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( Read E-pub ) õ Forlorn Hope õ They Had Fought Long And Hard, And Damn Near Won In Spite Of Everything But Now The Men Who Hired Them Are Going To Sell Them To The Enemyand So Begins A Novel Of Adventure In Which A Band Of Star Mecenaries Is Driven Across The Face Of A Planet By Enemies Bent On Their Distruction With Only The Guns In Their Hands, This Tiny Band Must Battle Ships, Artillery, Treachery, And The Most Powerful Tank In The Universe I have mixed feelings about this book The action in it is very well done, just enough of the military background to keep things interesting but the plot I felt left something to be desired It felt like it would have done much better being longer withdetail at many points. My favorite book by David Drake This one drew me inthan any of his other works Excellent Military SciFi as a small band of mercenaries have to fight from one side of a world to the other after being betrayed. I read this book when I was in grade school It was my introduction to David Drake and his brand of military science fiction I saw an ad for the book in a vintage copy of Analog magazine and decided to re read it for old times sake.The heroes of this story are the soldiers of a nameless mercenary company hired to stiffen the spines of a local unit fighting a civil war on the planet Cecach Their side is losing, and the soon to be victors are religious extremists After the collapse of the front and the capitulation of their allies, the mercs have to fight their way out in order to escape.I loved this book when I was a child, but I don t think I understood it as well then I m trying to figure out if one of the main characters is meant to reinforce an ugly stereotype or if it just comes across that way. Classic early Drake military SF Less tied to a specific historical event or setting than much of his later work it really doesn t seem to fit the model of the 10,000 to me Has some similarities to the Hammerverse, but the tech is different enough to make it fairly certain it s a different timeline.