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!Free Book ♸ First Drop of Crimson ☱ The Night Is Not Safe For MortalsDenise MacGregor Knows All Too Well What Lurks In The Shadows Her Best Friend Is Half Vampire Cat Crawfield And She Has Already Lost Than The Average Human Could Bear But Her Family S Dark Past Is Wrapped In Secrets And Shrouded In Darkness And A Demon Shapeshifter Has Marked Denise As Prey Now Her Survival Depends On An Immortal Who Craves A Taste Of HerHe Is Spade, A Powerful, Mysterious Vampire Who Has Walked The Earth For Centuries And Is Now Duty Bound To Protect This Endangered, Alluring Human Even If It Means Destroying His Own Kind Denise May Arouse His Deepest Hungers, But Spade Knows He Must Fight His Urge To Have Her As They Face The Demon Nightmare Together Because Once The First Drop Of Crimson Falls, They Will Both Be Lost Denise sighed I ll be twenty eight on my next birthday I ll be two hundred and fifty seven on my next birthday, Spade replied. Spade aka Charles aka Baron Charles DeMortimer is Bones best friend And has been a widower for a few hundred years He did not love his wife.Denise is Cat s best friend And has been a widow recently She loved her husband Spade wants Denise and Denise wants SpadeSpade brushed her hair back with a light, caressing stroke She wished his fingers felt lifeless and cold, but they didn t They felt strong, supple, and knowing Like he realized exactly how she was reacting to his touch Denise His voice was so deep, and the breath he d used saying her name touched her cheek in its own caress.Denise closed her eyes Everything in her wanted to turn toward Spade and abandon the last, thin thread of control she had. But Denise resists because she still loves her husband and because he was killed by supernatural beings The last thing she wants is to be with a vampire.So, Spade will do everything that he can to seduce her without forcing himself to her, because he is a good guy and he has already lost a human girl that he loved before by a few bad guys He wants to live something real and he is truly in loveI wanted you to watch, so I stomped around the room to wake you before I got into the shower Didn t you wonder why the light was on It wasn t for me, I can see in the dark And then I kept the water cold so the glass wouldn t fog With your body, that should count as entrapment, Denise muttered, feeling her face heat No, darling His voice was husky It s seduction, and I have no qualms about that I intend to seduce you every chance I get He drew away, letting his hands slide from her grip I ll be taking that shower now His brow rose with meaning And I ll leave the door openA demon has trapped Denise because one of her ancestors did a bad deal This is the main reason these two ended up together Denise did not know who to ask for help and Bones best friend was a good choice While they run away from the demon and they survive they will also fall in love.A very nice addition to the Night Huntress world I thoroughly enjoyed it There were moments that Spade is even hotter than Bones And the fact that Denise resists makes the story very interesting and different from the main series books. 5 stars Vampire Paranormal RomanceIf I m ever stuck on a deserted island or in a remote, isolated castle somewhere, my three survival fantasy essentials would be Bones, Spade, and a Twister Board Game cause I think the possibilities would be endlesscertainly enough to last for a wicked eternity Bones and Spade high pitched fan girl squeal and naughty grin This is a devilishly sexy, witty, fun, and smokin hot addition to the awesome Night Huntress series, and I loved it, loved it, loved it Bones is still my top 1 darling bad boy vamp, but Spade is a verrry close second place Here are some of my favorite funny lines scenesbeware possible spoilers aheadDenise on Spade s appeal Put Spade in a Calvin Klein ad and women would be tempted to lick the page. Spade teasing Denise about her aversion to his eating habitsYou ll be pleased to know you slept through my breakfast You eat the room service employees every time Denise asked shocked.Of course But don t fret on their behalf I always tip well Spade jesting about Denise s silly attempt to keep him at bay using garlicAnd while I ll confess it was fun watching you choke yourself on garlic the past few days, you need have no fear of me biting you As for things going further than kissing, you need not fret about that, either, he went on, raking her with a gaze I don t lack for bed partners, so I don t need to scrounge for unwilling scraps Denise s response to Spade on whether she s okay after freaking out in the middle of a vampire partyAbout three miles from Crazytown with my foot on the pedal, I d say Spade internally berating himself on his attraction to Denise Fool, he lashed himself He wasn t doing this out of pity, obligation, or honor, as Denise might believe No, he d just recommitted to helping her for the staggeringly witless reason of not wanting to let her go yet Even now, her scent and nearness tantalized his senses It was the height of stupidity to be tempted by a woman he could neither bite nor shag Perhaps for his next brilliant notion, he d take up shaving with a chain saw. Denise commenting on Ian s attire at a goth clubYou look like a Dracula porn movie reject, she managed.Spade laughed, but Ian winced Let s not speak of him Like the devil, Vlad might appear if we do Bones reacting to his best mate Spade s feelings about DeniseLucifer s bouncing balls, that s why you re acting like a nutter You ve gone and fallen in love with her Bloody hell, if I didn t see it on your face for myself, I wouldn t believe it Denise and Spade having a little lover s quarrelWhat the devil Oh, good one, Spade Har har Well, it s nothing you need to worry about any, is it Thanks for your time All your time, but really, the farewell fuck was unnecessary A vibrator can last all night, too, vampire Spade cooing to Denise in cat form to try and have her shift backDenise, he said low If you can hear me, I very much need you to come back Don t resign me to the fate of being one of those crusty old vampires who only live with their pets I m talking to a bloomin kitty, it occurred to him He might as well dig a hole and cover himself up with his grave dirt now Come now, darling, I can think of far better ways to spend time in bed with you than this, he continued in a low voice You make a right fetching feline, but really, there are limits to the things I m willing to try I m sorry to say but this was NOT good I gave this 2,5 stars and I m still wondering whether it isn t too generous.Was this really Jeaniene Frost What happened to the woman who wrote such a fresh and exciting book with Halfway to the Grave Granted I wasn t the biggest Night Huntress series fan So many nice ideas but nothing really fleshed out minimal world building, thin plot, flat secondaries, etc But I came into these spin off series expecting a PNR novel The only thing important to me was a remotely believable plot and a likable h h couple I got none of that.The whole story was one huge plot hole Out of left field, unbelievable and convenient are words that come to mind And Denise deserves a new acronym TFATL Too F cking Annoying To Live Pardon my French but you ll excuse me for it after you ve read the book Could she be any stupid I really don t get how Spike 2 I mean Spade could have fallen for her And not because I hated her guts, but really it isn t explained At all Why did they have such a connection What was the attraction based on What do they like about each other I have already accepted that creating an engaging and unpredictable multilayered plot isn t one of Frost s strong points But until now she did manage to aptly describe the attraction between her h h couple This time however, the attraction was unfounded and the angst was forged to make the love story exciting First Drop of Crimson was a bunch of PNR clich s and a stupid heroine put together. I ve been feeling less and less enthusiastic about the Night Huntress books with each new instalment I ve read and sadly this one just continued that trend There was nothing overly bad with the story It was just very dull We took a break from Cat and Bones and got the story of a couple of their friends pairing up It was Spade, Bones old vamp buddy, and Denise, Cat s human best friend Denise has been trying to avoid the paranormal world since her husband got murdered by vampires in one of the earlier NH books but finds herself sucked back in when a demon starts killing off her family members One of her ancestors had reneged on a deal and the creature was not exacting vengeance on the rest of the family With Cat and Bones half the world away Denise calls Spade, the only other vamp she knows, for help This is PNR so it will not be a shock to hear the pair fall in love along the way I feel like I should have enjoyed this as it had most of the stuff I usually like in a PNR but for some reason I was always just a little bored while listening to the story Both Denise and Spade were likeable enough and they even seemed a good match for each other but I just could not work up any enthusiasm for their tale It probably did not help that the pair felt and acted exactly like Cat and Bones I think I m done with the NH world It is a shame as I liked the first few books and was hoping a break from Cat and Bones would rekindle my enthusiasm for the world and the secondary characters Rating 2.5 stars I m rounding down to 2 as it was a bit of a chore to finish this one Audio Note Even Tavia Gilbert sounded a bit bored while reading this one. Fantastic fun It was intense, a bit gruesome, suspenseful and soooo sexy Spade, I underestimated you Please forgive me Bones, but step aside There s a new man in my life This is Denise McGregor s story you remember her human best friend to half vampire Cat Crawfield, who is half of the Bones Cat super couple Well, ever since Denise s husband Randy met his demise in the most horrible way in At Grave s End, Denise has been trying to stay away from her friends in the immortal world, wanting to make a clean break from her past and all the horrors she witnessed and the guilt she feels over Randy s death But when her young relatives start suspiciously dropping like flies, one after the other, and she witnesses one of the deaths which is actually a murder, and the murderer turns into a dog right before her eyes, she knows she needs help But who Who would believe her when the authorities think the deaths are just the result of heart attacks Cat, that s who But when Denise has trouble reaching her, she reluctantly turns to the one person who would know Cat s where abouts the powerful, mysterious, and sexy as hell vampire, Spade Spade doesn t want Denise to involve Cat and Bones in her problem, since they ve recently had their own rough time, and agrees to come to her in Fort Worth But before Spade can get to her, she is visited by a demon named Raum who wants a very specific thing from her Find one of her long ago relatives Nathaniel who welshed on a deal with Raum and is probably hiding out among vampires, and bring Nathanial to him or watch her parents be the next victims of an early demise Oh yeah, and to make sure she cooperates, he leaves her with some demon brands that could turn her into a demon shape shifter like him along with unique qualities to her blood that could threaten her very existence and make her a valuable commodity to the vampire underworld.So Spade arrives, finds Denise branded by a demon and listens to her plans of finding the elusive Nathanial, and since he s adamant that she doesn t involve Cat and Bones in her plan, he reluctantly agrees to help her in their place It won t be easy tracking Nathanial, he could be the property of a number of vampires, and Denise and Spade s search takes them from NYC to Las Vegas, to England, and various cities in Europe, ending in a big party in Monaco where it s revealed just who has Nathanial and what has been done to him for the past 150 years.Now, while all this is going on, Spade and Denise try to fight the attraction that has been brewing between them since they first met years ago Because of Spade s tragic last great romance over 150 years ago, he vowed never to get involved romantically with a female human again humans were just for casual shagging and feeding And since Denise is a friend of Cat and Bones, there could be nothing casual between them But boy is he tempted.As is Denise Even though Randy s been dead a year, and Denise wants to move on, she doesn t want to be attracted to Spade and be drawn back into the world that left her with nightmares But after spending and time with him, and witnessing what a good man he is, and his old world charm and his modern day sexiness, how can a girl resist Okay, than enough said You ll just have to read it and get swept up in it like I did Jeaniene Frost does not disappoint there is not a slow spot in this book If you ve read the first 4 books in the previous series and enjoyed them, you ll find this one just as enjoyable This book was a very easy read, and I was able to slip right back into the world JF created even though I ve read many books since Destined for an Early Grave I felt this book had romance and less action in terms of the fighting that Cat and Bones had to do, even though there is some action especially the exciting conclusion where Denise proves how much she s changed both physically and emotionally But the best part for me was the romance between Spade and Denise it was filled with sexual tension OMG, Spade s shower scene that just built and built, and then the payoff WhewTurn up the AC, or run outside in the snow Verrry erotic and verry passionate Fans of Bones and Cat, don t despair You know JF had to include them in this book, and they do show up, just in the nick of time You ll also see plenty of Ian who is both annoying and charming I m dying to read his book , and even Mencheres gets in on the act, and is important in the final showdown with Raum This story just hit all the right notes for me there s romance, action, humor, some creepiness, and plenty of moments that left me sighing And oh my, I fear I may have fallen for Spade as well He is just so hotSpade and Denise made one terrific couple, and to those of you who may feel that Cat is a little tough , you may find Denise as a heroine to your liking although she can kick some serious a There wasn t anything I didn t love about this story it gets 5 big stars from me Re read with the crew at Buddies Books and BaublesOriginal Review July 2013This is really not a standalone book If you haven t read the first four books in the Night Huntress series you really shouldn t read this one first For a few reasons that I won t go into but trust me when I say it would spoil much of the other books for you.I will say I very much like Spade, he is still a little broken and definitely duty and honor bound He is very much a good hero and could be swoonable He becomes extremely delicate with Denise as he tries reluctantly to help her Denise is not my favorite heroine she obsesses a little with does he like me or is it just a show and is suffering from PTSD so sometimes acts very irrational While she grows on you throughout the story sometimes the over obsessing about how much money this is all costing Spade borders on ridiculous But I guess she is a human living after some very traumatic experiences in the vampire world it is slightly true to life how a normal person would react to something like that Ian is a bright and shining bit of comic relief and I was glad to see him enter the story I have liked his character and since the third book in the Night Huntress seriesLuscious, aren t I, poppet Go on, stare I don t mind You look like a Dracula porn movie reject Let s not speak of him Like the devil, Vlad might appear if we do Oh this story could have used a little Vlad I liked that this is now third person so we get to see things from both Denise and Spade that makes everything enjoyable but overall it isn t quite as dynamic a story as the other books by Jeaniene Frost Still overall if you have enjoyed the other books in this series this is a fun read about two of the side characters that have similar backstories of losing someone they loved dearly who are from to different worlds Denise wanted to be rid of the vampire world after losing her husband Randy and Spade never wanted to love a human again after losing the woman he intended to marry.Small appearances are made by Cat Bones and Mencheries but my favorite couple of Cat and Bones didn t have quiet enough time to steal the scene There are some tender moments and the idea of the demon was an interesting twist on things Still a solid fun read but not as strong as the rest of the Night Huntress books thus far. Wow, well, this is the first book in the Night Huntress World spin offs from the Night Huntress series and focused on two characters that Frost s other novels have only touched upon briefly Spade and Denise Spade is your centuries old, English and, of course, sexy vampire and Denise is the recent widow of Randy, a man killed by forces of the dark and supernatural world Needless to say, vampires aren t often dinner guests at her home.What I found most apparent about this book is that Frost had again returned back to the heavy on the sexy naughty kinky and light on the plot development In my opinion, the story was weak Some demon wanted revenge on one of Denise s long lost relatives and was taking it out on various members of her family But, Frost writes banter and lust in a way that can somehow override the need for a brilliant story she is one of the few writers I know who does that well She creates characters that you love and feel like you know, so despite whatever stupid demon whatever thingy is going on I always find myself interested because the characters are all important to me even these two which had previously remained on the sidelines.Frost has a gift for the small and funny but memorable moments To compare, I would say look at the MacHalo scene in Faefever by Karen Marie Moning, you can t help but remember that moment I felt the same when Ian, normally rather sly and cunning, came home pissed drunk and singing Gilbert and Sullivan s I m the Very Model of a Modern Major General from Pirates of Penzance Hilarious.And Spade, well, he was a lot sexier than I thought he d be Especially seeing as he had Bones to compete with Granted, he will never be Bones in my eyes but the shower scene was fun Denise was likeable but less impressive because I m used to the spunky and brave Cat She did improve throughout the novel, shedding a lot of her timidity that I suppose can be excused after her husband got ripped apart by a zombie.I will definitely read Eternal Kiss of Darkness about Mencheres I m even keen to read it after finishing Destined for an Early Grave, simply because we saw a lot of him and his sense of humour Mencheres Then you remember the dream That bodes ill Cat Hey, Walks Like An Egyptian, how about for once you drop the formal stuff and talk like you live in the twenty first century Mencheres The shit s gonna splatter, start buggin , yo. I m really starting to enjoy finding books which were destroyed by bad translation So, let me tell you about this one.First of all, this was published before the original series about Cat and Bones, so, you can imagine that it really did not make any sense at all Second of all, it said that Cat had something with Mancheres, it said a romance And when I read the original series, I kept waiting for Cat to sleep with Mancheres Well, and it was definitely surprising to find out that it did not happen at all BlameTheTranslation I think I should make series out of this Well, I m pretty disappointed I enjoyed the book for the most part, but it just wasn t what I expected or wanted I knew it was PNR I just didn t know it was generic PNR I liked reading about Spade and enjoyed his character It was nice to see Cat and Bones and Mencheres and Ian who I have a new perspective on.And then there was Denise Oh, Denise, how you vex me Denise is a TSTL heroine She is either being way too stubborn and unable to use her brain, or she is being a simpering insecure idiot Her internal whining about how Spade could never love her because she s human just about drove me to drink I mean, COME ON, the man is risking everything to help you, you f ing moron Ugh I have to stop before I get all worked up about it again.But seriously, it s a quick read because you can skip all of Denise s internalizing , and it s really almost worth reading just because of the ridiculousness that is Denise Seriously, most.annoying.heroine.ever But, Yay Spade is hot Edited to add I can t believe I forgot to mention Ian He is hot, but cannot be trusted.