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This book is well mapped out, but really not for me. Summary As the Author Saul Williams enters the abandoned subway graffiti station He is introduced by the art on the wall called graffiti As he is exploring he finds a not so empty graffiti can filled with brown crumpled scrolls of poetry that s cryptic Saul begins to decode them and it takes many years to decode them, but he is finally done and now he shares the knowledge inside them with us readers These pieces represent the real art of hip hop and the changes it has made throughout time, and now Saul Williams brings us along on our journey through rap culture.Overview In my honest opinion this book really opened my mind to music It s like it opened up my third eye and now I see music and especially hip hop totally different and now I appreciate itI definitely recommend this book to hip hop fiends.Cons The cons of this book is insane, but it depends on how you view this book, pros and cons can get difficult based on different views As I was reading I couldn t find too many Cons in the book, I mean it uses harsh language but I don t mind it, in fact I like because he s being real to us Probably the only Con is that some of the poems are so powerful that I ve had to reread them a lot and try to wrap my head around them, but that increased my brain power In my point of view there wasn t any cons about the book There might be for other readers of this book.Offensive Content This is just like Cons, it s all based on opinion, but if I was to generally talk about it, yes there is a lot of offensive content He uses the b word but spells it BCH Or he talks about real life event like sexual abuse and abuse in general He also uses the n word but also spells it NGH I love that he does that, it shows that he cares about the strength of the words so he uses them, but he doesn t spell them out correctly but you ll still know what it means There s also gun violence and gangs involved, but it s all realistic and connected to hip hop.Pros The Pros of this book is very high for me It s almost like the short story AP, it s based on very realistic events and he s informing us the reality of hip hop and poetry He doesn t hold back on his poems either The way he produces the power in the poems is out of this world, I ve noticed myself bobbing my head back and forth rhyming and singing to the book His influence on rap has greatly increased after he released the scrolls of dead emcees I love hip hop so this book is straight up Pros He explains gangs and violence and racism all in his poetry about hip hop It s all so realistic, I m tired of all the fantasy things about life, we all need reality.Two Excerpts I am the streets The white lines only separate me from me You hydroplane in false gods name and still crash into me Sign and tree, mountainside, guardrail into the sea They thought they stole you from my arms then carried you to me pg.14 Your existence is that of a schizophrenic vulture who thinks he has enough life in him to prey on the dead, not knowing that the dead ain t dead and that he ain t got enough spirituality to know how to pray Yeah, there s no repentance You re bound to love an infinite, consecutive, executive life sentence pg 57 #FREE DOWNLOAD ⚜ The Dead Emcee Scrolls: The Lost Teachings of Hip-Hop ⚣ In The Underground Labyrinths Of New York City S Subway System, Beneath The Third Rail Of A Long Forgotten Line, Saul Williams Discovered Scrolls Of Aged Yellowish Brown Paper Rolled Tightly Into A Can Of Spray Paint His Quest To Decipher This Mystical Ancient Text Resulted In A Primal Understanding Of The Power Hip Hop Has To Teach Us About Ourselves And The Universe Around Us Now, For The First Time, Saul Williams Shares With The World The Wonder Revealed To Him By The Dead Emcee Scrolls I Have Paraded As A Poet For Years Now In The Proc Ess Of Parading I May Have Actually Become One, But That S Another Story, Another Book This Book Is A Book That I Have Been Waiting To Finish SinceThis Is The Book That Finished Me The Story I Am About To Tell May Sound Fantastic It May Anger Some Of You Who Have Followed My Work You May Feel That You Have Come To Know Me Over The Years, And In Some Cases You Have, But In Otherswell, This Is A Confession Saul Williams is unquestionably one of the most important poets currently breathing His contributions to hip hop and modern poetry include film, theatre, poetry both written and performed as well as a number of vastly creative albums This book compromises selections from some of his best work over the years as well as new work It s a piece that manages to be political and personal, transcendental and introspective, joyful and furious Pupil my sight with orange balls of lightAnd echo my plightThrough the corridors of metaphorWhat else are we living for if not to createFiction and rhyme My purpose is to make my soulRhyme with my mindMind over matterMinds create matterMinds create fictionAs a matter of factAs if matter were factMatter is factSo spirit must be fiction If anyone ever trots out that irritatingly popular misconception all rappers ever talk about is guns, drugs and bitches, throw some Saul Williams their way and let them have their 3rd eye squeegied. This book of poems was pretty good, they readlike a rapper s freestyle notebook I honestly enjoyed the hip hop essays at the beginning and end of the bookthan the poems themselves These are just not as strong as the poems in his other two books she and said the shotgun to the head If you like hip hop, try this one out if you like poetry DEFINITELY read his other books. I grew up with hip hop and I love poetry, but I didn t really like this book Sure, there were moments that made me stop and think, which is what I enjoy and I m sure I d like the author if we ever met, but his poems annoyed meoften than not I enjoyed his writing voice when he wasn t trying to force a rhyme which seemed to be the case most of the time I tried to keep an open mind and follow his advice on taking the time to deciver the words and the feelings like he did with graffiti, but a lot of the imagery felt like it was chosen to follow a rhyme scheme and be purposefully confusing rather than make any sense upon reflection My guess is that he didn t try to do that, but I would have prefered polished poetry than needing to decipher raw emotional poetry To make sure I wasn t just misreading his work, I checked out his music and watched a few interviews, and while I enjoyed the sound of the songs, I couldn t stand how the lyrics were written or sang His work just isn t my thing, it s not like it was meant for me anyway. saul is a fine rhythmic poet with unique viewpointsi am actually listening to his album Martyr King Loser nowand his pieces i thinkgenerally come thru better as performance songs or slam poetry etc than as a book Keeping this unique book of hip hop fueled poetry within reach for the rest of my life What surprised me most was the storytelling that was entwined around familiar verses from Saul s music Highly recommended to lovers of thought provoking hip hop. Another great one by Saul Williams It offers a social commentary on the importance of hip hop in the African American community in particular, and the unfortunate misogynistic turn hip hop has taken the main reason I don t listen to it any Most of the poems in this book are hip hop inspired, so perhaps a little knowledge on the history of hip hop from the 80s onwards would be beneficial Many of the poems are also activist and political in nature.A few are very personal Some bemoan loss in culture and the unfairness in society They also talk about self discovery, which I found to be quite inspirational.As always, Williams word choice and word play is brilliant A great book to finish 2012 with. A book of poetry about hip hop And it is hip hop The Lost Teachings of Hip Hop Another reviewer stated that they didn t come away with anyof an understanding of hip hop than before The book seems to begeared towards those already familiar with hip hop But even then, I don t think it s going to give a whole new understanding because chances are that if you re reaching for this book you re already in line with what Saul is saying about the state of hip hop.The book is aboutthan hip hop though Just like Saul s music it s about life, love, finding ourselves, living up to our full potential, freedom Those very things that Saul states that hip hop was created for and can still bring about I have learned the importance of stories, the importance of dreams night and day , the need to look beyond mirrors, the flow of energy, the hindrances of control dramas, the inconsistencies of time, the inaction that self consciousness leads to, the reality of the unreal, the universal source of energy, the beauty of all things, the unity of all things, that coincidences aren t, that love cannot be specified kinda , the ineptitude of belief, death only comes to those who believe in it, life only comes when you re not reading writing, or thinking about it Life is what happens when you re busy making other plans.