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Written April 19, 20154 1 2 Stars Heartbreaking beautiful A touching story that will stay with me.I just finished the 7 hours audiobook, perfect narrated by Victor Slezak, and I m stunned Completely stunned. and impressed The last part was magnificently emotional I couldn t otherwise than to bump it up to five stars Rainwater is maybe not a book in Sandra Brown s my favorite this spring most common style More a historical novel set in between WWI and WWII than a suspense romance from this author So very worth reading or listening to.Whatever label or genre, this is a story about a man and a woman There are a lot of really importans topics added, and some thrilling scenes as well as sweet tender love, strong feelings and intense lust in this remarkable quite short book Texas, U.S 1934..Ella Barron is a still young widow with a 10 years old boy A lovely boy who unfortunately has what we nowadays should label as some kind of autism It s the years after the terrible great depression , people suffer and the cows are starwing Ella runs her old home as a boarding house with fast hand and the grace of a gentlewoman When a room opens up brings the respected town doctor a mysterious stranger Mr David Rainwater, a relative to the doctor, needs a room for just a couple of months He want s it pretty simple and just some peace and time for himself Ella is first resistant to opening up her home to this good looking man but she always need the money, a room is free, and she can t but accept Here starts a gripping story Soon is this gentle, without doubt a true southern gentleman, Mr Rainwater changing all there lifes He start a tiny sparkle in Ella s closed and tightly locked heart Best of all he actually sees her son as a sweet boy with possibilities and a future They are all charmed by him but Ella is a hard nut to crack That made this story even better You have to be patient before any kisses are shared but oh they were lovely good when they come Even knowing the ending was sad, I wouldn t have deprived myself the beauty of the story Would you As much as a story about big love, a nice little boy, sickness, a always hot burning sun, dying cows, ordinary white and black people, all set in a very hard past time, is Rainwater also a novel about to be brave, to be a wonderful larger than life hero and to do genuinely good things The quote above says so much Hugging myself for choosing this great, but quite sad, book this weekend You can t avoid a few tears, I sobbed, but my heart swelled afterwards thinking about all those genuinely good people back then 1934 The prologue and epilogue added a lot too my feelings too Heartbreaking and very well narrated by Mr Slezak A gem to remember and recommend I LIKE tremendously much. Very, very good read I love Sandra Brown, and I ve read a lot her books and not until recently did I discover this one, thanks to Mo, it was nothing like any of her books A lovely and charming story sigh , what to say without giving too much away This was a touching heartfelt little book You can tell that Sandra wrote with her heart with this one instead of what a contract states she should write It was a romance, pure and simple, but it wasabout the struggles of a woman alone with a child in hard baked Texas in 1934 It also touches on how children with autism were treated Racism and bigotry were also brought to the forefront I won t mention the romance, because it is really something you need to read But be warned, you might need a few kleenexs, cause there could be tears. This was different from other Sandra Brown books I have read It was a lovely story Ella Barron, a single Texas mother, built a careful life running a boarding house in the Depression era cotton South But when a mysterious stranger takes a free room, he also takes Ella s careful life apart. Even knowing the ending was sad, I wouldn t have deprived myself the beauty of the story Would you The subject matter was based on some family history in the author s life She had her life in careful but precarious balance, and she couldn t allow anything or anyone to upset it The overhang formed by the second story of the house had trapped the heat as well as the heady frangrance of gardenia Hearing him speak her given name had made her breath catch, and she was still holding it Warning This book will rip your heart out in a good way Not a traditional romance but there is a great love story I cried both happy and sad tears for hours when I finished it And it was worth it. It was 1934 and the Depression beat at the heart of America Ella Barron, a mother, was trying to make ends meet while taking in boarders From dawn to dusk, she was always working Washing, hanging out clothes to dry, cooking, baking, sweeping, polishing, the list went on and on And she was always tired Her son, Solly, was never far from her thoughts He was her gift even though he had a brain disorder The family doctor tried to convince Ella to institutionalize him In some ways her son had a two year old mind in the body of a ten year old boy She had refused to let the man sway her decision with the matter This was also the year that Mr Rainwater arrived on their doorstep A true Southern gentleman he needed a place to stay If I didn t know better, I would swear that the author was someone other than Sandra Brown Her descriptive setting opened a door to 1930s Texas The simplicity and anxiousness of the era along with the suffering heat melded everything together Though it had nothing to do with it, I kept having visions of To Kill a Mockingbird Perhaps it was just the ambience All of the characters made the romance rich and complex David Rainwater was a quiet man his kind manners riled Ella She thrived on routine but was uncomfortable with personal dialogue You could tell she was on the verge of. somethingYou should allow yourself to get angryoften I think it would do you good His candor robber her of words.And then there was Margaret, Ella s maid and all around helper And Brother Calvin, a preacher someone who needed work It was about bullying and bigotry of blacks, poor whites and drifters It was about farming, the work ethic and a government program that backfired It was a glimpse to the past that every American should be ashamed of I can t imagine anyone reading the entire story and not being affected in some way Thank you, Oana for recommending the story to me What s up with all the books I m reading lately They ve all been so depressingly SAD This was my first Sandra Brown book I think , and it didn t endear me to her in any way Mr Rainwater comes to stay at Ella s boarding house and she discovers that he s dying But before he does, he helps her with her autistic son, assists neighbors and friends with some civil unrest in the town, and teaches Ella that love is not always convenient, but it s always worth it.The book was well written, and the audiobook version I heard was very well narrated as well My disappointment in the mood of the book won t keep me from reading Sandra Brown again. &Free E-pub ⇤ Rainwater ⇻ Ella Barron, A Single Texas Mother, Built A Careful Life Running A Boarding House In The Depression Era Cotton South But When A Mysterious Stranger Takes A Free Room, He Also Takes Ella S Careful Life Apart In The Tradition Of Gone With The Wind Comes Historical Romance In The Dust BowlElla Runs Her Texas Boarding House With The Efficiency Of A Ship S Captain And The Grace Of A Gentlewoman She Cooks, Cleans, Launders, And Cares For Her Ten Year Old Son, Solly, A Sweet But Challenging Child Whose Busy Behavior And Failure To Speak Elicits Undesired Advice From Others In Town Ella S Plate Is Full From Sunup To Sundown When A Room In Her Boarding House Opens Up, The Respected Town Doctor Brings Ella A New Boarder The Handsome And Gallant Mr David Rainwater But Ella Is Immediately Resistant To Opening Up Her Home To This Mysterious StrangerEven With Assurances That Mr Rainwater Is A Man Of Impeccable Character, A Former Cotton Broker And A Victim Of The Great Depression, Ella Stiffens At The Thought Of Taking Him In Dr Kincaid Tells Ella In Confidence That Mr Rainwater Won T Require The Room For Long He Is Dying Begrudgingly, Ella Accepts Mr Rainwater S Application To Board, But She Knows That Something Is Happening She Is Being Swept Along By An Unusual Series Of Events Soon, This Strong Minded, Independent Woman Will Realize That The Living That She Has Eked Out For Herself In The Small Bubble Of Her Town Is About To Change, Whether She Likes It Or NotRacial Tensions, The Financial Strain Of Livelihoods In Cotton Drying Up Into Dust, And The Threat Of Political Instability Swirl Together Into A Tornado On The Horizon One Thing Is Certain The Winds Of Change Are Blowing All Over Texas And Through The Cracks In The Life That Ella Barron Has Painstakingly Built This Is The Story Of A Woman Who Takes Her Life S Circumstances In Both Hands, But Who Will Be Forced To Reckon With The Chaos Of Her Historical Circumstances Kindle sale today 08 21 2017 Ella Is the ending sad David Very.Even knowing the ending was sad, I would not have deprived myself the beauty of the story Would you Set in 1930s during the great depression , Rainwater is a great example of how a non HEA romance can be beautifully written in such a way that not only the story made me feel sad but also caused my heart to swell, and filled me with hope in the endThis is the first time, as well as the last time, I ve loved And it s perfect, Ella Perfect David is the best kind of hero I can hope for Memorable characters and storyline It is a must read for Sandra Brown s fans. I am so happy I picked up this little known Sandra Brown gem from the library s April Rainy Day Reads shelf Every month, the librarians assemble a themed book stack, and I like to see what they picked even if I don t check any of them out yet there s something about a set of not necessarily new, slightly worn looking books being highlighted in a category for a month that makes me want to scoop them all up and take them home, but maybe that s just me The very pretty book jacket made me want to read the description, and it sounded like a nice Depression story set in the South with really well developed characters in other words one of My Favorite Kinds And it didn t at all disappoint I tore through it in a day, and as I finished the last page, I was struggling to remember the last time a book pulled me through that quickly The story line has similarities to other books, and probablythan a few movies, that stress the star crossed lovers concept, but Brown told so well that it didn t feel stale at all Brown is typically knownfor romantic suspense even typing that makes me wince , but this novel, which is a departure from her usual genre, proves that she can write stories with real substance and that she can appeal to readers who value historical integrity This is an ideal choice for anyone who loves stories set in small towns in the south It brought to mind several books and favorites like Places in the Heart, Fried Green Tomatoes and others Several things about it made me think of the new Netflix movie, The Highwaymen which I watched twice in a row for the same reasons I finished this so quickly.