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What I learned from this book in no particular order 1 You can use duct tapes to close up serious wounds they keep the blood in and the germs out.2 You can be shot in the head and STILL have photographic memory, though annoyingly, you will forget the solution to that pesky Fermat s Theorem that you have just discovered.3 Congenital analgesia is a useful condition to have for mafia henchmen and Bond villains.4 Muscular, one meter eighty four tall Latina policewomen who can out wrestle a man are HOT.5 Middle aged, out of shape Swedish journalists are powerful chick magnets.6 Threesomes and other bedroom antics involving leather, especially if you are stupid enough to record them, WILL come back to haunt you.7 Statistics showed that the absolute majority of people who harassed women were men Yes, we know it, that barring a few notable exceptions, most men are SADISTIC PIGS, PERVERTS AND RAPISTS 8 The majority of poison pen artists were either teenagers or the middle aged Only people between 26 and 54 years of age are crazy enough to become stalkers.9 s are cool because they were willing to cut off their right breasts to be better archers They also liked to copulate with random men to make babies.10 Meatballs with potatoes and Lingonberry sauce are good Swedish food.BUT SERIOUSLY,this final book in the Millennium Trilogy is a let down compared to its predecessors The conspirators who protected Zalachenko and committed Salander into the asylum are revealed early on in the novel, thus removing any sense of mystery The pair of elderly, terminally ill men who lead them are so out gunned, out maneuvered and out hacked by the good guys from the beginning that there is hardly any suspense left Salander herself spent the majority of her time on a hospital bed, convalescing from the shot in the head that she received from Zalachenko The previous books were able to succeed largely because of the peculiar originality of her character and the outrageous stunts that she pulled With those elements missing, what is left is a rather predictable police procedural filled with tedious bureaucratic wrangling and dull talking heads The pace picks up a bit with the trial and the novel ends with a sorely needed action piece that provides a closure to Salander s dark past, but it is nowhere near the level of the exciting episodes that preceded it Still, if you have read them, you will want to read this one too, if only to get a satisfying ending for Salander, Blomkvist and other characters that we have came to know from the series My review of (((FREE PDF))) ☠ Luftslottet som sprängdes ☠ The Stunning Third And Final Novel In Stieg Larsson S Internationally Best Selling TrilogyLisbeth Salander The Heart Of Larsson S Two Previous Novels Lies In Critical Condition, A Bullet Wound To Her Head, In The Intensive Care Unit Of A Swedish City Hospital She S Fighting For Her Life In Ways Than One If And When She Recovers, She Ll Be Taken Back To Stockholm To Stand Trial For Three Murders With The Help Of Her Friend, Journalist Mikael Blomkvist, She Will Not Only Have To Prove Her Innocence, But Also Identify And Denounce Those In Authority Who Have Allowed The Vulnerable, Like Herself, To Suffer Abuse And Violence And, On Her Own, She Will Plot Revenge Against The Man Who Tried To Kill Her, And The Corrupt Government Institutions That Very Nearly Destroyed Her LifeOnce Upon A Time, She Was A Victim Now Salander Is Fighting Back From The Jacket A 82% Very Good NotesA predictable outcome with no real surprises along the way, but characters are well drawn and the pace never slows. Dear Steig Larsson,I absolutely hate you But,I think I love you too While every author has some characteristic quality, yours seem to be aggravate your readers Ever since I picked up the 1st book of this Millennium saga, I have regretted my decision countless times You have forced me to bang my head on the wall, pull my hair, throw your books at the end of the room, and then pick it up again and read it like a mad woman, totally forgetting the outside world So many contradictory feelings have kept me ap at night, and if my predictions are correct I will be thinking about you, this series and your incorrigible characters for at least 2 weeks now I must commend you for your qualities, though No one has ever created such impressive and realistic female characters Lizbeth is always an inspiration, but I think you did an excellent job with all the other characters introduced in this book too I must also state that you achieved the impossible task of making me like Berger Indeed, that is a miracle When you started explaining stuff about her leaving Millennium, I was totally mad at you I couldn t wait to get back to Salander s part Yet, you went on to create such realistic incidences Berger s problems go nowhere near Lizbeth s, but they seem to be problems right out of real life circumstances Then you introduce characters like Linder and Giannini, who are in one word amazing You stun me Larsson, with your spectacular portrayal of women I am so impressed now, hold on for minute Do not get too pleased You have made life hell for me for the past two months Do you know how irritating it has been to see this book as a permanent fixture on my bookshelf and currently reading shelf I mean, what is the point of all the unnecessary yakking Why the lengthy details Why introduce characters like Salander s twin, and that Fegarula person And why the hell do you add sex scenes that feel so completely out of place in the story I must also comment on how Mikael s character has become too much of a Mary Sue Desired by all women Why is that so I wonder how much of you is represented through him PAlso, I am so glad this saga is at an end I am glad because I am certain that if there was another book, I would surely have gone ahead and bought it in spite of my current experience I am glad that I won t have to go through all of the emotional drama again, experience all the turmoil, and feel kinship for Salander.I am happy and I am inexplicably sad.This book was clearly not how you planned to end the series The ending left so much scope for other stories to come after it I feel very very sorry that there is noof your work to read and that you will never be able to read this review not that any author of your standing would I feel very sad that you died without seeing what a sensation your books became, how the memorable characters you created will forever be etched into the mind of us readers I am happy that I am ending this year with this series but don t disillusion yourself with the thought that I would ever reread this series Happy New Year Your reluctant fan,Tanu Salander was afraid of no one and nothing She realized that she lacked the necessary imagination and that was evidence enough that there was something wrong with her brain Noomi Rapace plays Lisbeth Salander in the excellent Swedish trilogy She takes the bad girl goth look farther than even Joan Jett.Even if Lisbeth Salander had been raised in a normal environment of a white picket fence, with a swing in the backyard, a dad flipping burgers in a haze of barbecue smoke, and a smiling, sundress wearing mother, she would have been abnormal As it was she was the daughter of a psychotic, deranged Russian father who lived under a blanket of security because he defected with secrets that the government was interested in knowing Zalachenko beat Lisbeth s mother so severely that she sustained brain damage that left her nearly a vegetable He wasn t prosecuted After all she was a whore, just a whore, or so they say, but then trusted government official can leak any information they want and have it lapped up by the media Lisbeth tried to kill her father.Okay.She tried to kill him twice, but he is a tough old bastard Let s just say the environment that Lisbeth was raised in required her to embrace theabnormal aspects of her personality to survive So why did she try to kill her fatherThat is under investigation, but there are strong indications that he did indeed attempt to kill her As far as we can determine at the moment, it was a case of deep antagonism in a tragically dysfunctional family They are related, but they have never been anybody s concept of a family She also has a half brother named Niedermann who can t feel any pain and is a genetic giant of freakish strength.I think everyone knows the story of Stieg Larsson, the author of this trilogy He died from a heart attack shortly after dropping off the three manuscripts for the Millennium novels with his publisher It is imperative that readers read these books in order If you attempted to read this one first, for instance, you would be lacking a lot of critical back story that will definitely heighten your enjoyment of the book So no short cuts, no cutting to the end, the journey must be taken You must take the blows along with Lisbeth so her eventual triumph will be your triumph as well She turned her back and pulled the hospital gown off her shoulder She sat so that the light from the window fell on her back He looked at her dragon It was beautiful and professionally down, a work of art.After a while she turned her head Satisfied It s beautiful But it must have hurt like hell Yes, she said It hurt The first book The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is a mystery The second one The Girl Who Played with Fire is a thriller This one is a courtroom drama Larsson wrote this trilogy in the evenings for entertainment purposes as an escape from the real world He was an investigative reporter and I m sure most of the time real life was too real for him It was as if he were playing with different writing formats, proving that he could write one as well as another There are rumors that his girlfriend has a partial fourth book locked up on a laptop computer until the legal issues with Larsson s estates can be settled I think Larsson was brimming with stories and had created a heroine, uniquely compelling, with sustainable appeal that would have kept him on the bestseller list for years I certainly would have been a zombie consumer of Larsson s books, but I am content with what he gave us It gives me shivers to think of another author conceiving their version of Salander or trying to mimic Larsson s version I do believe that characters should die with their creator So Salander is in the hospital recovering from wounds sustained near the end of book two Her father is recovering on the same hallway They are a mere two doors away from each other If a hospital could ever be quiet they might have been able to hear each other breathing Despite the critical condition of their wounds each plots the demise of the other Each secures a weapon of what is at hand, a pen, a crutch, anything to give them a chance if the other attacks Only a woman who had killed a man in battle was allowed to give up her virginitywomen, men dream about them They are not always pleasant dreams Larsson did sprinkle a few facts about legends ofwomen between chapters How fitting, for though our heroine is a scrawny 5 1 she is without a doubt a warrior unhindered by compassion and driven to survive Mikael Blomkvist, the ace reporter, one of the few friends that Salander has in the world whether she wants him or not, is leading the charge for Salander to be released As he rattles the nerve of the S po Swedish Intelligence Agency , in particular the part of the organization called The Section, he discovers a government that has sanctioned too much to protect too little He has learned a lot about how far they are willing to go to protect themselves and deftly plays a cat and mouse game with them as he prepares his lawyer sister, Anika Giannini, to defend Salander at trial I ve noticed that some readers struggled with the investigative part of the novel as we see all the pieces being brought together by teams of people Some working for Salander s release and some working to make sure she never sees the light of day I found it all very real, very interesting as if I were directly involved in the process The trial is absolutely terrific For whatever reason Larsson throws in a subplot involving Blomkvist s long time lover and co worker Grika Berger She is being stalked by a someone who obviously has a deep loathing for her Some of the aspects of this subplot were interesting, but it was totally unnecessary to the overall plot, unless we think of Larsson as a stage manager trying to give one of his favorite actresses a fewlines in the play Salander has issues with authority, not surprising given how those in authority have routinely decided that she needed to be arrested, locked down in a psych ward, and disappeared altogether Even without the bizarre circumstances that forced Salander to be an enemy of the state she would have struggled with anyone who wanted to tell her what to do She could never be the demure little girl in pigtails sucking on a lollipop She is a lesbian satanist What It is hard to tell which one of those words, concocted by her enemies wasalarming to them She is certainly bi sexual, uninhibited in sexaul matters She is a hacker, a woman who can find out anything about anyone She is nobody s best friend, but it is better to be her friend than her enemy As far as Satan is concerned, she would take his pitchfork away and impale him on his own hubris How to transform yourself into Lisbeth Salander Black is your only color, your pale skin should never, ever be graced by sunlight, pierce yourself strategically all over your body, have one really cool tattoo, and keep the stone face of a Japanese samurai at all times Your personality should always bristle with rolling tides of negative energy Master these aspects and you are ready to intimidate the world As I read this book I thought about why I, like so many others, find Salander such a compelling character I ve certainly never met anyone like her She is unfriendly, like handling snarled barbed wire She is instantly suspicious of anyone who offers to help her or any cause that would require commitment She is a lone wolf, not opposed to giving pleasure, but unwilling to ever say the words that would take a moment of delight to a level of tenderness She tortures you with silence She bludgeons you with negative vibes Her moods swing between tolerable and gloomy Her smile is like a falling star, rare and yet, beautiful There is something wonderful in her ability to fight the odds, to survive, to defeat, to somehow make the right friends that are willing to fight for her when she can t fight for herself She does need help, as painful as that is for her, to push past the wall of silent contempt that she erects between her and authority As it turns out her voice, her story had to be told.If you wish to seeof my most recent book and movie reviews, visit also have a Facebook blogger page at Another short review due to glitches on GR Lisbeth is recovering in the hospital but she has to go to court because she is being charged with the murder of her rapist Who cares if she did in my opinion Mikael and the gang are also trying to get things pinned on Lisbeth s evil father and such as well Lisbeth goes to trial to prove she s innocent in this matter She s just too cool Fin If love is liking someone an awful lot, then I suppose I m in love with several people This book is utterly outstanding The whole trilogy is Just totally, absolutely wrecking and mindblowing.It s two years ago that I read The Girl Who Played with Fire, probably four since The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo I wanted to read book 3 right after book 2, but I went abroad for a year and didn t find the time to read it When I returned I shied away from the sheer size of this book 850 pages Whenever I encounter a book this huge, I think of all the other books I could read instead.After I finished All the Ugly and Wonderful Things a book I can t recommend at all I didn t know what to read next, but I was in the mood for a dark and twisted thriller or crime novel And I finally decided to pick this one up.I never thought Millenium 3 would pull me in like this I mean, I knew that book 12 were amazing, but as I said before, a few years had passed since I last read them.The characters alone are fantastic While Blomkvist is a bit of a clich , Salander isthan fascinating and the characters around these two have lots of depth The size of the cast and the many POVs could easily be confusing, but Larsson gives them such shape and character that they are easily recognisable and very compelling This whole book wouldn t work if it didn t have so many characters telling its story.The plot twists killed me and not only me The story is captivating enough, but Larsson manages to surprise and shock you again and again and you never ever see it coming That s the point, I guess But still, Stieg Larsson is fantastic.The writing has a few flaws His dialogues, especially when there is lots of info dumping, always go down the same way At times, when his dialogues turn romantic, they turn clich like and slightly unrealistic But I m inclined to oversee that, especially when a book is as good as this one.It could have been a little darker and dramatic though Most of the time I felt almost safe Larsson could have had meon edge The main characters had too much power and too much evidence in their hands I knew they would win, I never even doubted it, and a little doubt would have made this book evenexciting.Still, this book is perfect I m so excited to watch the movies now.Findof my books on Instagram After finishing The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet s Nest, the last of the Millennium Trilogy by the late Stieg Larsson, I have a great desire to order a tray of sandwiches and coffee, fire up my 13 inch MacBook Pro, and order some Ikea furniture online Larsson s crisp, journalistic, almost report like prose is endearing rather than tedious and just as after finishing the first two, I greatly lament his passing for the selfish reason of not being able to look forward toof his work This summed up the trilogy brilliantly, wrapped it all up Larsson has created some characters that will live in world literature for some time One aspect of this fiction that I can compare to our system in a positive light is that our statutory rules for involuntary committals require the testimony of two independent medical doctors I was cringing throughout the final courtroom scenes as Swedish civil procedure is clearly very different from our rules, I kept waiting for an objection that never came Still the cross examination of Teleborian by Jiannini was outstanding drama of the highest order Some of the descriptions of the trial are stunning This was so muchthan a spy thriller, or a murder mystery or even a legal drama, this was a fascinating character study, psychological thriller and all the other genre specific labels rolled into one Great book, great end to a very enjoyable series. Lisbeth Salander, we hardly knew ye.It seems like a particularly cruel joke that Steig Larsson died shortly after getting a deal to publish his Millennium Trilogy Would he have continued on with these tales of Salander and journalist Mikeal Blomkvist if he would have lived Unless the rumors are true about Larsson s long time girlfriend having a laptop with a fourth book saved on it stuck in a safety deposit box somewhere as she fights with his family over the cash cow this series has become, we gotta assume that this is the last we ll see of Larsson s dynamic duo And it is a crying shame because Salander has quickly become one of my all time favorite characters.This one picks up almost immediately after the events of The Girl Who Played With Fire, and I can t say much about the plot without spoiling that one Anyone interested in this series should read them in order if at all possible As the title indicates, Salander started an almighty shit storm in the last book The anti social, brilliant, violent, revenge driven hacker has managed to kick off a constitutional crisis that shocks the Swedish government to the very highest levels and threatens numerous deserving douche bags with exposure of past crimes Atta girl, Lisbeth Meanwhile, Blomkvist recruits a number of unlikely allies as he tries to save Lisbeth by publishing her true story as he plays a variety of dangerous cat and mouse games with the people trying to shut her up for good Of course, his biggest headache will be convincing the pain in the ass Salander to cooperate in trying to save herself.Oddly enough, each book in the trilogy reads like a different type of genre story The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is a traditional whodunit mystery with modern twists The Girl Who Played With Fire wasof a fast paced action thriller And this one readslike a legal suspense novel, including an incredible trial scene There s an overall arc to the three books with events from the first one not paying off until near the end of this one, but they have three distinct personalities.Despite being over 550 pages, it reads quickly, but it isn t flawless There s a sub plot with Blomkvist s friend and sometime lover Erika Berger being the victim of a stalker as she struggles with a new job as a newspaper editor that seems out of place with the rest of the book And there s two other things holding this novel back First is that the heart of the these books is the character of Salander While Blomkvist and the supporting characters are all engaging enough, it s Lisbeth that made these books a cut above the normal mystery crime thrillers But circumstances here keep Salander out of the main action for most of the story It s a shame that we didn t getof her in Larsson s last book.Second, even though Salander and Blomkvist are the main characters, in the three books, they ve only got to work together directly for about half of one novel They get very few scenes together other than that, and that odd couple aspect was a great part of the first book and their unlikely friendship is a key driver to the plots of all three novels so it s weird to realize that they spenttime apart than together.Despite these points, I still loved these books and their slightly off beat structure I only wish that Steig Larsson was alive and sitting in Sweden on a pile of money as he churned outof these terrific thrillers It seems to be unfair to rate the two first Millenium novels by five stars and then give only three stars for the last one On the other hand it is not fair to write two brilliant books and then publish a 600 pages long epilogue without much of a new story, either.600 pages look like a long story, but if you skip the 300 cups of coffees Micke and his friends make, stir and drink, if you skip the complete index of the Stockholm city map and if you skip the subplot of Erika and her stalker which yields nothing to the main story it boils down to 250 pages at most.Some trivia questions you will answer completely wrong if you have not read this book 1 If you are in hospital and your father who wants to kill you lies in the room next to you, what would you do a Call the police a friend your lawyer for security.b Keep quiet and arm yourself with a pencil.2 Imagine you are the most famous reporter in Sweden and you are after the biggest story of this otherwise story free country What would you do a Keep my mobile switched on in case something new happens or someone needs my help.b Always switch it off so I have at least some rest when it s dark outside.3 If you are a lawyer and you are in possession of a secret document which can destroy part of the secret service and can save the freedom of your client , what would you do a I will put the only copy I have in my briefcase and take a walk.b I copy it several times on my hard drive, some CDs and my USB stick and make some further printed copies before I take a walk.And Where is Camilla