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Best first two sentences ever I sold my cell phone to the devil.In my own defense, it had been a really crappy day I picked this book up at the library and laughed out loud when I read those first two sentences SOLD In fact the first two pages are super concise Succinct Great voice Funny And thenI dunno It wasn t awful It just wasn t good Maybe I m just not a fan of the beautiful girl who doesn t realize how hot she is I mean, REALLY And how many times do the other characters hit her Allison Avery over the head telling her how hot she is, and she s like, No, no, no, you re all making fun of me Come on, dummy If that s the case and she s really that dense, then she needs to be dense across the board But she can t be insightful, funny, and then TOTALLY clueless about herself If you re insightful, then you have a clue into how people perceive you Maybe not always accurate, but not clueless either.Also, if she s so funny as the other characters say she is, then I wanted to see her humor come out in her dialogue a littleI didn t get to know the hot boy Tyler Moss enough to care about him or root for to get together Plus, he sounded like her If you cover up who says what and you just look at the quotes, you can t tell if it s him talking to her or vice versa He s flirty and witty, and so polished in his short conversations in the school hallways with her.Mom and dad give the parental speeches that feel like a platform for the author to express her opinions of inner beauty and self esteem The devil modeling manager at the end gives her the choice of all the fame in the world at the cost of humiliating her family She, of course, comes out strong and gorgeous on the inside and can you tell which choice she makes However, Disney channel could probably cut 200 pages and make this a fun original movie It drags in the middle, but the concept is good, and if tightened with a lotaction and fun school ditching trips to New York City, it would make a great tween screenplay Anyway, I finished it, but doubtful I ll read the other two books in the series Sadly, I had high hopes after hearing a very reputable editor praise it at a conference last year. I was so intrigued by Allison s character, I never truly knew what she was going to do, or what was going to happen, it kept me guessing, and left me wanting . Okay, this book is very bad, forget ehh It doesn t really take itself seriously There s the cliche girl who is the middle child and feels like her family treats her older sister and the baby of the family way better than her And she is a MAJOR pushover Her so called best friend Jade basically judges any and every one from the amount of make up they were to their grades and how many extracurriculars they re involved in I especially don t like Jade because she tells Allison that by skipping ONE DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL IN THE 9TH GRADE colleges weren t going to accept her Um, okay because that s not a strict exaggeration And she expects everyone to abide by her rules And if they don t, she gives them the silent treatment It s like her go to solution For example Allison laughs too loudly at a joke Jade makes in the cafeteria and Jade and their other friend basically Jade s lackey Serena just follows her example And then the boy of the story, Ty Tyler is ugh He s fickle He flirts with Allison s new friend Roxie and then her best friend Jade another reason I don t like her because she knows that Allison has had a crush on him for forever and she just disregards that and then starts going after Allison when she gets pretty And then the author tries to make him seem like a good guy by humanizing him and throwing in that he has a brother with Down Syndrome and he is his hero I m confused Is he good or bad And Allison is kind of naive too Like when Tyler admits to her that he only started liking her because she got hot, she seems surprisedAnd don t even get me started on the devil part This really makes no sense It s used as a plot device to get the actions of the book started but it s not properly executed at all Like when the devil first shows up, Allison doesn t freak out She just goes pee and keeps herself covered because she doesn t want to expose herself to him And then they haggle over a deal that makes no sense He tries to offer Allison her sisters metabolism in exchange for her soul but apparently she doesn t have one I didn t understand this part but she asks to be gorgeous insteadin exchange for her CELL PHONE And the devil takes it What does he need a cell phone for He doesn t even take it away Instead, he merely possesses it which means it basically does whatever it wants, whenever it wants Making weird sounds, playing the music randomly and loudly And he allows her to keep itum, okay Then the devil turns out to be the editor in chief of the magazine Allison is a finalist in And he expects her to tell all about her family s financial problems and her trouble with Jade and Roxie and Ty and her stuff with her sisters Which I guess is the author s way of saying something about beauty and culture and magazines and the people behind them.And it ends the way it began, Allison rips up a photo of her looking gorgeous and walks out choosing to be noble and to keep her family s secrets out of the spotlight at the expense of herself Which is kind of a predictable ending And with that she decides she s good enough to date Ty and they start datingThe end Talk about time waster. Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadToo.comAs the middle sister, Allison feels neglected She s not beautiful or lucky like her other sisters she s merely interesting With all the family drama something s up with her mom and her job Allison feels left out.Allison s best friend is also getting on her nerves When she hangs out with Roxie Green one day she just might discover that fun is missing from her life She also might have made a bargain with the devil in exchange for people thinking she s gorgeous.When Allison and Roxie skip school to get a modeling gig, things start to change All of a sudden Allison has a new best friend and the interest of her crush Could all this really be happening to her GORGEOUS is the simultaneous sequel to LUCKY, the story from Phoebe s perspective the youngest sister This is another fun, exciting read from Rachel Vail. Title GorgeousAuthor Rachel VailPublisher Harper TeenPages 271Source CO Teen Literature Conference BookstoreMy Review Characters Allison Avery is a fun character, though not as fiery and sarcastic as the summary implies As the novel progresses, she begins to stand up for herself, and becomesandfiery I had a difficult time empathizing with Allison in the novel because she wasn t the character I had been introduced to in Rachel Vail s first novel, Lucky The one character that I really enjoyed was Roxanne Greene I enjoyed her character, finding her amusing and authentic The other character that I found to be authentically crafted was Allison s ex best friend Jade There is always the one friend who thinks they know what is best for you, but what that is is usually what they think is best for THEM.Plot Conflict Theme When I first heard about this book, I just couldn t wait to read it I thought that plot would be very clever and entertaining I was sorely disappointed The 1st half of the novel was telling Phoebe s story in Lucky from Allison s point of view It felt like someone was summarizing what I had just read I had expected the story to pick up where Phoebe s story ended It did eventually, but it was so far into the book that there was little of the story left Similar to Lucky, Gorgeous leaves its meaty and interesting plots conflicts and themes to the very end The potential was there for Ms Vail to burrow deep into the superficial world of money and modeling, and create well developed themes and conflicts to capture the heart of the reader, but she fell short.Quality of Writing The quality of writing was okay, but again, I felt like much of the story was spent summarizing what was happening instead of really delving in and creating a world for the reader to immerse themselves into There were some clever lines and interesting word play, but for the most part it was only average.Favorite Line Allison is having an important conversation with Jade A person needs her friends to believe in herthan she believes in herself Not less A good friend sticks with you even wehn weird stuff happens even when good stuff happens Vail 260.Rating Book A for AverageCover A for Average Review taken from my blog Inkslingersindex.blogspot.com I thought it was good because the point of view is a teenager Allison shows perspective by sharing her thoughts on ideas throughout the story I decided to read this book because the blurb interested me and it seemed like a book I would enjoy.This novel is about a 16 year old girl called Allison Avery who befriends the new girl, the beautiful Roxie Green Allison meets the devil and wants to be gorgeous so she sells something to the devil Not her soul, but her cellphone This book fits in the category on the bingo board of your own choice I think this category was good to have on the board because then I can read something that is not necessarily confined to one category My favorite quote from this book is after Allison got off the phone with Roxie But the devil was right Telling who has your best interests at heart is not an easy trick I like this quote because it reflects the way that Allison s friendships are going Her friendship with Jade is slowly getting weaker but she is building a stronger friendship with Roxie each day This quote shows that even though she has been good friends with Jade for many years it doesn t necessarily mean she has her best interests at heart, but Roxie might Quality not quantity.Something knew I learnt from this book is that family is very important, because when you friends seem to be moving on, your family will always be there This is shown throughout the book because Allison s friendships are on and off but he relationship with her family stays strong.A character that was interesting in the book to me was Roxie because she had faith in Allison that she could win the modelling contest, even though Allison gave up in the end Roxie was one of my favourite characters because she was a good friend to Allison and her personality kept the story interesting because she would often change her perspective mood on things and it kept me engaged.I quite enjoyed this novel because it was a good story and it was something that could happen, but with a twist the devil I liked it because it wasn t predictable and it had an interesting twist to it I give it 4 out of 5. &READ E-PUB ⇞ Gorgeous ✙ She S Looking Goodbut Allison Avery Can T Believe It Growing Up With Beautiful, Blond Sisters, Allison Has Always Been The Dark Haired, Interesting Looking Avery So When The Devil Shows Up And Offers To Make Her Gorgeous, Allison Jumps At The Chance To Finally Get Noticed But There S One Tiny Catch, And It S Not Her Soul The Devil Wants Her Cell PhoneThough Her Deal With The Devil Seems Like A Good Idea At The Time, Allison Soon Realizes That Being Gorgeous Isn T As Easy As It Looks Are Her New Friends And Boyfriend For Real, Or Do They Just Like Her Pretty Face Allison Can T Trust Anyone Any, And Her Possessed Phone And Her Family S Financial Crisis Aren T Making Things Any Easier Plus When She Finds Out That She Might Be America S Next Teen Model, All Hell Breaks Loose Allison May Be Losing Control, But How Far Is She Willing To Go To Stay Gorgeous Forever Following The Critically Acclaimed LUCKY, Rachel Vail Continues Her Poignant Sisterhood Trilogy With The Rebellious Middle Avery Sister, Allison Fiery, Sarcastic, And Just Plain Fun, GORGEOUS Captures The Heartbreak And Hilarity In One Girl S Attempt To Have It All Summary The second book in a trilogy dealing with the Avery sisters, whose mother, the breadwinner, has just lost her job affecting them in a variety of ways This book is about the middle daughter Allison who has always felt herself to be the least pretty and least valued of the family She ends up selling her cell to the devil for a chance at gorgeousness.I know that I read Lucky, the first book, but I didn t really remember it That is okay these books can be read in any order as they cover the same events from the different perspectives It looks like the third book will be called Brilliant and is due out in May I have to say that I love all three covers for this trilogy they regorgeous I mostly liked Allison especially her obsession with the slightly obscure historical figure Gouverneur Morris and I really liked her new best friend Roxie Green But the obsession with being gorgeous annoyed me I know that it s the plot of the book and obviously she will talk about it a lot but it annoyed me especially because it was totally obvious to me that she really was pretty but just couldn t see it The story itself is pretty predictable but the writing style is very engaging I ve enjoyed the series and am eager for the third.Overall 4 out of 5 for cute story although slightly annoying narrator. The book Gorgeous by Rachel Vail, is about a teenage girl named Allison Avery that feels like she is a nobody She has two perfect sisters and a stunning best friend named Jade that all make her feel like an outcast It happens to be one night, when a devil appears in her room She trades her cell phone just to be gorgeous Allison and her new best friend Roxie, cut school to go to the city to apply to be models in the magazine, Zip When Allison gets a call from Zip magazine that she is a semi finalist, she is shocked Everything that Allison could imagine, is starting to go her way The boy she likes is starting to like her, people are inviting her to parties, and she is finally being noticed Until her old best friend starts spreading rumors about her, Allison s amazing life is slowly going down hill This book was amazing and kept me really interested during the whole book This story teaches you to accept yourself for who you are Rachel Vail is an incredible author that makes you want to just read all of her books I am definatly going to read the other books in this series I would totally recommend this book to teenage girls that can relate to feeling like an outcast.