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This is just another book to read if you re trying to convince yourself to homeschool It comes packed with tips and encouragement to make your homeschooling journey a successful one I think the part I like best is the overwhelming abundance of additional resources books and websites and things listed at the end of every chapter After reading this book, I ve added a couple dozen books to my Goodreads to read list I recommend this book to anyone who s still trying to decide whether or not homeschooling is for them and their family I think it ll convince you that it is. Reading this book 20 years after it was published, there are definitely some out of date things a whole chapter on the internet , this book was very good at inspiring the novice homeschooler Lots of great ideas and encouragement I would recommend this book to anyone who is considering homeschooling their child and is unsure of how to get started or what it could look like. [Kindle] ♞ Homeschooling: The Early Years: Your Complete Guide to Successfully Homeschooling the 3- to 8- Year-Old Child ♑ Discover The Rewards Of Homeschooling Your Young ChildYoung Children Are Full Of Curiosity, Imagination, And A Sense Of Wonder They Re Willing To Try New Things And Possess A Natural Joy Of Discovery Yet In A Traditional School, These Natural Behavior Traits Are Too Often Squelched That S Why And Parents Just Like You Are Choosing To Teach Their Children At Home During These Critical Years The Years That Lay The Foundation For Developing Learning Skills That Last A Lifetime Inside, Respected Homeschooling Author Linda Dobson Shows You How Homeschooling Can Work For You And Your Young Child You Ll Discover How To Tailor Homeschooling To Fit Your Family S Unique Needs Know When Your Child Is Ready To Learn To Read Teach Your Child Arithmetic Without Fear Even If You Re Math Challenged Give Your Child Unlimited Learning On A Limited Budget And Much Brings Dazzling Clarity To The Otherwise Nerve Wracking Confusion Of Early Learning And The Adventure Of Becoming Fully Human Highly Recommended John Taylor Gatto,former New York State Teacher Of The Year And Author Of Dumbing Us Down Provides A Much Needed Introduction To Living And Learning With Young Children Open The Book To Any Page And You Ll Find Inspiring Anecdotes And Approaches To Learning That Leave The Reader Thinking, That Just Makes So Much Sense Highly Recommended For Anyone Who Lives, Works, Or Plays With Young Children Helen Hegener, Managing Editor Of Home Education Magazine An Information Packed Delight I Only Wish It Had Been Around When Our Three Boys Were Three To Eight Years Old Rebecca Rupp, Author Of The Complete Home Learning Sourcebook This Book Brings Together The Experience And Wisdom Of A Great Variety Of Homeschooling Families Tied Together With Warm Encouragement And Wonderful Simplification Of Processes That Can Seem So Mysterious And Daunting To The Beginner A Very Solid Resource Lillian Jones, Homeschooling Activist, Writer, And Reviewer Laying aside for now the viewpoint that homeschooling is the only best way to do things, the book has other issues.While there are some useful tips, the age range of 3 to 8 is developmentally huge and reduces the usefulness of the book as a whole The book would be better suited splitting the age range into actual early years 3 5 and early elementary 5 8.The book is also old, so much of the information is dated Homeschooling is far prevalent And obviously, the internet and computers have caught on.Many of the pros that are mentioned for homeschooling, apply to good parenting in general. Many helpful suggestions and resources provided for further information. Good Mostly helpful. Very informative, multiple points of view Highly recommend This book is quite dated now, having been published in 1999 I m not even sure that half the websites mentioned would work any There was a lot of computer games mentioned that were probably on disks and can t even be located any I think you could get all the information given in this book simply by visiting a few different homeschool blogs.I also found the idea that the whole thing was based on a small group of families answers to a survey kind of flawed I had to return the book to the library so I don t remember exact numbers, but when some families couldn t even identify how long they had been homeschooling for, I was kind of weirded out Because even if you believe you started homeschooling from birth rather than at kindergarten age, you would still be able to answer the question of how many years have you homeschooled I got annoyed with every chapter having a list of how kids can learn math, reading how to milk a cow Every list was identical Parent can teach Child can ask Read a book Annoying What I did like about the book was that it didn t focus on the need for a specific curriculum I liked the whatever works for you and your family attitude. Dobson covered a wide range of topics, but I felt like it was surface prep than get your hands dirty useful Perhaps it s because I was trained as a teacher, I thought this was all fairly commonsense, basically reassuring parents subject by subject that homeschooling is a doable option. I was excited to read this book which is for homeschooling ages 3 8 because of course I ve started basic homeschooling with my 21 month old and wanted to be ready for instruction when my child gets older However I must say this book didn t live up to my expectations The best part of the book was the ideas on teaching Reading, Writing and Rithmetic and the books and websites listed in the resources at the back of each chapter The information itself is pretty good but the writing style is a little nonsensical I don t feel the author stayed on the topic she was talking about in each section The book is based on the results of a questionnaire of 66 homeschooling parents Each section is talked about based on the results and quotes are given from the different parents about the subjects I enjoyed the quotes directly from homeschooling families as I think this is the best advice you can get ie directly from the source Although some of the statistics were interesting, a lot of it wasn t very much help I wouldn t recommend this book as a first one to turn to about homeschooling but if you have read quite a few already and want some ideas on teaching the early years, then pick up this book All the if it s from the library I did copy down quite a few books from the resources that I d like to read and although some of the websites were no longer available as is expected since the web changes so frequently there were some good ones listed that I know have bookmarked.