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MacHaffie was one of my professors just before she retired, and we ended up using this book in a class A good summary of women in Christian tradition and history. We used this book in a class taught by the author Though written to justify the presence of women within the Sunday divine service, the book is unintentionally valuable for the Christian since it demonstrates that the first people to incorporate women as preachers, elders, and communion servers were the cultists, heretics, gnostics, and others who were strongly rejected by the true church. There were two texts for my class at Randolph Macon this semester I took Women in Christianity We used this text for the first half of the class and then added another one for the last few weeks I learned a lot about the faith I grew up in and with I am just not sure why I and other women stick with Christianity We have not been well treated over the years and I don t expect it to get better. All possible opinions aside, Barbara MacHaffie once said, In West Philadelphia, where I was born and raised in a class on Women in the Judeo Christian Tradition and that was probably the most memorable classroom moment of my college experience All two dozen students simultaneously exchanged capital L looks and not a single one of us cracked up until we made it to the hallway when the class was over. I got paid to proofread the works cited for this book so you should read it Plus I read it for a course taught by the auther so again you should read it , ,. *Download Book ↿ Her Story: Women in Christian Tradition (2nd Edition) ⇱ An Accessible, Introductory Text First Published By Fortress Press In , Her Story Women In Christian History Has Sold Over , Copies Of The First Edition And Has Ably Helped Readers Recover The Oft Ignored Or Submerged Stories Of Women In The Christian Tradition, From Biblical Times To Now Barbara MacHaffie, Who Wrote The Brief History And Compiled A Lively Anthology Of Companion Primary Readings, Has Revised And Updated The Text And Readings In This New Edition, History And Primary Readings Are Combined And Augmented With Helpful Pedagogical Tools This New Textbook, Which Offers Sympathetic Coverage Of All Christian Traditions, Is Supported By A Dedicated Companion Web Site That Includes Chapter Summaries, Questions For Discussion And Web Links That Vividly Bring The Stories Of Women To Life In Portraits, Artifacts, And Other Primary Materials