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A good solid 3 1 2 starsI applaud Jodi Picoult for using her best selling author position to educate people about Asperger s syndrome She did extensive research and tried to present as much information as she could within the confines of a novel At times this effort to educate interrupts the flow of the narrative, but I think she was striving for completeness House Rules is a sort of Primer on Asperger s for people who may not otherwise seek out information on the condition Picoult gives Jacob every possible symptom of Asperger s in its most extreme manifestation So of course, Jacob isn t like a real life aspie you might meet He s a composite the better to help people recognize the various behaviors and behave compassionately toward the person displaying them Picoult also very effectively shows the impact on the entire family of a child with special needs Henry, the absent father who walked out long ago because he couldn t deal with Jacob s situation Emma, the mother who desperately loves her boy and sacrifices her entire selfhood to maintain Jacob s strict schedule Theo, the normal younger brother who is often invisible to Emma and is treated by his peers as a sort of freak by association because of his brother Jacob s needs always get priority, so Theo is usually left to fend for himself and finds secret ways of acting out to compensate for lack of parental attention Don t expect much from the mystery itself If you ve read a few Picoult books, you probably do like I do scoff at the implausibilities and the truly lame stuff, but devour them all the same The woman can write I complain a lot about present tense writing, but Picoult is one of the few who can do it so well that I barely even notice it.There s a lot of great humor in the book, much of it related to Jacob s Asperger behaviors He s always quoting song lyrics and lines from movies because it helps to calm him or gives him something to say when he doesn t know an appropriate response And the way he takes everything literally is sometimes hilarious I never realized how much subtlety we assume in our communications that would be lost on a totally literal person Jacob s attorney tells him to pass me a note if he needs a sensory break So Jacob hands him a piece of paper that says F F sharp Literally, a note I hope I ve focused on the things Ms Picoult did RIGHT, because this is a worthy book on a timely subject, and I really liked the characters There were places where I was laughing and crying for them at the same time The thing Picoult did WRONG is the reason I can t go up to four stars The ending sucketh Big time It felt like a huge cop out and I don t understand what she was thinking Don t we at least deserve an epilogue after we ve invested so much in the characters It s as if she said, Okay, I ve told you all you need to know about Asperger s syndrome, so I m outta here. House Rules bills itself as a murder mystery with an Asperger s twist, but Picoult brings nothing original to either the mystery genre or books featuring characters on the Autism spectrum I would chalk it up to a mindless, predictable read best left for the times a reader is stuck in an airport, except it is so incredibly long that the reader will have the mystery solved and be left to slog through 400pages Much too long for a reluctant reader and too boring and predictable for an intelligent one. Confession time I had no intention of ever reading a Jodi Picoult book To me, her books were pretty much equivalent to Nicholas Sparks books Formula Mix one part issue with one part sap and one part luuuuuurve , then swallow If nausea occurs, try Pepto to keep it downSparks books are still ones that I have no intention of ever reading I watched A Walk to Remember and The Notebook That s enough for one lifetime There s like 50 movies based on his books now or something, and you know they re scraping the bottom of the barrel when Miley Cyrus is the best they can get to star act be filmed in one shudder So when this was chosen for my bookclub, I wasn t exactly looking forward to it, and prepared myself to be reticent at the next meeting Aside from that, I was worried about the portrayal of a teen with Asperger s Syndrome, particularly because the only other book that I ve read with an autistic character was very disappointing for me I couldn t help but mentally compare the two books, and my opinion of that other book was constantly reinforced it just lacked substance, depth It was just mediocre House Rules was anything but mediocre It was interesting, insightful, informative and fulfilling.I m no Asperger s expert, but I thought that the book worked on many different levels at portraying not only the thought processes and behaviors of one who has it, but also of everyone that is affected by it I felt that Picoult did her homework, and that she presented the traits, and possible causality, fairly and honestly There are perspectives on whether heredity, or immunizations, or just randomness cause autism to develop, and I liked and appreciated that it was not treated as an excuse to demonize vaccines I particularly empathized with Emma and Theo Their perspectives were so raw and honest that I couldn t help but love them for it Emma s raised two sons on her own for 15 years something that is hard enough without throwing autism into the mix Her whole life has centered around it She s done everything in her power to give him the best life she can, and if she suffers for it, that s just part of the job There were points in Theo s chapters where he d be thinking something that an outsider would think is horrible, and even berating himself for it, and I would just sit there commending him for the things he didn t say For exampleTrue confession number four I don t sit around thinking about having kids, nor mally, but when I do it scares the shit out of me What if my own son winds up being like Jacob I ve already spent my whole childhood dealing with autism I don t know if I can handle doing it for the rest of my lifeThis is a superficially selfish thought, yes, but then I read the subtext to be that he s assuming he d be around to take care of any kid of his who has autism He d stick it out, not leave like his own father did He d try to do the right thing, even if he doubts his abilities to do it It makes me proud of him, and sad for him, at the same time Because he s lived on the sidelines of autism for his whole life already His childhood was constantly colored by the routines and the contingencies and the chaos of his brother s condition To never have normality would have to be a terrifying, daunting thought Regarding the mystery aspect, I pegged it pretty quickly about 30% in All the clues were there, and it wasn t hard to figure out But I was still interested to see if I was right, or if there would be some twist, other than the one I predicted, to shock me I kept being a little frustrated with the investigation too This kid is extremely literal, and extremely honest Why did nobody think to just ask him directly I guess I understand why, honestly, but it was still kind of frustrating And so for that, I knocked off a star But the rest of the story, the personal and familial aspects, were fantastic I loved it Overall, this was a highly enjoyable book, and I will probably be picking upof Picoult s books now that I know they aren t likely to be tapped for maple syrup anytime soon. Disappointing While I enjoy Picoult s easy flow of writing and the creative way she informs the reader about issues and conditions like Asperger s syndrome, in this case, I found myself in constant oh, come on mode, as in Spoiler alert Talk to your son, for crying out loud You know he can only tell the truth and once he tells you he didn t kill her, why wouldn t you ask fordetails He s on trial for murder and Talk to your brother Once you know that he knows you were there, why wouldn t you ask him what else he knows and what he saw and Everyone talk to Jacob He always tells the truth, so ask him very slowly, step by step, what happened I suppose there wouldn t have been much left to the story if people had spoken with Jacob early on but the truth of Jess death was pretty clear midway through the story anyway.Then, all of a sudden, everything gets wrapped up in a neat little bow in the last 5 minutes, 15 seconds of the book the audio version, anyway Jacob really can care about others Awwwww Please. Jodi Picoult is far from my favorite author, so all you Picoultites out there, you might as well skip this review I am interested in stories about people on the autistic spectrum with Asperger behaviors, so I thought I would give this one a try Sigh I should have known better In Ms Picoult s heavy handed hands, the behavior of the protagonist with Aspergers is exaggerated and twisted simply for the benefit of the plot Eating only foods of a certain color, but on different days, is not traditionally Aspergerian maybe eating foods of the same color but not blue food on Tuesday, yellow on Saturday, etc etc At one point, the protagonist re orders some CDs that have fallen in alphabetical order, but children with Aspergers do not usually have a need to order everything they come across if they have never seen it before and it is not within their area of fixation, they arelikely not to notice the disorder, or if they notice it, to ignore it But because this is a plot point, suddenly it becomes a symptom of Aspergers Further I have never read anywhere that Aspergers is a genetic disorder but in this novel there is a clear implication that this is the case.And then we have the usual stuff that drives me absolutely CRAZY which is having the characters behave in ways that no one else in the world would do For example, imagine yourself a mother with a son who has Aspergers and is on trial for murder, and that child has meltdowns whenever things go out of his routine so he is now regularly having meltdowns due to the pressure of the trial Now imagine it is three a.m on a February night in Vermont Would you leave your son, run yes, you heard me run across town to the office of your son s lawyer who has never shown an overt sexual interest in you, and have sex with him Somehow I think most of us would be trying to get a good night s sleep, not catch pneumonia, and maintain a professional relationship with this man That is why we will never be Picoult characters.Now, imagine yourself the defense attorney,and you have just heard at least three witnesses explain how Asperger children answer questions extremely literally such as tossing a tent at you if you asked them to pitch a tent Do you think that you would ask your client a question like Were you sorry you killed the girl No, because if the Aspergerian witness did not kill the girl, he would simply answer No since he hadn t killed her and therefore could not be sorry that he had done so Sigh.Remind me not to try Picoult again. As a person with Asperger s I am dismayed with Picoult s portrayal of an adult with Asperger s Syndrome Picoult starts off by showing us all the sources she has used for her research but once one starts reading it is obvious she is so full of research she doesn t know what to do with it She has taken every possible symptom of both Asperger s and autism which are two different diagnoses and put them all into the character of Jacob Not only is Jacob loaded down with every single symptom, each of his symptoms are of the most extreme variety A real life aspie as we call ourselves will have some, perhaps even many, but certainly not all textbook examples, of the symptoms and then they are at varying degrees What Picoult has done here is a disservice to the Asperger s community.From the mother Since there s no cure yet for Asperger s, we treat the symptomsAsperger s is not a disease or an illness There is no cure because one is not needed Just from reading the positive reviews of this book I see the word illness being used over and over to describe Asperger s and that is because the book has left readers unfamiliar with AS with that impression I could sit here and write an essay refuting all the quotes on the dog eared pages I created while reading, but I won t If you want a realistic view of a young man with Asperger s I urge you to read the book Marcelo in the Real World by Francisco X Stork The main character is 17 years old and is very comparable to Jacob only the author has done an excellent job in portraying Asperger s, showing the struggles we face but also shows that we do indeed function and do not need anyone s sympathy.BTW, I did give the book 2 stars because if I removed the whole Asperger s element I thought the mystery was quite interesting with a fun little twist to the solution. I don t know why I do this to myself I picked this book up because someone who read it and didn t want to keep it gave it away thus, it was free I wanted to read something that would be a breeze I have read Picoult before and find her writing style easy to fly through However, having read Picoult before, I should have remembered that she keeps writing the same damn book Yes, family in crisis, insert court case, insert forgotten sibling with bigger problems than others realize, insert one sibling taking the fall for another, insert catty lawyer with dog..etc etc etc Hey, is this My Sister s Keeper or what Anyway, it took about twenty minutes to figure out what had happened in this murder mystery , but I kept fooling myself thinking that there must be some twist I didn t expect And, after so very many descriptions of Asperger s traits, including the fact that the main character, an Aspie needs to be spoken to very directly and literally, how could Picoult string us along chapter after chapter after chapter as people in Jacob s life continually phrase questions in such a way that he is not forced to explain what happened Not to mention the fact that , as a person with Asperger s Jacob would have difficulty with turns of phrase, such as, get the picture and what do you say And yet, Picoult continually tosses in phrases that seem to stray pretty far from the literal speech you would expect Jacob to use One of the first that I noticed was when Jacob mentions the Pythagorean theorem and how it was developed not by him, but by his ancestors..before he was even a seductive twinkle in their eye Sounds like something of an odd turn of phrase to me This happens on a number of occasions and I began to feel irritated by some of the narrative, thinking, this doesn t sound like something this kid should say She seemed to flip flop on a lot of her symptoms Now, if Jacob had been consistently, painfully literal, it may have made for a really dull six hundred pages, but maybe, just maybe, it didn t need to be six hundred pages.Somehow, Jacob s mother, who shoves her knowledge of Autism and Aspergers down the throats of everyone involved, never thinks that she should ask her son literal step by step questions about what went on the day he allegedly murdered his tutor Pfft, yeah right That alone made this whole novel ridiculous Filled with a whole bunch of turmoil, angst, and wondering how did my son do this How did my brother murder this girl How did this happen..but never asking the kid who has already been identified as rather incapable of lying.The only reason this even gets two stars is because Jacob s story revolving around his treatment and his normal, high school life interested me I have researched Autism and Asperger s and have worked with children and adults with high and low functioning autism Jacob was really the only character in this novel who had an excuse to make the mistakes presented I pretty much wanted to punch every other character in the head.Wheeeeew Rage complete Good bye Jodi Picoult, this is the last time I will waste time on another one of your cookie cutter family crime dramas. Amazing Emotionally powerful and charged with enough tension your nerves will buzz Definition of Asperger s Syndrome according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Asperger syndrome AS is a developmental disorder It is an autism spectrum disorder ASD , one of a distinct group of neurological conditions characterized by a greater or lesser degree of impairment in language and communication skills, as well as repetitive or restrictive patterns of thought and behavior The most distinguishing symptom of AS is a child s obsessive interest in a single object or topic to the exclusion of any other Children with AS want to know everything about their topic of interest and their conversations with others will be about little else Their expertise, high level of vocabulary, and formal speech patterns make them seem like little professors Other characteristics of AS include repetitive routines or rituals peculiarities in speech and language socially and emotionally inappropriate behavior and the inability to interact successfully with peers problems with non verbal communication and clumsy and uncoordinated motor movements.Emma When the boy s were little, we had house rules I d write them on the bathroom mirror when they were in the tub so that the next time the room steamed up, they would magically appear commandments for a toddler and his painfully literal autistic brother, laws that were not to be broken 1 Clean up your own messes 2 Tell the truth 3 Brush your teeth twice a day 4 Don t be late for school 5 Take care of your brother he s the only one you ve got.One night Jacob had asked me if I had to follow the rules, too, and I said yes But, he pointed out, you don t have a brother.Then I will take care of you, I said.However, I didn t.Oliver will stand up in court today, and maybe the next day and the next, and try to accomplish what I have unsuccessfully tried to do for eighteen years now make strangers understand what it is like to be my son Make them feel sympathy for a child who cannot feel it himself.When Theo s done in the bathroom, I go in The air is still thick with heat and steam the mirror s fogged I can t see the tears on my face, but it s for the best Because I may know my son, and I may believe viscerally that he is not a murderer But the odds of a jury seeing this as clearly as I do are minimal Because no matter what I tell Henry or myself, for that matter I know that Jacob isn t coming homeHouse Rules by Jodi Picoult is a story that s fully loaded with a title wave of mixed emotions Emma has no life of her own as every minute of every day is eaten up by the needs of her son, Jacob, who has Asperger s syndrome Brother, Theo, is essentially lost in the shuffle, always in the shadow of Jacob s needs, barely a blip on his mother s radar Their father, Henry, left them shortly after Jacob s diagnosis.Jacob s struggles with AS is expertly portrayed and to say that I learned a lot about the disability is an understatement I found it particularly interesting to discover that one of the symptoms of AS is a heightened sensitivity to touch, like Jacob s description about having to remove tags from clothing and how uncomfortable buttons on shirts are I actually understand that quite well as my fibromyalgia causes the same thing It s the reason that I m most comfortable in soft baggy pajamas that don t rub against my skin as much as fitted clothing does There are worse things in life It gave me a fascinating, up close and personal view into just how difficult it is to raise a child with AS, no less as a single parent Then there is the profound impact it has on a sibling It s not hard to imagine just how lost and unnoticed they must feel, with the exception of being laughed at or left out when it comes to making friends The emotional toll it takes is nothing short of profound As a lover of forensics I was somewhat able to enjoy Jacob s obsessive intrest in forensic criminology When Jacob is charged with the murder of his social skills tudor, Jess, the sense of apprehension and suspense continues to escalate By the time the trial began my heart was in my throat and my nerves were on high alert I could not put this book down I was so absorbed in the story that I barely noticed turning the pages, even though it s a 500 page novel I simply couldn t put it down I ve read Handle with Care which I really enjoyed, especially because I m a pediatric nurse and have taken care of a baby with osteogenesis imperfecta or brittle bone disease I m looking forward to readingof Jodi s books, including Small Great Things. {Free Epub} ï House Rules Ò When Your Son Can T Look You In The Eyedoes That Mean He S GuiltyJacob Hunt Is A Teen With Asperger S Syndrome He S Hopeless At Reading Social Cues Or Expressing Himself Well To Others, Though He Is Brilliant In Many Ways But He Has A Special Focus On One Subject Forensic Analysis A Police Scanner In His Room Clues Him In To Crime Scenes, And He S Always Showing Up And Telling The Cops What To Do And He S Usually RightBut When Jacob S Small Hometown Is Rocked By A Terrible Murder, Law Enforcement Comes To Him Jacob S Behaviors Are Hallmark Asperger S, But They Look A Lot Like Guilt To The Local Police Suddenly The Hunt Family, Who Only Want To Fit In, Are Directly In The Spotlight For Jacob S Mother, Emma, It S A Brutal Reminder Of The Intolerance And Misunderstanding That Always Threaten Her Family For His Brother, Theo, It S Another Indication Why Nothing Is Normal Because Of JacobAnd Over This Small Family, The Soul Searing Question LoomsDid Jacob Commit Murder House Rules delivers everything Picoult fans have come to expect controversy, multiple perspectives, a legal conflict, etc Though formulaic, it does not disappoint Jacob, the Asperger s afflicted teenager provides the most intriguing point of view Extremely bright, but lacking in social and communications skills, he attempts to define the way his mind works and his attempts to relate to people His mother Emma and his brother Theo have struggled to cope with his disability, but when he is arrested for murder, their whole world comes crashing down They struggle to convince the legal system that Jacob cannot stand trial like a normal individual I m glad that Picoult didn t over exhaust the whole vaccines caused my son to become like this avenue, but that she detailed obscure but effective treatments By narrating from Jacob s perspective, Picoult takes us into a mind that is completely logical, brutally honest, yet thoroughly lacking empathy Another aspect that was captivating was Jacob s obsession with forensics He provides interesting facts and case histories, though it is this fixation and his inability to articulate his motives that ultimately gets him in trouble The conclusion did not drop a disappointing bombshell like in My Sister s Keeper or Handle With Care It was well delivered and somewhat open to speculation and left me contemplative, relishing in the brilliance of Picoult s writing.