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~Free Epub ♺ Hair of the Alien: DNA and Other Forensic Evidence of Alien Abductions ⚖ SHOCKING CONTROVERSIAL UNPRECEDENTED A CASE LIKE UNLIKE ANY OTHER IN THE ANNALS OF UFO INVESTIGATION, DNA RESEARCH, OR ALIEN ABDUCTIONSydney, Australia July , Twenty Eight Year Old Peter Khoury Was Awoken By What Appeared To Be Two Females Both Striking And Unearthly Kneeling On His Bed What Transpired Between Them Was A Physical Assault As Bizarre And Disorienting As It Was Unnatural Then, As Quickly As They Had Arrived, They Vanished Khoury Had Become One Of A Legion Of Alien Abductees With Inexplicable Experiences, But This Particular Incident Stood Apart From All The Others This Time, There Was Evidence Two Strands Of White Blond Hair From One Of The FemalesKhoury S Case Would Result In The Very First Forensic DNA Analysis Of Alien Abduction Evidence And Revealed An Extraordinary Biological Anomaly One Genetically Close To Human Yet Almost Impossibly Far From The Human Mainstream A Gripping Account Of One Of The Great Mysteries Of Our Time, Hair Of The Alien, Brings Us Closer Than Ever Before To Understanding Our Past, Our Origings, And Our Place In The Universe Good to have a story of considerable weight, from Australia Well written and easy to read Lots of evidence and scientific backup.Good read. This is a highly readable and very interesting book about alien type beings The author emphasizes the need for and better scientific forensic investigation of credible UFO and alien incidents and reports The author s discussion of DNA evidence derived from an alien hair sample is the most interesting and compelling part of this book This story and its physical evidence demonstrate how science and the paranormal are slowly being brought together in a successful manner This author doesn t shy away from some of the disturbing accounts of alien abduction and seduction I liked how the emphasis was on stories from non Western countries Even though the title of this book includes the word Alien , the stories it contains provide evidence that many so called aliens may actually be spirit like entities that are able to manifest physically at times and are from an accessible, yet hidden, alternate dimension The I read about this stuff, the it seems to me that the idea of alternate dimensions and transdimensional travel explain the existence of aliens and similar creatures better than other hypotheses. Excellent book, a very interesting case of of a man visited by two aliens females, and having hair from one of them which was analysed by scientists to reveal the DNA Which was, although human DNA, was of a mix that is impossible and unseen anywhere in the world today Certainly a case with clear evidence of interference from another off world culture. Well presented authentic biological evidence of aliens and their interaction with us humans As Bill Chalker rightly observes, the scientific community turn a blind eye to such evidence and insist that we are all alone in the cosmos and our origin is as defined by Darwin some 150 years ago Any evidence to the contrary is EITHER A HOAX or AN ANOMALY THAT CAN BE EXPLAINED SCIENTIFICALLY Unfortunately for them, Peter Khoury s alien hair DNA cannot be wished away Still there is no proof that the hair is indeed of an alien to find a human with such genetic combination in the 6 7 billion humans is almost next to zero.It is hoped that at least now the scintist will openly debate and research aliens visiting us UFOs abductions et al.I enjoyed every page of it.