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Not what I was expecting I picked up this book hoping it would give me a list of simple, classic wardrobe pieces Rather it was a tirade of how horrible growing old can be and how ones clothes no longer fit as one ages Not what I was looking for Thank goodness it was a library book Sometimes these books are just chock full of information and other times, they are just chock full of themselves Perhaps I am jaded because I compare all of this genre to my favorite, Does this make me look Fat by Leah Feldon, which was actually incredibly useful and has withstood the test of time This book suffers from such an over abundance of information that in the end, its message seems to be trust yourself and wear what you want Plus it is filled with boring quotes by alternately famous and unknown people spouting meaningless yakety yak about their wardrobes and their style, ie I needed a look and i got one Maria Callas Agree with other reviews less useful than it first appeared, glad it was a library book. While this book had some great ideas, about half way through I got bored The author tended to repeat herself and then her tone was kind of snooty The I read, the frumpier I felt and there were things I just wasn t able to do for a variety of reasons Her opinions made me feel like I had no fashion sense at all and some of her beauty hints were just plain wrong for me Her tips rarely took into account those of us who live on a budget We can t just go into our closets and makeup drawers, throw things out and start all over If you are a woman with an unlimited budget, this book is for you 2018 resolution closet make over Reading this book will help. For the over 40 set.Girlfriend needs to throw out the yoga pants No, you don t get to out in the yoga pants Nothing dresses them up. Makes me feel better.. &Pdf ☛ What to Wear for the Rest of Your Life ⇹ Every Woman S Closet No Matter The Size Is A Room Of Her Own In That Space Hang Side By Side The Special Occasions And The Everyday, The Triumphs And The Disasters, The Memories We Want To Keep And Those We Should Jettison Gross Helps Us To Reconsider Our Closet Identity And Discover Who We Want To Be She Shares Her Personal Journey And The Intimate, Poignant And Often Humorous Stories Of The Dozens Of Women She Interviewed Across The Country Along With Calming Fashion Advice About How To Choose Flattering Clothes That Will Fit Any Woman S Shape And Style, Gross S Engaging Stories Will Help Every Woman Evolve Gracefully From Wife To Mother, From Empty Nester To Globe Trotting Adventurer Whatever Role She Chooses While Letting Her Style Express Her Inner Beauty UPDATE, January 2018 Re read again at the start of this year, and I have to say, I got it this time around I particularly appreciated the explanation of a feel good closet those items in your wardrobe that not only look good, they help you feel confident The TMI part still holds, though.January 2017 Part memoir, part how to guide with fashion tips for the over 40 set Gross writes in a confidential style, which gives this book the feel of a girlfriend to girlfriend chat, but some of the personal detail is a bit TMI Not quite what I was expecting. Picked this book up from the library fashion shelves not realizing the target audience was aging 50 year old women I read the first 50 pages or so she seems to have a repetitive gentle theme that it is okay and good to change your closet to fit your current body and lifestyle rather than being stuck in the past.There were a few disconnects in her writing She would give a specific tip in one sentence and then seemingly contradict herself in the next She also heavily referenced and glamorized her own life coming of age in the 60 s, being a former model, living with her to be husband before their wedding, dressing for her ex husband on his 50th birthday The stuff about her ex husband is what prompted me to put the book down for good It felt grossly inappropriate that she was reminiscing about their love story publicly, after she divorced him and while he was actively dating another women She also mentioned looking forward to passing the welcome to the family pearls his family had given her along to her daughter when the daughter married Give them to her now Don t tie your failed marriage into her future marriage It was a little too live and let live for me Boundaries were not respected The author clearly has a heavy background in fashion and there are much helpful advice for 50 women However, her personal life is heavily referenced and a bit distasteful Or maybe 50 women think this is normal indulging in the 60s, going braless, getting divorced, ect She also seems emotionally immature, which is especially embarrassing in a grown woman Lots of interesting inspirational quotes from designers and comments from older women on the street.