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What an amazing book.It s refreshing and honest and not at all awkward which I was initially apprehensive about At its heart, it s a love story, and a story of friendship and mothers and daughters Despite Drea s Aspergers, she s incredibly easy to relate to, to love and to cheer on It s funny and precious and inspiring It s a little heartbreaking, a whole lot eye opening and completely captivating Also, Justin, swoon My review can also be found on my blog Collections.Sometimes there are books that end up being very different than what I first imagined from reading the book s summary This book is definitely one of them I love when that happens because usually it ends up being even better than I imagined I loved Drea, Justin, and Naomi They were awesome and good people I may not have exactly their problems, but I do have my own, and I could easily relate to their characters When I read the book s summary and looked at the cover which fit perfectly, btw , I thought the entire book would be dark and serious But it wasn t On almost every page there was something that cracked me up Not that I m saying there aren t any dark and serious moments because there definitely is And I definitely cried I still feel like crying Music is a part of this book, but if you re worried you won t recognize the musicians, it s okay It doesn t take over, which I liked Although, honestly, I wouldn t have minded knowingabout the music Drea and Justin listened to because I seem to have a similar taste in music I want Justin s Bj rk shirt heck, just give me Justin heh , and I have the urge to listen to Snow Patrol s Somewhere a Clock is Ticking So I ll just end by saying that if you re looking for a book with great characters and a book that will most likely make you laugh and cry, then I recommend this book to you. [Download Epub] ♫ Harmonic Feedback ⚖ Sixteen Year Old, Music And Sound Design Obsessed Drea Doesn T Have Friends She Has, As She S Often Reminded, Issues Drea S Mom And A Rotating Band Of Psychiatrists Have Settled On A Touch Of Asperger S Having Just Moved To The Latest In A String Of New Towns, Drea Meets Two Other Outsiders And Naomi And Justin Seem To Actually Like Drea The Three Of Them Form A Band After An Impromptu, Portishead Comparison Worthy Jam After School Justin Swiftly Challenges Not Only Drea S Preference For Poe Over Black Lab But Also Her Perceived Inability To Connect With Another Person Justin, Against All Odds, May Even Like Like Drea It S Obvious That Drea Can T Hide Behind Her Sound Equipment Any But Just When She S Found Not One But Two True Friends, Can She Stand To Lose One Of Them I really had trouble rating this book I did enjoy it, the ending even made me cry and I finished it in a few hours last night I couldn t stop reading and was totally caught up in the story, but now, after sleeping on it, I don t feel quite so strongly about it any Yesterday, I would have rated Harmonic Feedback four stars But when I think about it now, I don t really see myself going back to re read it While the story was well done and the ending touched me, it obviously didn t leave a huge impact on me What bothered me Drea loves music, and her greatest talent lies in producing and mixing sounds together Okay, I don t know anything about producing and the author lost me quickly when Drea was talking about it with her friends They used so many terms I had never heard of before, referring to programs I didn t even know existed and I believe that probably about 80% very random guess here of the people who read this book don t really know that much about producing either Well, I found myself skimming paragraphs it weren t that many, though because I wasn t in the mood to look anything up I found it a bit sad that this important aspect of Drea s life, her favourite thing to do, wasn t explainedin depth I felt like missing out on a huge part of her life.And, I couldn t relate to Naomi at all She infuriated me with her carelessness and way of dealing with her problems I know that she didn t have an easy life and was just looking for someone who loved her, but maintaining a relationship with a cheating, violent drug dealer and popping pills is just not something I can understand On the other hand, I found it very easy to relate to Drea She is diagnosed with a mild form of Asperger s and ADHD She has diffuclties understanding why people don t always say or do what they mean, because she wants to be honest with others, speaks her mind freely and doesn t feel like pretending just because it ispolite Her struggles to fit in, to not be labelled and judged were portrayed realistically Also, thumbs up for the first love interest named Justin that actually was any goodMemories of other good Justins from books read before 2010 might have been wiped out by not so fond memories of Justin Enos from Infinite Days who had as much personality as a blank sheet of paper and my special friend Justin forgot his last name from Awaken who was majorly annoying with his preachy waysHe might have been almost a little too perfect, but who cares, it s fiction and he had nice tattoos and piercings The development of the relationship between him and Drea was really well done and they had a great chemistry In the end, I think I m settling for three stars here Recommended if you are into contemporary novels that are a biton the edgier and darker side but feature a level headed and strong protagonist The book reminded me a little of Freefall, so if you liked that I think you might like this one, too. I wasn t sure what to expect out of this book when I started reading it I had heard great things about the protagonist, Drea, and that Kelly had done a really good job at writing the thought processes of a character on the autism spectrum That s what interested me, and that s why I read the book As for plot specifics, I kind of didn t care I was farinterested in the characters I think that was the right way to go into this book.The characters are, far and away, the best part Drea s thoughts are easy to follow, and her perspective is always completely understandable, even when as the reader, I could see where her perceptions and the perceptions of people around her were clashing And she s just a vibrant, memorable character all around I couldn t follow all her music related geekery, but it felt credible, and it felt like the sort of conversations I would expect real music geeks to really have I was impressed with the other characters, too I especially appreciate how the designated mean girl was allowed to bethan the cliche.But the last fifty pages or so of the book take a turn toward the melodramatic I really wish Kelly hadn t gone this direction Most of the book is built around the concept of Drea slowly opening herself to social interactions without putting up a false front, and I wish Kelly had stuck with that The book didn t need that shot of drama, because it was moving enough on its own And absorbing I read this book in record time, because I couldn t put it down Where this book will probably succeed or fail with most readers is Naomi She s a classic Manic Pixie Dream Girl, with a self destructive streak I found her to be very likeable, but she could also irritate me, and I don t doubt that many readers will find themselves unable to connect with her at all But while I was disappointed with her story arc, I liked herthan enough to stay connected with the book to the end.I would definitely recommend Harmonic Feedback, especially to anyone interested in reading characters on the spectrum But be aware that it will take a sudden turn for the dramatic at the end. With only 3 stars it may seem like I didn t like it very much, but that s not really the case There were things that I just really didn t like Or maybe the better word is that I didn t get Quick Overview Drea and her mom have just moved from San Francisco to Bellingham, Washington to move in with her hard to please grandmother Their first day there, a purple haired girl named Naomi from across the street talks to Drea and surprisingly seems to like her, despite the way she acts and her obsession with music and sound design Drea has mild Apserger s and ADHD and because of that she doesn t have any friends This is uncharted territory, as is the new guy Justin who thinks she s interesting , and whom she does not understand Drea is surprised to find that she not only has a friend, but two But both Justin and Naomi aren t all that they seem.Like I said there were certain aspects of the books that I liked Like the music, but I guess I was expecting something different from this The band doesn t play as big a role as I d thought and neither does the Asperger s Sometimes I didn t even remember that Drea had anything because she acts and thinks so normal Just blunt and rude, and really who hasn t met someone like that Justin is really sweet, although maybe a bit too good to be true, even with the secret Hopefully this isn t spoiling anything, but the relationship was a bit weird It doesn t make sense that Drea has never even been kissed then all of a sudden she is in a serious relationship Just too big of a jump Plus, because of the way she acts sometimes I imagine her being younger, which makes it even stranger Naomi was nice and funny sometimes but she still made me want to pound her head in First off she s always doing things and saying pervy jokes to try and embarrass Drea Maybe I m being a prude but I got enough of the sex jokes riding the bus all through middle school AND high school I ve paid my dues It could also be the fact that Naomi reminded me of someone I used to know, and just like then I m totally frustrated, angry, and confused by her decisions.Despite all that though I thought the writing was done well Drea s voice was authentic and easy to read Even though she has Asperger s you can really relate to a lot of the things that confuse her about how people act I also thought it was pretty cool that I actually knew what a didgeridoo was and that I knew some of the bands she mentioned Although I m not sure how much credit I should give myself since I m pretty sure everyone and their dog knows Snow Patrol and Bjork, but moving on Although the characters are admittedly a bit stereotyped, they are given good dimension throughout most of the book The grandmother although having a huge stick up her butt, was also funny and strangely lovable.So like I said, I thought the writing was done well although I think the description of the book is a bit misleading since the band isn t given much attention and the Asperger s sometimes gets lost in the story It seemsa story about friendship and acceptance than anything else Okay, I m going to be motherly for just a second here, but I should warn unsuspecting readers that there is sexual content, drug use, and some cussing If that doesn t bother you and it still sounds interesting than I think it s definitely worth giving a shot This just isn t what I typically read. Wow What an amazing debut novel about friendship, love and music It is a beautifully written story filled with characters that capture your heart I could have easily devour it in one sitting, it was an effortless read While the plot is good the ending took me by suprise , it is the characters that shine I adore Drea, she is such a unique, straight forward, honest character that inspires you to be a better person Justin is sweet, gorgeous Kim tattoos and piercings, yummy and a caring friend I liked Drea and Justin romance how it developed from friendship to romance never feeling rushed or fake Naomi is funny and wild and I loved how she instantly accepted Drea I think everybody will be able to find a character that they can relate to, as most of us would have struggled one way or another as a teenager, whether like Drea you are trying find your place in this world, or Justin trying to move forward from your past, or like Naomi just wanting somebody to love you I also loved the music content in this book It wasn t the main focus of the story but something that connected the characters together Overall, one of the top debuts of 2010 So if you are thinking about reading a great realistic teen fiction, I say move Harmonic Feedback to the top of your to read pile. Tara Kelly has a knack for writing engaging stories In fact, this is the second book by her that I have read in nearly one sitting But while her writing can certainly grab a hold of me, it doesn t have a particularly strong grip I was engaged while I was reading but didn t spend much time thinking about it when I put it down Still, Harmonic Feedback is an interesting novel with a unique voice.Said unique voice is a result of heroine Drea s touch of Asperger s In this case, touch of Asperger s means the inability to recognize social cues or sarcasm and difficulty censoring her spoken thoughts She also dresses like Courtney Love back when she was the girl with the most cake As you can imagine Drea is a real hit on the first day at a new school Despite her social awkwardness, Drea attracts the attention of wild child, vivacious Naomi who appreciates her blunt honesty and seemingly good little rich boy Justin who turns out to understand both Drea and Naomi a lot better than they think The trio connect through their love of music and the story grows from there, primarily focusing on Drea s evolving relationship with the world around her.I am a music lover and although I have my favorites, my love isn t restricted by genre Yet, when I think soul gripping, speak directly to my heart music, let me adjust the stabilizers on the distortion doesn t come to mind So while it was intriguing to think of how someone like Drea might react to music in different ways than I do, Drea s passion for producing music didn t sweep me off my feet, you know what I mean When I think of the power of music, I expect somethinglike this.Let s just say one of these things had me sniffling in my cubicle and Harmonic Feedback wasn t it The book is about a lotthan music of course would it be hypocritical of me to say I kind of wish it had focusedon music and while the middle of the story grew a little repetitive, I remained invested in Drea, Naomi and Justin s story the entire way through In the end it just didn t resonate with me as deeply as I had hoped This review originally appeared on Young Adult Anonymous Rating Clarification 4.5 StarsHarmonic Feedback by Tara Kelly falls in that coveted category of hard to put down This story captured my attention almost immediately and despite a hectic couple of days, I kept running back to this book at every free moment to readabout Drea and her life Harmonic Feedback really did move me and kept me glued to the pages from beginning to end.I was pleasantly surprised by the content of the book It wasn t until I was about to start reading it did I discover it involved themes such as Asperger s Syndrome AS and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD I initially thought it was about the well played out concepts of teenage angst, coming of age, first love sprinkled with the added element of music Not the case at all In Harmonic Feedback we meet Drea, a sixteen year old, musically obsessed teenager that s had all sorts of labels thrown at her, such as teachers calling her socially immature, to kids calling her a freak, and doctors checking off symptoms so they can make random diagnosis on her Her whole life she s struggled to make friends and simply fit in, all because she doesn t understand that invisible set of social rules All that changes when she moves to a new town and meets Justin and Naomi, the first people to treat her like nothing was wrong with her, and for the first time she wants to be good at the role she is suppose to play in the hopes that if she plays her part right, they will see her as normal.Overall, I feel this book is so muchthan about defining AS and ADHD At the core, this novel is about a girl s experience with just trying to fit in In today s day and age, we like to believe we ve come a long way in accepting differences and bringing down social barriers, but when you think about it people are just as quickly to judge others today as we were yesterday I really came to feel compassion for Drea because through her eyes, we can see how at the most basic level, everyone simply just wants to be accepted Heck, this concept is even backed up by theories such as Maslow s Hierarchy of Needs stating that social acceptance comes in at 3 in our list of human needs where we simply want to experience belonging, love, affection and acceptance Throughout the entire novel, it always felt that this was just beyond Drea s grasp and at any moment she would do or say the wrong thing and everything would just fall apart The characters in this novel all played well defined roles Her mother was always that protective person that sometimes passed the boundaries of confidence IMO by telling people about Drea s condition before she even had a chance to define herself Naomi came in to Drea s life and offered her friendship with no questions asked, but it still felt like it came with a price that challenged Drea s beliefs of right and wrong Justin was the first person to know Drea s true self and give her the love she deserved and the protection she required in a socially confusing environment All great secondary characters that played integral roles in Drea s life.Overall, this novel was filled with powerful and raw emotions I loved the music element that was infused in the storyline I adored the characters and my heart broke for Drea time and time again throughout this book Truly a story that s well worth the time and investment Great read TBR Reduce Challenge 6 2011 Alexa To be honest I don t like books set to music, which I m ashamed to admit I thought this was one of them Hence why it took me so long to read this Still a couple of friends recommended this to me, so thanks to Nic and Alexa also for picking it for my challenge.This book was really something Harmonic Feedback is a great story about three friends, self discovery, understanding who you are, who others want to be and what you can do to change your past It s about moving on, letting go and looking forward.Drea is a complex character with real issues, and while I don t have her exact issues, I could still easily relate to her I like how blunt and honest she is She doesn t hold anything back but at the same time she s crawling out of her own skin, wanting to belong but not knowing who she can count on or who to trust It must be very hard to live the kind of life she has and I m glad that her choice of drug is music instead of madness.Naomi character hit a little to close to home for me and I related with her the most.Apart of me wanted to dislike her but in the end I just couldn t She s wild and free spirited character and says and does stuff to seek attention, but really all she wants is to be loved, it really breaks your heart when you think about it.Justin is the kind of guy that got a second chance at life and wants to share it with someone that he can understand and excepts him in return He s compassionate and sweet and simply amazing He makes me smile Basically, I just loved this book The ending made me cry, but when ever I look at the cover I kinda smile, it makes me feel better and I guess for those of you have read this might know what I mean It s such a real solid story and told in a way that you can see each character and really relate to each and everyone one of them I m floored this is a debut novel, it s remarkably well written and I look forward to reading anything by Tara Kelly An Amazing story