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If I had to recommend a book to serve as an introduction to hip hop, I wouldn t hesitate to shove this into someone s face This is definitely going to be a book I ll keep around to thumb through whenever I m looking for some inspiration or insight as to what goes behind a good rap or when I want to dive into where specific artists are coming from.Edwards breaks down the creative process and divides his interview answers in a smooth, logical fashion that should be valuable to anyone who does creative work in most any field As in most endeavors, there sthan one way to skin a cat, and the book goes over the variety of techniques and attitudes emcees have toward their work The elements of hip hop that this book focuses on translate well to writing music in other genres and public performance in general.This book, combined with an Internet connection and a lazy afternoon, will give you a greater appreciation of hip hop and the talent it takes to spit a rhyme. (((READ EBOOK))) ⇱ How to Rap ⇺ Clipse, Cypress Hill, Nelly, Public Enemy, Remy Ma, Schoolly D, A Tribe Called Quest, Willi These Are Just Some Of The Acclaimed Artists Offering Tips And Advice In This Compelling How To Delivering Countless Candid And Exclusive First Person Insights From Interviews With Than One Hundred Of The Most Innovative Artists, Author Paul Edwards Examines The Dynamics Of Rap From Every Region And In Every Form Mainstream And Underground, Current And Classic And Covers Everything From Content And Flow To Rhythm And Delivery A First Of Its Kind Guide, How To Rap Provides A Wealth Of Insight And Rapping Lore That Will Benefit Beginners And Pros Alike How to rap is a minimally glued collection of quotes from B list, and aging rappers It attempts to be an informative guide, and at times a tutorial In practice it is a compendium of mostly ineloquently articulated cliches Virtually all the rappers, to all the questions which are as broad ranging from topics as rhyme schemes, syncopation, live performance, and subject matter answer sic I mix that shit it It s go to be raw It takes experience There were a few moments of intrigue when Paul Edwards diagrams a verse, deconstructing it Those three paragraphs were informative and educational Mostly however Edwards weasels out of making any point at all, and lets the rappers make their own non points.Biases I also noticed where that the interviews only included quotes from a English speaking, b U.S c Male one exception rappers.It also reinforced, without question the notion that rap is competitive, which I ve never understood why A missed opportunity why all these rappers were in front of the tape recorder and coffee.This book did not teach me how to rap, anythan my decade of intent self lead listening. This book was given to me by a friend and colleague who is an entrepreneur in the music industry He strongly recommended it and praised it as he put it in my hand and said Just read it At first, I looked at the cover and when I saw How to Rap I kind of sighed, closed my eyes and tilted my head back I was t that excited and enthusiastic to read the book because it sort of reminded me of one of those Idiots Guide To corny instruction books However, once I opened the book and started reading, I realized that this book was beyond just how to rap, and that it provided a platform to bridge the art and science of the Hop Hop Rap genre to rap as a whole In addition, it provided me with a wider sense of rapping and rhyming I mean, from the perspective of anyone who can put words together, rapping is just rhyming and making words at the end of each sentence sound the similar, but this book gets deep into what makes good flow and what techniques to use when writing raps I think that the biggest plus for this book was that it offered professional advice One of the worst things for me is when somebody tries to teach you something without having done it before, so it was good to see actual big name rappers appear in this book and offer their advice on things However, I am very involved in the music industry and deal with rappers everyday, but this book really opened my eyes to how complex rap really is versus how simple many may think it is It reminded me that there are a lot of elements that shape a rap artist and there are a lot of things to keep in mind as an MC This was a surprisingly great book for me and I would actually recommend it to anyone who is interested in not only rap music, but music in general You will definitely learn something new during this interesting read. I love rap hip hop music, after reading this book, my love for rap hip hop music is even greater.I had no intention of learning how to rap but curious about what the book would say on hip hop While the book is going through different techniques, I started to pay attention todetails while listening to rap music and realize how really beautiful this music genre is I thought I knew rappers but then realized I did not know 3 4 of the ones interviewed for this book Went on and get their music to find out that there are so many, so many great rappers out there that don t get noticed on the main stream.I will recommend this book to hip hop lovers, future rappers, to people who want to knowon hip hop and mostly to the ones who think hip hop is only about bi n ho and bling etc.Great work by Paul Edwards Great book, best one I ve read on hip hop.They interviewed many of the best rappers ever and they have an amazing flow diagram in this book to show you how rapping works Every aspect of rapping is covered in a lot of detail, with famous rappers discussing each and every element and giving you the pros and cons to every approach.A must read for any real hip hop and music fan. Incredible book, there is so much history about hip hop and its techniques in hereIf you re into hip hop and rap music, then this is THE book to get, because it is all in the words of the rappers themselves and they tell you about classic tracks and all their methods and thoughts about the art form 100% recommended, there should behip hop books like this. This is the definitive guide for anyone looking to learn how to become a rapper Out of all the books I ve read so far, this particular guide received a lot of attention from friends, and some people even ridiculed me for reading it Yet, even though the advice and tips in this book seemed basic and came across as common sense, it was awesome how different MCs all offered alternative perspectives on the construction, practice and execution of the art The flow diagram also works wonders the other reviewers were right about how useful it actually is Before reading this, my flow was incredibly awkward, and now thanks to the flow diagram I understood the rhythm behind the flow much easier An extra bonus of reading this book is that you ll learn of hundreds of other MCs who you can listen to for inspiration There s someone here to suit anyone s taste This book is a goldmine of talented artists with every additional MC that gave their input providing me with another new MC to listen to online Basically, the book covers practically everything you need to know about rap, and I think that in order to fully take everything in, you ll need to occasionally glimpse through any sections that you re unsure of wanted to revisit But asides from that, this was a wonderful guide to read, and I heartily recommend it. I have probably gone through this book from cover to cover, but it would stay on my Currently Reading shelf forever, I suppose.This piece is a testimonial textbook It s like the kind of reference book you d buy for a course in college There should be a course like that, shouldn t it Rap 101, I d definitely hop to class everyday, and wake up early for it, or whatever it takes.The reason I said that it was a textbook because, it needs to be studied chapter by chapter It s not something you can just read once and get the idea Not if you re not an active rapper, and simply a fan of hip hop music It s the kind of book, you d have to take notes of, and study from the sources.You have to know how a particular rapper sounds like, to be able to understand his rhyming scheme, right The technical details in this book are astounding Paul Edwards, as the shallow amount of experience he had in MC ing, is perfectly qualified to talk, let alone, write about how to rap The comrade of MCs he talked to in the book is simply mind blowing.How to Rap would probably be a book that is going to be passed down to generations of my offsprings. I am a hardcore hiphop listener and always wanted to know about it I always thought myself as a HipHop know all until I read this book It opened a different world of lyrics, it showed me how much stuff are considered before an artist pen a rhyme It treats hiphop with a respect it deserves It clearly explains bars, syllables, and many other literary devices that a lyricist should use And as the name of the book says it will teach you HOW TO RAP.