralala Holding a conversation with her is exhausting and getting a word in edgewise demands great skills and princess Amorphia whose a bit of mystery Upside down and downside up Here s some of my fav quotes, sleep a time to tell yourself stories not yet written Singing is like painting with words words travel When they come back home they can mean something different when I forget things, they re just playing hide and seek deep inside me ATTENTION don t forget to remind yourself to think about remembering this one is absolutely my fav lol Thank you MUCH Thuraya Bat, you were too generous to let me borrow this precious book for as long as I want dancing Sure, you know all about the fairy tale princesses There s that Cinderella chick and her pumpkin coach Another fell asleep for a hundred years or so And wasn t there one who had crazy long hair Sure, you know them.You don t know these princesses.Covering a gamut of traits, from Princess Hot Head to Princess Eelizabeth not a typo , you will learn all about princesses that you didn t know existed Each princess has a lovely full color, full page portrait and a brief biography Two of my favorites were Princess Paige She reads everything she can find novels, poetry, philosophy, and tall tales and Princess of the Disorient Her kingdom fits her image wacky, filled with fools, and complete with nutty celebrations You know you re intrigued now There are than princesses in this book There are all kinds of tips on princess behavior and style Every princess needs a confidante And exactly how does the fashionable princess outfit her elephant for traveling This book comes complete with a diagram Seriously, I saw a review for this and knew I had to have it My husband obliged and got it for me for my birthday Even though I was in the middle of a scavenger hunt for my gifts, I had to stop and pore over this book for a while And, trust me, nothing comes between me and my presents I put it down after a few minutes a lifetime in between gifts and went off to finish looking for everything else When I had time that night, I picked this back up and started reading it again I was surprised that it was so long It s 92 fully illustrated pages I loved reading everything in it It was just whimsically perfect for me I adore the illustrations At least pick it up if you see it in a bookstore and take a look I bet you ll fall in love with it too.Buy this for the princess in your life, whether it s a young daughter, niece, a friend who needs a pick me up, or yourself I just loved it and can t recommend it highly enough. [Free E-pub] ⚇ Princesses oubliées ou inconnues ♂ Go Beyond Sleeping Beauty And Cinderella Some Princesses Are Well Known To All Children But Others, Equally Magical And Sometimes, A Lot Funnier Have Remained Anonymous, Mysterious, And Far From The Fairy Tale CrowdNow These Captivating Ladies Are Finally Stepping Out Of The Shadows Where They Ve Remained Hidden For Far Too Long With Wit, Sublime Humor, And Beautiful Art, The Secret Lives Of Princesses Introduces A Bevy Of Royal Daughters To The Court Of Young Readers While It Alludes To Some Of Their Famous Sisters, This Large And Lusciously Illustrated Compendium Presents Such Unique And Unforgettable Characters As The Petite Princess Claire Voyant, Who Can See Very Far Into Tomorrow But Muddles Her Predictions Princess Oblivia, Who Forgets Everything And Misses All Her Appointments Princess Tangra La, Who Does The Tango, The Fandango, And Any Dance That Comes Her Way And Princess Babbling Brooke, Who Chatters On And On About Everything And Nothing Plus, You Ll Learn About Such Princessy Matters As The Language Of Fans Coats Of Arms And How Not To Offend Dangerous Fairies Who Cast Evil SpellsPoetic, Often Humorous, And Always Enchanting, This Is The Perfect Collection For Princess Loving Girls Who Long For Than Just The Traditional Fairy Tale This book was an absolute dream on a day like today It was rainy and windy and awful and terrible No matter where you stood in the school library, you just heard the pounding of weather against the building My 45 minute commute by car was no better When I got home and threw myself on the couch in a very Princess Miss Hap like manner if I do say so myself , all I wanted to do was sink my teeth into a hot bowl of chili and flip through something that took me far, far away from the wet shoddiness of here.The illustrations in this middle grade focused picture book are absolutely lush Even holding the oversized book has a regal feel to it Each princess is cleverly described over a two page spread, with the little illustrations, charts and notations scattered throughout matching the tongue in cheek tone I love that there is no twist, no building to a denouement, that it simply is what it says it is a glimpse into the secret lives of princesses.But perhaps my favorite part of the book is the test to determine what kind of princess you are Or rather, the answer for those who have selected mostly Zs You are a false princess.This test is reserved for true princesses Once you have finished reading these lines, you will transform into an old polecat, a kangaroo rat, or a used doormat Your choice We warned you.I m something of a late bloomer when it comes to fairy tales I didn t really care for them as a child, but over the past few years, I ve really come to love with with an almost reckless abandon The same is true for picture books, particularly as a tool for working with middle grade students But as I flipped through the book a second and third time over it s perfect companion, I had to wonder if this had the most kid appeal out of all of the things I d been reading or whether it was a selfish enjoyment I feel as if I could determine exactly which of my upper elementary school readers would like it best and exactly which ones would let the humor fly over their heads It is playful in a particular way that I think some children, especially those reading below grade level for comprehension reasons rather than vocabulary, might find babyish if they don t understand the layered meanings.It still tops the charts of my own personal reads for the year Recommended for 20somethings who wish they were actually ladies of leisure. I saw this book on a princess display in a bookstore, and I wanted to like it, but in paging through it I was too off put by a lot of the representations of non white princesses it felt sort of like tokenizing exoticizing to want to read the whole thing.It also perpetuates various problematic gender sexuality assumptions For example, princesses become queens by marrying not by, for example, inheriting in their own right, my best friend pointed out There is mention that some princesses stay princesses their whole lives, in a way that s presented as value neutral, but it comes right after a statement that implies becoming a queen is equivalent to becoming a grown up getting to wear makeup which is its own set of problematics , which I feel undercuts that message.There are some strong princesses, and I love the Prince S page trans twins ftw , but on the whole the book just made me too uncomfortable to recommend it. One of the first books i ve ever read as a child, and part of my childhood as Alice in Wonderland, The Hobbit, Winnie the Pooh, Harry Potter, etc The art work is phenomenal I could skip the words and just look at each beautiful page The story isn t really a story, but a telling of all different kinds of princesses I m not sure a child would necessarily like the book, but an adult surely would. This was a sweet and very entertaining read about some long forgotten princesses I only wished I could have read it outloud to the daugther I don t have, it is just that kind of book. Absurd and dreamy, often tongue in cheek than childish and fantastically drawn Boy, what a ride this was You SO need to read this beautiful book