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I m not usually one to read True crime novels, but a friend of a friend, suggested I read it since I am undeniably fascinated with the serial killer culture, and anything to do with psychology I was definitely interested once I found out that the murderer was a twelve year old girl from Canada JR is what they call her in the book, due to the fact that she was underage at the time of the murders and could not be identified due to the Youth Criminal Justice Act here in Canada But with a simple google search of the book tittle, you can find out her real identity and pictures that are not blurred She was dubbed Runaway Devil by the media, because it was her net handle at the time for various websites like Vampirefreaks.com Jr is like any typical teenager that falls in love with someone forbidden Shes attracted to anything that is considered shocking or strange, anything to cause a reaction from people even if its a negative one Jr met the man of her nightmares through mutual goth friends that hung out at the same mall When her parents become aware of her love affair with 23 year old, Jeremy, she becomes grounded, trapped inside a home 24 7 with a family she can t seem to love In court they plead that there was never any plans for her parents and little brother to be murdered, but there is tons of evidence that says otherwise Jr constantly pressured Jeremy into helping kill her family One drug fueled night Jeremy broke into her parents home and murdered both her father and mother, but neither Jr or Jeremy will admit to killing the young boy When they were finally arrested, they shared love notes to each other, Jr showed no remorse, or that Jeremy frightened her However, after being sentenced they both parted ways, Jr had used Jeremy for exactly what she wanted There could be a lot of arguments made about this case Is she truly a murderer if she never physically killed her parents Should Jeremy be completely at fault for being manipulated, and clearly intoxicated on the night of the murders Jeremy admits to being high on cocaine, which is a mind alternating drug, so can you really blame him for a crime that was done under such a drug Jr will be free soon, if not already She has been in a facility that taxes payers money has been keeping her, a grand total of 100,000 a year, so she can get the best treatment as possible It is their conclusion that she cannot be held accountable for murdering her family when she was twelve, simply because a child s brain isn t quite developed at that age In my opinion, I feel like if she had the urges to murder at twelve years old, and has no remorse for what happened to her family, she will kill again one day She is clearly a psychopath, and it s ridiculous not to hold her accountable for her actions for merely her age She should not be allowed back into society, even if it s unlikely that she would kill again There s always that lingering feeling as well that all evidence pointed to her for the murder of her younger brother Someone like that should not be gifted the right to freedom and her parents money when she gets out The writers of this phenomenal book are journalists from the Calgary Herald Robert Remington and Sherri Zickefoose did a tremendous job with the information the received on the case, and the research they did on the topic at hand was extensive and quite fascinating They leave all their personal feelings aside which can be very difficult as a writer and allow you to come up with your own conclusion based on the facts and information that they have provided I would recommend this book to anyone who is curious on journalism, because it is definitely written by two great journalist As well as anyone who loves true crime This book definitely gets a 5 5 from me Really crap writing by Remington and Zickefoose He uses an extremely condescending tone towards teens, and writes J s story as if he wasn t just another nosy reporter trying to make a buck off her He describes it as if J killed her family because she s a teen, but I find it completely biased and at times ridiculous. #EBOOK ⚫ Runaway Devil: How Forbidden Love Drove a 12-Year-Old to Murder Her Family ⚛ Marc And Debra Seemed To Have It All A Lovely Home In The Prairie Town Of Medicine Hat, Fulfilling Careers, A Supportive Marriage, And Two Beautiful Children Eight Year Old Jacob And Twelve Year Old JR After Years Of Struggle To Reach This Point, They Finally Felt Their Future Held Promise But On April , , Their Bodies Were Discovered In Their Basement, Covered In Savage Stab Wounds Upstairs, Jacob Lay Dead On His Bed, His Toys Spattered With BloodInvestigators Worried For JR S Safety, But Unknown To Them, The Pretty Honour Roll Student Had Been Developing A Disturbing Alter Ego Online Runaway Devil Professed A Fondness For A Darker World Of Death Metal Music, The Goth Subculture, And A Love For Jeremy Steinke, A Twenty Three Year Old High School Dropout Who Lived In A Rundown Trailer Park Soon, Shocking Evidence In JR S School Locker Printed Here For The First Time Led Police To Believe The Girl Was A Suspect In Her Family S MurdersThe Case Horrified Parents Everywhere Journalists Robert Remington And Sherri Zickefoose Have Been Covering It From The Beginning, And In Runaway Devil, They Reveal What Really Happened The Unlikely Young Love, The Teenage Rebellion, A Troubling World Of Adolescent Drifters, And A Small Community Torn Apart By An Unthinkable CrimeA Modern Cautionary Tale, Runaway Devilis Also A Chilling Portrait Of An Approval Seeking Man Smitten With A Manipulative Young Girl Who Would Stop At Nothing To Get What She Wanted In case I haven t made myself clear already, I really love true crime This case hits close to home it was a sensational case that took place in Canada Headlines and nasty rumours even reached as far as where I was living at the time in Northern Ontario There is one word that kept popping up throughout the book, as well as through other reviews I ve read, and blogs still keeping track of the case unthinkable That s exactly what this case is Unthinkable.As the verdicts and sentences were read out, JR would become the youngest Canadian to be convicted of first degree murder on all three counts At the tender age of 12, she masterminded and manipulated her way into getting her family killed by her devoted boyfriend Through all my years as a university student, never have I encountered such blatant hostility and organization by such a young mind Thankfully, such events took place while she is very much still a child through extensive treatment which she has been receiving , she can modify her behaviours and hopefully become a model adult as the ending epilogue states, her treatments were going very well, and she does not pose a threat to society I m sure there are many who beg to differ.There are many details of the case that seem rather fuzzy Both JR and Jeremy refuse to take the blame for the killing of eight year old Jacob each forcing culpability on the other Though common with many co accused, this still doesn t sit well with me Jeremy takes full responsibility for the murders of Debra and Marc all fine and dandy But there are many questions remaining as to little Jacob Unfortunately, I highly doubt those are answers we will ever receive.What I really liked was the fact that the authors were sure to make a distinction between these two individuals and the rest of the goth subculture It is unfair to place blame on an entire subculture for the actions of two individuals Simply because one is goth does not mean that one will be a violent individual just the same as not every jock is brainless, and every book lover is a geek Stereotypes do not predict violent behaviour There are many psychological, sociological, and criminological studies and research papers that back this argument To the authors for making this clear thank you, you did your due diligence, and you did your jobs as journalists.There is much research in the academic community about young individuals who murder their families Sifting through it all is quite the task trust me, I ve been there But there are often commonalities a young person who seeks the death of their family for the grand majority come from situations of abuse, neglect, substance abuse, or all of the above This was not the case for JR This begs the question of why Why did she plan this why did she want this It seems those answers are fuzzier than we d like to believe She felt restrained by the rules her family tried to impose on her as her behaviour began going off the rails She felt trapped and wanted an escape Her grandiose view of how her life should be matches that of a 12 year old mind she wanted a castle in Europe, she wanted to be able to do whatever she wanted, and she wanted to be with her boyfriend These seem like the normal dreams of 12 year old girls But where her mind took her in order to achieve those dreams is certainly not typical of her age group.All you have to do is Google Runaway Devil , and you will be flooded with information in regards to the case There is no telling how much of this information is fact, fiction, personal opinion, or a combination Only two people truly know what happened in that house They are the only two who can be held responsible for these murders, and they are the only two who can tell the whole truth As has been evident, this isn t going to happen any time soon.This was a sensational case that rocked the very core of Canadian criminal law It called into question the fairness of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, and outraged citizens of Medicine Hat who feel she got off easy Cases like these are chilling Cases involving young offenders often leave off with a feeling of unfairness This is normal What is abnormal is a 12 year old girl planning and executing a triple murder in her own home Here s to hoping all her treatments and rehabilitation aren t for naught. I thought this was really well written for a true crime book Runaway Devil kept me interested in the story the entire time The book wasn t to overbearing on the technical jargon of law, it was a good combination of narrative like writing, quotes, evidence, and trial I had first heard of Jasmine Richardson on the show Deadly Women on Investigation Discovery Originally they referred to her as JR as they do in the book due to Canadian law of keeping the identity of young offenders as secret as possible, stupid by the way , but one simple search on Google and her name and all her profile pictures pop right up I eventually heard of this book and decided I wanted to read it Runaway Devil covers all the details of Jasmine Richardson s transformation into the goth scene and her forbidden romance with 23 year old Jeremy Steinke, which in turn drove her to plan and carry out the murders of her parents and younger brother, because they were being too loving and protective of their little girl The crime is horrific and it is baffling how a 12 year old girl could carry out something like this However, thefrustrating part is the Canadian laws that protect her from any real punishment this is where I begin to love America, because no matter what age a triple homicide would not go unpunished Even as I write this a mere 4 years later now sixteen year old Jasmine Richardson is being released into probation, PROBATION She murders her entire family and she gets 4 years medical treatment and probation It s sickening, and I believe anyone who needs to learn to appreciate our justice system a littlenot saying our system is perfect should read this book, I know that I definitely do now. An interesting story about a rare and horrible crime I have to say the book dragged a bit when the authors were listing, it seemed, every single Instant Messenger communication that ever passed between the young lovers, but it didn t run into THAT many pages so I can forgive it. What a Horrific crime but the story is poorly told Lots of blame games but does not truly put together an overall unbiased conclusion on the effects of an unstable home life, Authors give the feel of must be the music and other teens that drove them to commit the crime You can tell some research was done but a lot of it comes from transcripts. This is the most brutal book I have read in a long time I can t begin to fathom a 12 year little girl helping to kill her parents and her little brother all for the love of a 22 year old man This author did a great job at retelling this horrific Canadian crime. This reads like sensationalist tabloid true crime Although most crime authors tend to sensationalize the story for the market, I really wanted to yell at both of these authors First of all, if you re going to pretend to be a nonpartial observer writer, be NONPARTIAL The entirety of the book is overwhelmingly pro Jeremy, the 23yr old rapist murderer who was overwhelmed and seduced by a smart and emotionally moving 12yr old I REPEAT You re supposed to feel sorry for the 23 yr old for coming under the influence of his 12 year old girlfriend Come on The book is painfully uncomfortable to read in parts, with the author s opinions overwhelming the facts on the page, and the levels of conjecture where fact is non existent are completely blown out of proportion I d say that if you wantinformation about the case, wikipedia it Otherwise, forget it. I remember reading this one before, parts of it were very familiar A really horrific Canadian murder committed by a 12 year old girl, and her boyfriend The girl s mother, father and younger brother were all brutally murdered in their home.