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I just love this series where was a festering yeast infection when I needed oneGosh girls, how many times have we all had this thought If I had a nickel for every time I thought this, I would have well, considering I m thinking about it now a nickel Okay, not really going to buy mama some new shoes, but still, it made me laugh Cat makes me laugh a lot, which is one of the things I love about this series But, sheesh, the angst in this book Tell me about it, kid It was brutal.You know those couples that are just really uncomfortable to be around because they are either fighting too loudly, making out like their plane is going down, or one of them is storming out Cat and Bones are that couple This book is just them being a hot messGod, Bones, why don t we just invite everyone in the next time we have sex, that way they can stop seeing things piecemealThis is after they beat the crap out of each other with the furniture and then went into having loud sex in the living room so everyone had to leave the room Again.They are almost as bad as one of these couples Yes That bad.So, even though there is a storyline going on about some other vampire dude who wants Cat she s like Vampire Viagra or something , it is really about their relationship I like discussing relationship problems about as much as I like discussing festering yeast infections On the positive side, I loved the relationship between Cat and Vlad Strangely, a few years ago, I read Vlad s book and totally raked it over the coals in my review Now, I think I would actually like it I guess I either needed context, and this series gives it, or to get a lot desensitized to vampire smut Probably both I think when I finish this series, I will read that one again and see how much my opinion changes. #READ E-PUB Á Destined for an Early Grave è Her Deadly Dreams Leave Her In Grave DangerSince Half Vampire Cat Crawfield And Her Undead Lover Bones Met Six Years Ago, They Ve Fought Against The Rogue Undead, Battled A Vengeful Master Vampire, And Pledged Their Devotion With A Blood Bond Now It S Time For A Vacation But Their Hopes For A Perfect Paris Holiday Are Dashed When Cat Awakes One Night In Terror She S Having Visions Of A Vampire Named Gregor Who S Powerful Than Bones And Has Ties To Her Past That Even Cat Herself Didn T Know AboutGregor Believes Cat Is His And He Won T Stop Until He Has Her As The Battle Begins Between The Vamp Who Haunts Her Nightmares And The One Who Holds Her Heart, Only Cat Can Break Gregor S Hold Over Her She Ll Need All The Power She Can Summon In Order To Bring Down The Baddest Bloodsucker She S Ever Faced Even If Getting That Power Will Result In An Early Grave Cat, Bones and Gregor aargh This is the book where Cat and Bones are crazily in love and married and spend a few lazy days in Paris And suddenly hell breaks loose.Cat starts having dreams that are nightmares or memories Someone or something tries to snatch her away while she dreams And Mencheres will have a confession to make about Cat s teenagehood, when she was young and clueless and she followed a certain someone to Paris And how him, the powerful Mencheres made Cat forgot and Gregor dissapear.Cat and Bones marriage is not as well founded as they thought Fights between them will start, while they distrust each other.Cat does not trust Bones abilities and cunning mind Bones does not trust Cat FULL STOP.Gregor, Vlad, Tate can make even the most sensible vampire crazy with jealousy.And all these happen will Gregor, the dreamsnatcher, waits for his apportunity to snatch Cat because obviously he wants his wife back.People will change Some will become vampires Some will become dead And some will be even deader than the used to be, i.e completely dead.This book is a full on adventure, but with so much family drama includedYou re leaving me And yes, it is full of funny moments because Cat and Bones even when they are angry and vicious, are so cute togetherI m biting wrong, too I feel like this book didn t quite have the same magic to me as the first three However, I liked the first three a lot after reading them a second time so I might feel different about this one too if I read it again.On the bad side, Bones and Cat fight a lot in this book Maybe it s just me, but it felt really off They butt heads and had a few fights in the first three books but not on the same level as this book I think it s that instead of their fights escalating throughout the book they were bickering and after each others heads from the start I also thought things resolved between Cat and Bones way too easily I wanted them to make up but with all the things they pull on each other I thought it would take a lot time and work before they would forgive each other especially for Cat I think my biggest issue though is that the first three books still kept a sense of humor and fun even when things got tense and complicated I feel like that was missing in this book But on the good side, it kept me up until 2 am to finish it in one night and is just as engrossing as the first three books in the series I also like that Vlad played a role in this book too There s some huge things happening in this book that kept me on the edge of my seat As a whole though, even with my complaining i DID like the book I just feel disappointed in it. So much drama and heartbreak this time around In book 4 7 of the Night Huntress series, Cat is pursued by an egotistical asshole vampire in her dreams Gregor is a dreamsnatcher, meaning he can transport people to his side while they are sleeping He goes after Cat, who he claims is his wife Another full out vampire war breaks out haven t we been here before Makes me wonder how anyone under Bones line has survived since Cat showed up I had lots of fun reading this like I said, it was dramatic and heavy, but it didn t bring me down Vlad and Spade are major characters this time, which made me happy since they re two of my favorites I also can t wait to read about Marie, the badass voodoo ghoul queen of New Orleans.One thing that did make me blue view spoiler Rodney s death sob hide spoiler The meh in the series Second re read 07.11.2018 The forth book in the series starts months after book three six years from book one Half vampire Catherine Cat Cathy Kitten Commander The Red Reaper Kathleen Crawfield 27 and her vampire bounty hunter hit man Crispin Phillip Arthur Russell III Crispin was his human name Bones 247 , are now in another mess someone is claiming that Cat s their wife, not Bones and this is causing quite a wall between the two of them Cat is still holding back, and Bones is at his last straw Can their love make it Overall, this book is actually quite meh Don t get me wrong, it s still good and all that, but at the same time it s the least enjoyable in the series I don t like how Cat holds back, Bones deserves so much On to the next oneBloody hell, Kitten Never thought to be flogged by my own furniture Do you know I saw bloomin stars when that cracked over my nogOther Character Justina Crawfield 45 , Cat s mother view spoiler Gregor turns her to a vampire against her will hide spoiler I was a little concerned before starting this one, since after reading the third book in the series it looked like Jeaniene Frost was heading down the Urban Fantasy minimal romance path, but turns out my worries were unfounded the romance is back Although it s a sometimes rocky road that Cat and Bones must follow, with lots of obstacles that test their love, and jealousies and insecurities they have to deal with, they clearly have an enduring love that I feel will stand the test of time And while the love scenes aren t many, they re smokin hot and quite emotional loved them As for the plot, Cat no longer works for her uncle as a government agent ridding the country of rogue vampires and ghouls She and her vamp lover Bones are taking a well deserved vacation when Cat is bothered by some terrifying dreams She has dreams of a seductive vampire named Gregor who claims she s his Gregor is a dreamsnatcher capable of invading her dreams, and wants her to return to him It seems Cat spent a month with Gregor in Paris when she was sixteen, and something happened during that time that makes Gregor believe that Cat belongs to him Of course Cat doesn t remember any of this thanks to Master vamp Mencheres, who wiped her memory clean and then imprisoned Gregor But Gregor has broken out of his prison, and wants Cat back But why Because he truly loves her or for some other reason And why did Mencheres butt in Bones is furious that someone would dare to take his Kitten from him, and wants Cat to avoid Gregor as he figures out a way to deal with the powerful vamp But headstrong, impulsive Cat likes to confront her problems head on, so you just know her curiosity will get the better of herThis leads to all kinds of problems in her relationship with Bones Just like a regular human couple, they go through some tough times dealing with a person determined to break them apart, and have to fight their feelings of jealousy and insecurity, deal with supposed betrayals, and wounded pride Will their love be strong enough to endure this test, or will it crumble under the pressure I enjoyed this plotline Things are never smooth sailing for Cat and Bones, but it s usually because someone is trying to kill one or the other, and you get to see Cat and Bones at their kicka best, fighting the baddies And while there is some of that kind of action in this book especially at the explosive end , Cat doesn t do a whole lot of fighting in this one Mostly its about the problems in their relationship, and if they will be able to work them out Most of the characters from the previous books return, some with large roles Spade, Vlad , others with token appearances or mentions Cooper, Tate, Juan, Don, Denise, Annette, Justina, Rodney , and a couple of interesting new characters the ghostly Fabian, and voodoo queeen ghoul Majestic are introduced Cat s friendship with Vlad deepens, and she finally comes to a decision about whether she s ready to become a full time vamp or not After she makes that decision, there s a scene that reminded me a lot of Bella and Z and her needing from JR Ward s Lover Awakened hawt Of course it wouldn t be a Night Huntress book without the trademark quips, rude sayings, and laugh out loud dialogue between some of the characters Cat gets off a couple of good R rated zingers, one of which showcases her jealousies to one of Bones s French female admirersHe f even better than he looks And that beautiful face is going to be clamped between my legs as soon as we get oome , don t you worryAnd another, referring to BonesBones has always been smart His intelligence was just camouflaged under a mountain of p Spade gets off a few of his own too Speaking to CatThe last time you ran off like Henny Penny to shout the sky down, it didn t turn out well, did itAnd after catching her with VladLucifer s bloody balls, is that why you haven t returned my calls And finally, Bones, to Gregor, after Cat mouths off to himDon t care for her tongue, do you How strange I find it one of my favorite parts So, lots of what you come to expect from the Night Huntress series some fighting, some lovin , some great dialogue, some great vampire tricks, some intrique all leading up to a big ol explosive conclusion right out of an action movie And while things look like they re settled for now with the bad guys taken care of , somehow you know that they renot I think there s a lot in store for my favorite vampire couple, and I for one can t wait 4 1 2 stars Solid 4 Stars I enjoyed this book much than the last one The writing was fantastic, the dialogue engaging, the romance prominent, and the witty one liners never fail to put a smile on my face But the best part was Cat finally, FINALLY putting Tate in his place It was about time 5 stars Vampire Romance Urban FantasyConsidering this is one of my top preferred PNR series, that Cat and Bones are my favorite kick ass romance couple, that Bones is my 1 all time beloved bad boy vampire hero, and that I LOVED the previous three books, especially my favorite One Foot in the Grave my expectations for Destined for an Early Grave were incredibly high After all, it s Jeaniene Frost, who writes some of the snarkiest, funniest, and most entertaining dialogue that I ve had the joy to read.So, was it all that I hoped it would be For the most part and overall, yes, but boy was it an emotionally frustrating journey, and I was tense and discouraged with the way things stood and or were headed for Cat and Bones for about 200 pages of the book Cat and Bones have battled countless rogue undead together, defeated a malevolent Master vampire hell bent on their destruction, and were married the old fashioned vampire way, with a sacred until death blood bond, so they should be enjoying a smooth sailing HEA right With a manipulative, vengeful, cunning Master vampire named Gregor claiming marital rights to Cat, not on your undead life.The story picks up soon after the events of At Grave s End with Cat and Bones embarking on an extended holiday for some much needed RR, but their plans for a romantic Paris holiday are ruined by the powerful Master vampire Gregor, known as the Dreamsnatcher, who s terrorizing Cat s dreams Seems that Gregor is convinced Cat belongs to him, and he s ruthlessly determined to win steal her back Now Cat and Bones face their toughest enemy yet, their own pride, insecurity, jealousy, and fear, as they battle against Gregor s claims and unconscious hold over Cat Cat and Bones come to blows over their disagreement of how to handle things he acts controlling and overprotective and she acts reckless and impulsive They have some rather nasty arguments and fights including an all out brawl turned sparring match that was smokin hot , both say some mean, hurtful things that they don t really mean, and things get rather dicey for our beloved couple Sounds like a marriage to me just swap family, sex, and money problems and your spouse leaving his shoes in the living room and dirty clothes on the floor for the marital strain of a merciless dream snatching vampire, and there you have it There were numerous times that I wanted to scream out loud in utter annoyance over Cat and Bones s immature, stubborn behavior and bad communication I worship at the altar of Bones, but he pissed me off on several occasions Cat just quite wasn t her usual snarky, lovably bitchy self and spent a lot of the time battling her inner demons instead of the rogue undead Several of the key secondary characters play an intriguing part this time around, including Spade, Vlad, Mencheres, Cooper, Rodney, and Cat s mom Justina, and a fun new character, a ghost named Fabian, has an important role in the story.With lots of thick tension and intense drama, it s the heaviest of the series so far, but luckily there s still plenty of Frost s winning dialogue, clever banter, and zingy, hilarious one liners for some nice belly laughs I would have liked romance and tender moments between Cat and Bones, and of course sex there s only 2 short scenes but through it all the strength of their love shines through and their persistent devotion to each other holds tough Frost must have a clear vision for where she intends to take the series because she once again managed to pull things together brilliantly and kept me hooked, even when things weren t looking very promising for our beloved duo I just need to keep my faith in Frost and Cat and Bones.and of course have patience until the next book comes out Luckily the first book in the spin off Night Huntress World series, First Drop of Crimson, featuring Bones s best friend and fellow vampire Spade and Cat s human best friend Denise comes out January 26, 2010 and should help tide me over Big 5 stars Here are some of my favorite funny moments lines possible spoilers ahead if you don t want an advance screening of a few scenes lines Cat referring to all the stares Bones receives from women when they are out on the town, page 16 the lustful glances thrown his way made me wish he wasn t such a damned bowl of eye candy. Cat worried that she insulted Bones s vampire gal pal while waiting in the bathroom line during the opera s intermission, page 18 Bring me some liquor, Bones, fast, to take my foot out of my mouth. Cat putting an uppity, skanky society bitch at a Paris Opera House in her place when she directs verbal come ons at Bones and unwisely eggs Cat on, page 19He f ks even better than he looks , I settled on saying Several heads turned I didn t care I was pissed And that beautiful face is going to be clamped between my legs as soon as we get ooome, don t you worryCat teasing Bones about his ardent romantic antics in a Paris alley, page 21Are you crazy There are half a dozen vampires nearby None within eyesight, he cut me off with a chuckle They can hear, Bones I continued to object, facing the building as he spun me around He continued to laugh Then do be sure to say flattering things Cat feeling insecure compared to Annette at a party, page 300 Next to her, I felt like Carrot Top in drag. There s also a nice reference and homage to The Matrix in a scene that had me laughing hard Whew, this review turned out long, but I love this series