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A young boys body is found in some woodland closed to a lake Insp Konrad Sojer takes up the case with his partner Skarre The couple who found the body had seen a man near the entrance to the path and reported this to police Unfortunately there the plot falls apart as the police appear to do nothing except philosophise about their feelings regarding the type of person who would sexually assault and kill a young boy The couple who found the body then see the man in a local supermarket and follow him but the police are tardy about following this up Eventually another boy goes missing and there is much navel gazing about his obesity and his school life It takes until the following year for his decomposing body to be found by some young people Sejer then starts to talk to his school friends.This was a quick reads, just as well as it might have been abandoned There was nothing dark or scary about the story and nothing at all about police procedures It does begin to examine relationships and how people feel but left me with a feeling of being short changed.2 stars at a push Not nearly as good as previous titles in this series. I love Karin Fossum s books Full disclosure my heritage is half Norwegian and I m intrigued by the Skandinavian perspective They take the genre of murder mystery to a brilliant new level by focusing on the effects of the murder on all the different people involved instead of on figuring out whodunnit So refreshing With every new book Fossum explores a different dynamic, a different type of relationship and issue in society In Water s Edge, the relationship we follow is that of the couple who finds a young boy who was sexually abused and then murdered the issue is abuse of all kinds I found it fascinating to see how Fossum gradually revealed and about the charactersthe couple, Sejer, Skarre, the people in the communityand how the murder and the elements of paedophilia and other types of abuse tapped into their personal values and experiences I like to read some books just for escapism, but Fossum s books feed my need for reflection and emotional inquiry into the human conditionas another reviewer said, warts and all And it amazes me how much Fossum accomplishes in such relatively short volumes Her writing is rich yet economicalnot a single unnecessary word She captures a snapshot of an aspect of society that is at once harsh yet hopeful No small feat But I hate for her books to end I m addicted A good read but not my favorite of Fossum s While an interesting exploration of the nature of pedophilia, often the dialog between Sejer and Skarre, the central detectives of the series, feels forced, created merely to further the philosophical debate about pedophilia For example, Why are they mainly men Skarre wondered WellI m not expert but women are much better at initmacy and emotions than men What we are dealing with here are men who arenet in touch with their own feelingsThey try to solve the problem by developing paraphilia Paraphila means to love something else Really The definition of paraphilia was necessary With too many lectures between the two detectives, I actually got much caught up in the Reinhardt and Kristine, a couple of side characters who happen to find the body of the dead boy Here we get the rich textured lives of a couple who are unable to communicate Neither is wholly evil, in my reading, but both are flawed and these flaws are accentuated as they react in opposing ways to the discovery of the body Kristine brilliantly recalls various details to the detective, but then wants to move on while Reinhardt becomes obsessed about the case, taking pictures the child s body with his cell phone at the scene and then reading every story in the newspapers Overall if you are looking for a good quick read just over 200 pages this book will work well for most mystery fans. This was my first time read of Karin Fossum and not my last The Water s Edge can be a difficult story as it deals with child abduction and pedophilia If this is a no no for you, do not read this book Ms Fossum uncovers the layers of her characters flaws, hopes and fears, one by one In some ways the plot of kidnapping and murder highlights the psychology of most involved I found that very interesting how between the action and results we saw the person.Reinhardt and his wife Kristine Ris see an odd man while out for their usual Sunday walk in a wooded area Soon after they discover the small body of a boy about six, partially naked It is sad and horrific to read this piece of crucial information Stop there if you don t want any of this kind of crime.Reinhardt becomes obsessed with the crime and Kristine appalled at her brutish husband she s already unhappy with the marriage They are interviewed by detectives nspectors Konrad Sejer and Jacob Skarre We truly get an insight to both detective and how the crimes affect each one s personal life Meantime, we meet the mother of the boy and later, another boy is missing, his mother and her issues It is a psychological mystery thriller and again, not for all readers I did not find Ms Fossum to write for the shock value alone but to give insight to a person that the majority of us can t understand why That being a pedophile I cringed reading it and wished him to be burned to hell But it is the storyline.I will most definitely read another of Ms Fossum s books She is a very crafted storyteller.My humble thoughts on The Water s EdgeCity of Redemption Eerste boek van haar en ben verkocht A great detective mystery by a gifted writer In all of Karim Fossum s novels she creates a story so realistic that terror, fear, and tension are created organically Be sure to read any one of her novels They are unforgettable The Water s Edge by Karin Fossum Karin FossumI think Karin Fossum is the most emotionally interesting of crime writers She moves you and makes you think about our relationships to one another in our communities Regional Norway becomes a crucible of the rest of our existence and what assumptions may rule our perceptions Her stories aren t so much about Inspectors Konrad Sejer and Jakob Skarre but about us These coppers are mere conduits to confronting underlying conundrums This story has a lot to say about the relationships mothers have with their young sons and sons have with their carers about the yearning to have children and the struggle of child rearing.The criticism levied at this novel that it indulges pedophilia is bunkum In Fossum s universe there is no strict separation between good and evil The medley of humans existing, of growing up and ageing in cohabitation with one another in the communities bequeathed to us is far complex and engaging that the simple rule of law Law, after all won t explain brutality it serves at best only as a means to assuage it.In that sense Fossum isn t a very noir novelist Darkness isn t as pervasive as the over bearing complexity that we have to deal with every day especially among the other humans with whom we co exist.But then Fossum is always open to lightness and being if you want to be truly empathetic , to hope and the pleasures that we can obtain through knowing others including, it needs to be said, faithful dogs We need to celebrate these pleasures because when we lose them such as through murder the loss is the difficult to bear.Pain is given absolute respect by Fossum It is never a plot device Pain and anguish, rather than murder and sin, are the most human of our collective existence It is what enriches our humanity It s not the dirty deeds dirty and brutal as they may be but that with must all learn to live with the of their dead hand.So for Fossum the prospect of loss of having loved ones brutally taken from us is the most painful of what we may have to bear.The funeral described in the novel captures that anguish so very well After a ritualised, highly theatrical ceremony, the facade falls apart Then something happened No one was prepared for it The vicar was shocked, everyone could see that Some people clasped a hand over their mouth in fear, and Sejer felt an icy chill shoot down his back Elfrid L we started to scream The service had helped her maintain her composure, she had clung to the vicar s voice, but now she was screaming uncontrollably heartbreakingly, a protest which made people jump in their pews The screams came from deep within her and pushed their way out with a force no one would have believed such a tiny woman possessed For the best part of an hour the vicar had built a fragile construction of comfort and resignation Now she tore it down She screamed and she demolished it and people could no longer mourn with dignity Mourning with dignity Evil doers will be punished if not by us then by some god Law and coppers can make it all better again that s what society asks of us, or at least, asks us to believe in.That s not how Karin Fossum tells it. The Water s Edge tackles the controversial topic of how suspicion in a small community can have very profound and very different consequences on all of those who it touches, and marked an impressive and intelligent first read from author, Karin Fossum Although this is the eighth novel in the series featuring Inspector Konrad Sejer and Jacob Skarre, The Water s Edge works well as a standalone.During their regular Sunday afternoon walk as has become customary, married couple Reinhardt and Kristine Ris stumble upon the body of a young boy lying face down amidst a cluster of trees in the Linde Forest Overbearing Reinhardt calls the police but Kristine is horrified when she sees him taking photographs of the boy s body with his mobile That they noticed a suspicious looking man exiting the grounds is seized upon by the police and along with DNA evidence their description is seen as crucial in tackling a crime which has shocked the neighbourhood Pompous and domineering Reinhardt dines out on the reflected spotlight of having seen the most likely suspect, whilst Kristine withers and realises just how much she wants a child of her own As the marriage fragments under the strain of their horrific discovery, the investigation progresses and soon a second boy goes missing..The investigators are the philosophical Konrad Sejer and his erstwhile sidekick Jacob Skarre and The Water s Edge serves as a mechanism for both of them to discuss their own views and thoughts on the topic of paedophilia Whilst the usual reaction to crimes of this nature is revulsion, Sejer and Skarre are far considered and The Water s Edge is marked by their discussions which show that an understanding of the demons which can drive a man to commit such atrocities is essential to making headway and solving the crime Despite their discussions, this is no defence of paedophilia, but simply a thought provoking read that evidences that even this type of crime stems from desperation.As Fossum takes readers between the investigators, the married couple who discovered the body and the families involved, she also provides an opportunity to hear from the perpetrator and perhaps emphasise a little with them too The Water s Edge also conveys the scrutiny which falls upon gay teacher Alex, as the hunt goes on and the neighbourhood implodes This is a portrait of just how the knowledge that a paedophile is at large can splinter a community and affect those in every walk of life My first Karin Fossum but I liked the investigative team and her attention to conveying a sense of the emotions that lie behind every crime. I cannot rate this book I cannot even tell if it is well written or not I just kept wondering what the author was trying to do here My guess is that she is trying to elicit sympathy for a disgusting pervert, but I may be wrong because I cannot be rational when the lead detective, Inspector Sejer, says things like he needs to be unbiased and that he cannot understand why gay men are accepted but pedophiles will always be hated and later on tries to equate pedophilia and one who ended with a dead child at that with oral sex between adults HINT CONSENT, the issue is consent Also, homosexual and oral sex don t end up with bleeeding, dead people and psychologically scarred for life victims.I don t mind an author trying to get into the mind of the criminal, or in this case, the poor, misunderstood pedophile, poor man, his mom was a nag In fact, this is my favorite part in crime books But presenting the criminal s viewpoint is a far cry from trying to elicit simpathy for a disgusting pervert by the series heroes On to the next book in the series because I do like the way Ms Fossum writes. ^Epub ⇕ Den som älskar något annat ☘ A Married Couple, Reinhardt And Kristine Ris, Are Out For A Sunday Walk When They Discover The Body Of A Boy And See The Figure Of A Man Limping Away They Alert The Police, But Not Before Reinhardt, To Kristine S Horror, Kneels Down And Takes Photographs Of The Dead Child With His Cell Phone Inspectors Konrad Sejer And Jakob Skarre Begin To Make Inquiries In The Little Town Of Solberglia But Then Another Boy Disappears, And An Explanation Seems Remote Than Ever Meanwhile, The Ris S Marriage Starts To Unravel As Reinhardt Becomes Obsessed With The Tragic Events And His Own Part In ThemA Riveting Portrayal Of A Community Its Insiders, Its Outsiders, Its Fissures, And Its Secrets From Norway S Queen Of Crime, Karin Fossum