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4 1 2 Scarlet Kiss Stars I LOVED this book Dark and sensual A tiny bit scary but I m a scaredy cat, so Great world building Lucan was broody and stubborn, but sexy and protective Gabrielle was smart and patient I loved them both This series is going to be so addictive for me There are at least two Order Warriors whos books I cannot wait to read already I think the overall series plot is going to be good too I can t believe I waited so long to start this series Excited to see what s to come in this dark, sexy world Happy reading Good book and very imaginative storyline Adrian really developed a unique concept of vampirism and vampire society Although the warriors remind me of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, they are not carbon copies, and the Midnight Breed series is claiming its own place in the paranormal romance genre I love warriors, and these guys are definitely creme de la creme One thing that bothered me was the casual indifference about humans being killed by the Rogues The Breed warriors did protect humans, and that was clear, but the ones that died in this book didn t seem overly mourned by the warriors It seemed a little callous to me Perhaps this due to many, many years of seeing humans dying and savagely killed by the Rogues Lucan is a hard man vampire , who doesn t open his heart It was great to see Gabrielle sneak into his heart For a young woman who felt isolated and drifting in her life, I was happy that she found her home in Lucan I am curious about the warriors that fight alongside Lucan, and I can t wait to read their stories. #Free ⚸ Kiss of Midnight ⚢ He Watches Her From Across The Crowded Dance Club, A Sensual Black Haired Stranger Who Stirs Gabrielle Maxwell S Deepest Fantasies But Nothing About This Night Or This Man Is What It Seems For When Gabrielle Witnesses A Murder Outside The Club, Reality Shifts Into Something Dark And Deadly In That Shattering Instant She Is Thrust Into A Realm She Never Knew Existed A Realm Where Vampires Stalk The Shadows And A Blood War Is Set To IgniteLucan Thorne Despises The Violence Carried Out By His Lawless Brethren A Vampire Himself, Lucan Is A Breed Warrior, Sworn To Protect His Kind And The Unwitting Humans Existing Alongside Them From The Mounting Threat Of The Rogues Lucan Cannot Risk Binding Himself To A Mortal Woman, But When Gabrielle Is Targeted By His Enemies, He Has No Choice But To Bring Her Into The Dark Underworld He CommandsHere, In The Arms Of The Breed S Formidable Leader, Gabrielle Will Confront An Extraordinary Destiny Of Danger, Seduction, And The Darkest Pleasures Of All I really enjoyed this book Yes, it s a blatant rip off of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, and while reading it I felt like I was cheating on my beloved Brothers, but I had been warned about that beforehand and because I was prepared for it, it probably didn t bother me as much as it would of if I was going in blind Plus I m such a massive fan of the BDB that I m guaranteed to love anything that even slightly resembles it Although I did roll my eyes in disgust when the heroine referred to the hero as her dark lover , yes, really Some of the mythology is unique vampires being from outer space for one Again yes, really , and I liked the idea of the breedmate vampires who are all men by the way having to select their mates from a select group of humans Interesting I really liked the bad guys, or Rogues , who were chillingly evil, and I love the twist on where that part of the story is going to go And even though parts of it were fairly predictable, in amongst the romance and the action there were also some surprise moments that had me tearing up and gasping with shock Gabrielle, our heroine, is very likable and Wrath Lucan is a strong hero Being a first generation vampire, he has some issues and therefore takes a long time to come around to accepting his feelings for Gabrielle, but she was a confident and persistant little thing and it was enjoyable and not a little bit steamy to watch her eventually break him The best part of the book though, was watching the Brotherhood Breed together There are some very interesting characters there and I already know I m going to love these boys I can t wait to get to their stories Overall, this was a great first instalment to a series I ve been wanting to get to for a while I ve been assured that the series moves in a completely different direction than the BDB, and I m very keen to see where it goes. Before starting my review I admit upfront that..I AM THE ULTIMATE FAN OF JR WARD S BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD SERIES.finishing her latest book, LOVER UNLEASHED, and in limbo waiting for her next book which will be released in March 2012, I looked around for some books in same genre that I could read in the meantime.Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian was recommended so decided it to give it a try I also read a few reviews about this book, mostly good but the one thing that kept coming up was how similar it is the JR WARD s BDB series Yes, there are similarities but there are a few differences which make it an enjoyable read, even for those die hard BDB fans out there It s well written, dark, sexy, edgy, with great irresistible characters loved Lucan and Rio and the Breedmates betrayal, action, sacrifice, loyalty and lots steamy sex your good para normal romance.This is the first book in Lara Adrian s Midnight Breed Series.so did I like it Yes I did.Here are some of my thoughts about this book this is the story of Lucan Thorne, an ancient Breed Warrior, descendant from male vampire aliens a different and interesting take on vampires who mated with human women, and Gabrielle Maxwell, a photographer who has always felt disconnected with the world When they meet, both feel an instant powerful connection this book did remind me of JR WARD s DARK LOVER Lucan is a lot like Wrath.both are dark, sensual and strong ancient warriors dedicated to protecting his people Gabrielle very like Beth feisty, intense, caring and an unconditional love for her man However, Gabrielle, is human and has the mark of a Breedmate, they are the only women that the male vampires can mate and have children with.only male vampires are born these women remain human and the exchange of blood between a Breed male will keep them young forever the Breed Warriors , gorgeous strong guys wear black leather yes like the BDB brothers , enjoy kicking ass and killing off the Rogues once vampires who have crossed over to the dark side when they are unable to control their Bloodlust something like the Lessers but geez these brutes are something else.with their long long fangs scary as hell Yes the Warriors live in their own, hidden from human eyes mansion just this one is underground..but there are the black candles, etc etc sounds like a great place to live The Warriors live amongst each other and there is not much interaction with humans apart from one here and there I liked Gabrielle s friend Jamie.great character Wonder if he will appear in the next books Lots of violent scenes.the fights between the Warriors and the Rogues are brutal, the feeding scenes bloody and ugly even when we see Lucan feeding.not surprising that Gabrielle felt scared and disturbed when she first saw Lucan drinking blood from a human Liked the intensity of Lucan and Gabrielle s relationship Hot.Caring the scene where Gabrielle is caring for Lucan when he is seriously injured from a fight with the Rogues is so amazing.threading her fingers through his hair, holding his head on her lap.I could feel her tenderness towards Lucan.As a hard core BDB reader, I could still enjoy this book I am going to read the next two books in the series soon After all, what else can I do as I wait anxiously, impatiently for my next BDB LOVER REBORN to come out BDB s out there don t be put off by the similarities.read another good series about the world of vampires Book Overview by Barnes NobleHe watches her from across the crowded dance club, a sensual black haired stranger who stirs Gabrielle Maxwell s deepest fantasies But nothing about this night or this man is what it seems For when Gabrielle witnesses a murder outside the club, reality shifts into something dark and deadly In that shattering instant she is thrust into a realm she never knew existed a realm where vampires stalk the shadows and a blood war is set to ignite.Lucan Thorne despises the violence carried out by his lawless brethren A vampire himself, Lucan is a Breed warrior, sworn to protect his kind and the unwitting humans existing alongside them from the mounting threat of the Rogues Lucan cannot risk binding himself to a mortal woman, but when Gabrielle is targeted by his enemies, he has no choice but to bring her into the dark underworld he commands.Here, in the arms of the Breed s formidable leader, Gabrielle will confront an extraordinary destiny of danger, seduction, and the darkest pleasures of all De f cil lectura y bastante entretenido, aunque algo predecible, me llama mucho la atenci n lo que me recuerdan estos guerreros liderados por Lucan a los de la Hermandad de la Daga Negra no me extra a que en los agradecimientos cite a Jessica Bird aka JR Ward , una serie que para m por ahora es bastante superior Lo del origen de los vampiros me ha dejado loca, as como alguna que otra cosa a la que deber a dar explicaci n m s adelante Continuar con la saga retointimo2018 Campa aromantica romance de ciencia ficci n A poorly executed BDB.I had my eyes on this for a long time and I said Heh Why not try it now Seems like it s pretty popular so it might be good So I gave it a try aaaand it wasn t what I expected it to be The intro was pretty good I thought Lucan was a really nice character He was acting all ninja assassin, slicing through bad guys and being all mysterious and stuff I like these things so it got my hopes up And then the story began yawns Introduction blah blah blah introduction yawns some Typical story group of good vamps VS group of bad vamps They ve been fighting each other for a certain amount of time years after years Dude sees chick Dude wants chick but rejects her cause of a typical reason Either she s human or off limits curse, virginity, etc She has a certain power that will aid the good guys and he must give her up for the good of the community Dude finally needs to protect chick because the bad guy wants something from her Dude falls in love with chick Dude sacrifices something in order to save chick Chick turns immortal somehow Dude and chick live happily ever after Note I m still at the beginning of the book and I didn t read any summaries I guess I ve just defined the PNR genre, haven t I I don t want to be quick to judge but most of the PNR series I ve read so far had a not so cool start I have been trying to get this in mind in order for me to manage to finish the book I was really bored with the story, the characters were annoying and dull, no great villains and the plot was something I ve read many times before.I m trying to compare the good thing with the bad ones regarding the book Unfortunately not much good stuff happening What can I mention The tattoos that change their colors seem like a nice idea Kind of remind me of those rings you put on that change colors according to what you re feeling It s total bull but feels good imagining that they re actually right The funeral ceremony was also an interesting aspect Unique so far I like unique things so I appreciated it.And OMG those are all the good things I can think of That is just sad Now to the fun part evil grin The bad things Gabrielle is a typical damsel in distress Gets saved from all the bad things happening, has such a pure heart she can compete with Mother Teresa, saves the hero from his evil self ZzZzzZ I m sorry I just fell asleep because of how boring this is Lucan and Gabrielle s relationship is too easy They accepted each other too fast They lack the spark needed for a fiery relationship Not many authors can pull off a good sex scene before 50% of the book The ones that don t achieve this give the feel of erotica books Personally I m not into this genre and I prefer foreplay and a good amount of feelings and depth so that the moment when they make love, or whatever, is special Unfortunately Lara Adrian did not pull it off 24% into the book and they did it It felt cold and I could actually slip through it without feeling bad Not cool.Should I even get started on the whole vamps are aliens part That just cracked me up The whole minion deal is soooo Dracula Never liked it But now I remembered playing Overlord That was a good use of minions and I loved it This thing is old school and not really my thing.Aaaand that s it with the bad things If you don t count falling asleep many times while reading the book The five breed bros in head to toe fuchsia poured out of the carriage and went to a wonderful place called Candy Mountain There, the wonderful pink unicorns stole their kidneys and sold them on the black marked No one saw the five breed bros ever since.Yeah, of course Vamp Leader Dude acts like an ass to Saint Chick Before the final fight of the book he decides he wants to spend his eternal angelic music plays in the background life with her At the same moment music changes to something tragic Saint Chick decides to go back home where she belongs but ends up in the clutches of the Evil Master of the Naughty Vamps Now the Vamp Leader must decide It s either his Xmas candy or the Saint Chicks What will the Vamp Leader choose To keep his Xmas candy of course audience laughs in the background Aaaah in the end I was still close to what I described above Anyways PNRs are typically like this but what matters is the execution Unfortunately Lara Adrian didn t work for me I ll give the second book a try because if I remember well Immortals After Dark wasn t so good at the beginning Eventually it ended up awesome Midnight Breed hmm I dunno if the series is my thing I ll be nice and give the second book a try in the future Now i need a break Top 5 quotes 5Jesus, Dante interjected when the heavy quiet in the vehicle seemed endless All this touchy feely is making me itchy to kill something How about we quit jerking each other off and go blow the roof off this mutha4He gave her only the barest nod of agreement A man of few words, evidently, but then who needed conversation when you had soul stripping eyes like his3Your pictures are full of passion But To her bewilderment, he reached out, stroked a finger along the line of her jaw There are no people in them, Gabrielle2He had never been one to subscribe to the notion of fate, but it seemed pretty damned clear that one way or another this female was meant to cross his path.Oh, yeah Cross it like a black cat. 1Gabrielle s heart accelerated with a mix of anticipation and fear as he moved away from the door frame and walked into the room She looked at him, really looked at him, for what he was ageless strength, wild beauty, unfathomable power A dark enigma, both seductive and dangerous.Read the review on ZombieHazard. On the surface, this book is everything you would expect from a good urban fantasy paranormal romance novel It has a quirky heroine, good and evil vampires, and quite a lot of smut But again I feel like this book is nothing but the combined works of J.R.Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Kresley Cole It wasn t bad but I got nothing out of it, the story wasn t particularly different or clever and the characters were reincarnations of a thousand others that have graced the urban fantasy scene.Also, as much as I am intrigued by characters with dark pasts of abuse and whatever else, I find that paranormal romance and or urban fantasy books are much better suited with a spunky, sarcastic heroine like Georgina Kincaid from Succubus Blues, Mac from Darkfever and Cat Crawfield from Halfway to the Grave The whole history of Gabrielle cutting herself took away the quirky, fun sense that I love about your typical PR and UF That doesn t mean I m against darker aspects of the two, in fact much of the Black Dagger Brotherhood is quite dark but it still has a lot of fun loving banter between the characters This novel focused on two things vampires and abuse, and neither were told in a particularly original way I didn t hate it but I must admit that I m really surprised how popular this book is.As the dark hero of a PR UF, Lucan had a lot to live up to and he failed I came away from reading this with a few memories of a largely forgettable character who is gorgeous and strong and gorgeous and horny and gorgeous damn, does this guy have any kind of personality He reminds me a lot of the dull and boring Dark Hunter funnily enough I can t remember is name from Sherrilyn Kenyon s books I m reading so many failures lately where the sexy guy of the novel just has nothing memorable about him why can t the authors produce something resembling Barrons or Bones Give me something that I want to read on for because right now I have no intention of reading Kiss of Crimson Another thing that s bugging me is why can t the majority of authors just pick their characters and carry on their series with the ones we know and love instead of having each book focus on one character or couple in particular Books that do it the way I like Darkfever, Halfway to the Grave and Succubus Blues Books that feel the need to start again with a new characters individual story in every book The Darkest Night, Dark Lover and this one Yes, those books are not necessarily bad I actually like the first two but surely the whole point of having a series is for them to continue on because the author has not finished with those characters If every book in a series is a different story with the focus on different characters you might as well just write standalone novels.And I must say that I m tired of the annoyingly cheesy petnames for the women in PR and UF and I m so glad KMM didn t ruin Barrons by having him call Mac something like beauty or flower Yes, Bones calls Cat kitten but that s because of her name and we can forgive him because he s really hot 4 Hot and Cold Stars So this is my second time reading Kiss of Midnight The first time was like back in 2014 I think so I thought it was time for a reread and catch up on the new books in the series The 1st time I read Kiss of Midnight I gave it 5 stars but I am only giving it 4 this time around See even thought it s still a damn good read, there were a few things that bugged me this time around that didn t really bug me back then Mainly the thing that really bugged me was how hot and cold Lucan would be with Gabrielle I wanted him to be all alpha and be like MINE period not I m never getting mated shit Lucan could be very sexy and sweet when he wanted too Of course he totally kicks ass I could understand Lucan had been alone a long time He had lost a lot in his long life, including family, and he had a ton of responsibility However so had Gabby and I needed him to be just as supportive of her as she was for him Gabrielle was awesome She was brave, bold and supportive She had lost a lot in life but she didn t let fear hold her back When she wanted Lucan she told him, When she loved him she told him, and when he disrespected her and acted like all they would be was lovers, she left him Lucan and Gabrielle had tons of hot passion I would have just liked romance I loved meeting the other Breed warriors, and getting to see Gideon and Savannah again My heart broke for Con and Danica, but my heart was completely ripped out over what Eva did to Rio I was glad that bitch died just sayin There was some action and a nice world build up Overall I really enjoyed it I m on to the next one My Thoughts This novel was remarkably unremarkable Don t get me wrong, it didn t suck but I m not exactly about to clean out the Lara Adrian section at the local bookstore The set up is pretty generic, like Adrian got tips from Vampire Romance 101 You ve got the big baddies Rogues the group of men fighting to annihilate the big baddies There personalities are even generic at least on the surface There s the leader, the badass, the geek, the smartass, the suicidal loner The hero of the first novel is Lucan the Leader aka Emo Vampenis Seriously, he s like Angel Angelus from Buffy the Vampire Slayer only not nearly as hot enough to get away with that shit Apparently he s emo because of some tragic things that happened, oh, 500 years ago Get the hell over it Emo Vamp The heroine Gabrielle is one of those women who claim to be unable to trust anyone yet practically gives her social security number to the first guy who bats his lashes at her in this case, Emo Vampenis Not to mention that she is super gullible Only in fantasylandia do women trust guys who say Hey baby, let me go bareback cause I can t impregnant you with my demon spawn Unless your that stupid in real life In which case, I m sorry Gabrielle professes to love Lucan with all of her slutty heart soul which makes me think she has no backbone as all he does is boink her snarl act like a douche When he s not being especially Emo anyway This novel many others will have men thinking the way to a woman s heart is through her coochie And they would be right about some women Gabrielle.This novel didn t have much of a plot other than going after the big baddies There was a big betrayal scene towards the end but it lasted like half a page before cutting back to Emo Vamp his slutty breedmate Oh, they announce who King Big Baddie is, which I figured out like 200 pages ago Other than that, nothing.As for those who claim this novel is like BDB lite, I didn t really see it I mean yeah there were similarities but those similarities run rampant in many PNR novels, lots which came out before BDB IMHO, comparing this novel to BDB is like comparing Shiver to Blood Chocolate because they both involve werewolves I will say that my copycat meter went off when I read about the dermaglyphs Larissa Ione s Demonica series has heroes with dermaglyphs it s not exactly something you read about alot in romancelandia Alas, I found out that this book came out before the first Demonica book so who knows Overall, this was an easy yet boring read but then again I m sure urine goes down easy if you mix it in beer I probably will read the 2nd novel,Kiss of Crimson because I do see a potential for kickassness in Adrian s writing.On a side note, I love by love I mean laugh at in a snarky way how one of the numerous sex scenes between Emo Vampenis Slutty Breedmate had the hero screaming out harsh words You throw the f bomb out every other page but you ve gotta be all cryptic about what the hero is saying Let me guess I m grunt grunt ready to fill you with my vampy seed grunt grunt groan deflate Was I close