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My son picked this book out from the library last week This book didn t really impress me until I read it out loud I think this book should always be read out loud The text does not rhyme, but it is pure poetry There is a cadence and a lilt to the words that needs to be read out loud to be properly savored The illustrations are majestic And so powerfully lovely And so perfectly fitted for the poetic text. Bauer, M D 2009 The Longest Night T Lewin, Illus China Holiday House.Where found Virginia Beach Central LibraryCategory Picture book soakWhile the cover of this book looks simple enough, the power of illustration in this book is phenomenal The author takes the reader on a poetic journey through the darkness of the woods Darkness has taken over the land, and the animals try one by one to see who can bring the sun and light back From bear to moose to crow, each tries to bring back the sun The wind tells each creature that they are not the one to bring back the light It is the sweet and small chickadee with her chirping song that can only bring the sun back to the land, and the book ends with the sun coming back and greeting the chickadee Ted Lewin, the illustrator, only uses blues, browns, and dark green and black in water color to convey the darkness of the setting While a subtle touch, this makes for some powerful supporting illustrations to Bauer s poetic style When I first read the book, I wanted to find someone to read it out loud to, because the words are so poetic and to say them out loud was like spouting out color because her style is so beautiful I read this book to my cousin who is five and she wanted me to read it over and over again I already want to buy this book for my future children I would definitely use this in my classroom during a poetry unit or to discuss how adjectives can be used in a variety of ways to depict a feeling or setting. [Free Kindle] ☫ The Longest Night ♧ It Is The Longest Night Of The Year, And The Snow Lies Deep All Through The Forest, Animals Long For Dawn S Warmth Strong And Clever Creatures Boast That Only They Can Bring Back The Sun But The Wind Knows Better The Wind Calls Chickadee, Whose Simple Song Wakes The Sun In This Lyrical Story From Marion Dane Bauer With Breathtaking Watercolors By Ted Lewin, It Will Take A Tiny And Gentle Creature To Summon A New Day The illustrations in this book bring on the feelings of peace, stillness, and tranquility that can be the nighttime Here the animals of the forest individually discuss who can bring back the suna great task for the small, but mighty. This book is about animals trying to be the one to bring the sun back There is a moose, a crow and a fox who say they are the ones to bring the sun back because of their abilities Unfortunately they are not the ones to bring the sun back A small chickadee is the only one that is able to sing a song to awake the sun I recommend this book for younger children because of the reading level and of the pictures This is appropriate for my field because I want to work with 2nd grade students and would be a great book for them I like this book because of the story behind it It tells you that no matter how small or how little your abilities are you can still accomplish many things in life and nothing should stand in your way. As always, Ted Lewin s illustrations are beautiful and Marion Dane Bauer provides a lovely poetic text for him to work with I really think that this could be a spectacular read aloud With the intricate details and multitude of shades and tints, It amazed me to learn that Lewin did the entire book with only three different colours of paint, mixed in various quantities except for the last two page spreads The illustrations, and the story, are very cold and bleak, only starting to warm with the first rosy glow of spring at the end While everything is gorgeous, I question if it is too much winter, with everything dark and silvery quiet I m also not sure if the pink tones at the end symbolizing spring are warm enough to lend hope, even though a slowly brightening spring isrealistic, as is the initial dark blues and shadowy browns. Ted Lewin s beautiful images of winter in the northern boreal belt and Marion Dane Bauer s lyrical words ask who shall wake the sun to break the long darkness and cold This one is great to read aloud as the repetitive question and changed answer invite co readers to ask the questions and make the sounds of the winds and the chickadee.Liturgical storytellers in Unitarian Universalist circles are often looking for fresh stories around the Winter Solstice If your congregation is in the places of snow and ice and moose, then I d say this is a lovely storybook to share in classrooms and, with permission from the authors Holiday House, to retell in worship.However, my search for a south Florida friendly winter solstice story continues The sun has gone down, and all the animals of the forest claim they will raise it with strength and cleverness, but it is only the little chickadee which can bring the sun back with a song.I justI don t like it It s just too much of nature mysticism It felt generic, with words that say nothing meaningful and illustrations that have little life, despite all of the animals portrayed.I picked this up to fill out my 5 book bag, hoping it would be a good pick for my nephew, but I m not even sure I should send it his way. Third, fourth, and fifth graders enjoyed listening to this book during library time We had a great discussions about the Winter Solstice and animals after reading. The longest night is, of course, the Winter Solstice This is a story about the beginning of the long, cold, dark journey from the heart of winter towards spring, told by the wind and the forest animals A lyrical cadence and repetition in the language lend this book the feeling of folklore, perfectly balanced with the beautiful if dark watercolor illustrations of realistically depicted forest animals A lovely addition to a winter storytime or school unit on forest animals in the winter.