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I read this at ten years old The book made me cry. This is the only book I have ever read that made me cry, sobbing, out loud It left an indelible impression on my life There have been many advances in treatment since Alex died gasping in her father s arms, trying to the last to reassure and comfort him CF still takes many lives too young, and there is still no cure. I read it as a young teen and it affected me so much and I have never forgotten Alex As a young woman I volunteered at an auction for Cystic Fibrosis for a number of years Why, because of this book As a woman dealing with infertility, I remember a part of the book when Frank is in line at the grocery store buying root beer for his dying daughter and wondering to himself how everyone else s life is so normal, while he s buying root beer for his daughter who is at home dying Made me relate in that while my world seems to be crumbling, others are dealing with their their own private joys and grief We can never know if the person in line at the grocery store is celebrating in their hearts over good news or merely holding it together until they can get in their cars or homes to fall apart As a parent, I can t imagine watching my child suffer and die If a book is rated on how it stays with you after you ve read it, then this one ranks up there with 5 stars It s stayed with me for almost 30 years You can t say that about very many books. Frank DeFord wrote this book shortly after his daughter, Alex, died in 1980 from cystic fibrosis at the age of eight.This is as one might expect, a highly emotional read I love Frank DeFord s writing and this was his most popular book I had been putting it off because it is a very sad topic but I gathered up the fortitude to read the book.After the first few introductory chapters, the writing wanders around and it is really when Alex is old enough to write and ask grown up questions about her condition that the book came together DeFord also wrote about how hard on a marriage the universal guilt is and that is in addition to the constant full time care Alex and other CF patients require Moving toward the end of the book it was impossible to read the last chapters with dry eyes When Alex knows she will die and asks so many questions about God and angels and expresses some healthy doubt about both, the adults reassure her There is a section where the Children s Hospital had patients write out what they would be doing when they were adults What will I be when I m 23 I ll be a scientist and I ll be a enveter and go to the moon.What will I be when I m 43 I ll see other children growing up and seeing new things.What will I do when I m 62 I ll chat on the phone a long, long time like my Nana does.If I m alive at 95 They ll have a new inventians I ll sit in my old rocking chair The last chapter, when Alex finally succumbs to her disease at home with Mom and Dad, is as an emotional chapter as I have ever read DeFord writes I m sorry, but this is how a child dies I can see those eyes, this moment, still I see them constantly But I could never describe them properly for what they meant, what they told Frank DeFord passed away in 2017. [ READ EPUB ] ♰ Alex: The Life of a Child ♴ Alexandra Deford, A Precious And Precocious Girl, Was Just Eight Years Old When She Died In Following A Battle Against The Debilitating Effects Of Cystic Fibrosis, The Number One Genetic Killer Of Children Her Poignant And Uplifting Story Touched The Hearts Of Millions When It Was First Published And Then Made Into A Memorable Television Movie A New Introduction Contains Information On The Latest Cystic Fibrosis Research, And A Touching Postcript Reveals How The Deford Family Came To Terms With The Loss Of AlexWhenever He Speaks, Sportswriter Frank Deford Knows People Will Bring Articles For Him To Sign But What Makes Him Happiest Is When Someone Attends A Sports Oriented Lecture And Brings A Copy Of Alex The Life Of A Child For Him To Sign Invariably, And Happily, There S Usually Someone At Each Appearance Who Either Brings That Book Or Wants To Talk About Their Connection To Cystic Fibrosis Deford Says It S Tremendously Gratifying To Me Rarely Does A Week Go By That I Don T Get A Letter About That Book People Leave Things At Her Grave They Really Do I Have People Tell Me That She Changed Their Lives It S Terribly Dramatic, But They Literally Say That I Heard From A Woman Who Became A Pediatric Nurse After Reading The Book Hearing From People Like That Means To Me Than Anything This is one of the most influential, meaningful books I read as a young girl It was the first time a book ever made me cry, and I ve seldom been touched so deeply by a story since I read it many times, and it never lost its impact I still think of Alex to this day, as an adult especially now that I have my own children The memory of her father s account of her life is very vivid, years later. The only reason I wouldn t give this five stars is because I don t know if I ever want to read it againit s too sad This is a true story about an 8 year old who dies of cystic fibrosis What makes the story so inspiring is how amazing little Alex was She was brave and accepting as well as spunky and happy It made me hope my daughter will be as unique as Alex was I also appreciated the writing It s written by her father and he is frank and honest about the reality of how hard it is to live with a dying child It made me wonder how I would cope Made it very easy to read and made him very relateable. I don t know what to say about this book I think everyone should read it And at the same time no one should read it I cried so long and so hard last night that when I woke up this morning I couldn t see through my contacts I had to throw them away they couldn t even be cleaned I felt like someone rubbed sandpaper on my eyeballs I haven t sobbed as much as I did last night in the last decade and that is 100% true I ve read dozens upon dozens upon dozens of true crime stories Add to that dozens upon dozens upon dozens of victim memoirs from survivors of abuse, all sorts of abuse But that s the thing survivors wrote those stories The true crime stories are often cold in a way telling about the act of the crime itself and the murder s and very little about the victim s This was the complete opposite I feel like I knew Alex I feel like I saw and can remember her mannerisms, her personality, her words, everything I don t know, not only how her family got through this, but how her Dad wrote this book It s so beautiful and so tragic all at the same time I have tears in my eyes just thinking about what I read I m glad it didn t take reading this book to know how lucky I am to have my daughter but it did drive it home After I finished this book I crawled into bed with my daughter, who is roughly the same age as Alex was when they realized she was sick and not going to live, and just held her and thanked God The book shows you how a disease like cystic fibrosis literally tears a family apart and tried to kill everything within its victim It also shows you how one little 8 year old girl wouldn t give it and let it win, no matter what I thank God Alex was lucky lucky strange word to use in terms of her enough to have the family that she did she was loved like some people never, ever know I wish I knew how she got the strength that she had At 8 years old Here And so I carried Alex into her treatment room By then she had prepared herself fairly well, but as soon as she saw that stark table where she was to lie and receive her shot and her incision, she stiffened and was the little girl again No, not yet Not yet she cried, and she clung to me as tight as she ever had I remember noticing that both nurses turned away from us at that moment, because, for all they might see, day after day in a hospital, there was such an awful intimacy to Alex s gesture that they could not bear to intrude on us I only held Alex and tried to comfort her And, in time, when she had composed herself, she said, All right I m ready now And so she was.So I started to lay her down where they would cut her open And in that moment, I could not hold back any longer one tear fell from all those welling in my eyes And Alex saw it, saw my face as I bent to put her down Softer, but urgently, she cried out, Wait We all thought she was only delaying the operation again, but instead, so gently, so dearly, she reached up, and with an angel s touch, swept the tear rom my face.I will never know such sweetness again in all my life Oh, my little Daddy, I m so sorry, is what she said One nurse turned and bowed her head and began to sob The other could not even stay in the room She ran off to compose herself.I don t know if this is something most or all people feel but I feel pain inside when I read that Actual pain to know a baby went through this Went through that much pain I know I won t ever be able to read something like this again And I also know I won t ever forget this book. This was an AMAZING book I normally don t read books like these but I was given this book, along with some others, to read I m so glad I did because it was truly an amazing read and I loved getting to know Alex and her family She was such a bright girl, despite her disease, and so strong from it as well I highly recommend this book. I wish Frank Deford could know that I will show kindness to other people in memory of Alex I wish I could thank him for telling us about her, because without this book we would not have known how wonderful she was One person can change how we live Alex was one of those people.