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There is no such thing as forgetting 3.75 stars When She Was Good is a psychological thriller about a murder dressed as suicide that connects back to a child sex trafficking ring and the forensic psychologist and truth wizard linked to the case.I wouldn t recommend reading this book if you have not read book 1, Good Girl, Bad Girl.Book 2 picks up several months later Cyrus has rebuilt his home, whereas Evie is back in the Langford Hall When Cyrus is called to a murder scene and discovers that the victim, a former cop who was investigating missing children, connected the name Angel Face to his investigation, he takes action Cyrus relentlessly begins investigating the murder to uncover Evie s past At the same time, Evie is struggling to survive She is flooded with memories from her past and is trying to stay afloat in the present, but EVERYONE around her is a potential threat The information her memories contain makes her a target and forces her to fight for her life.Told between alternating chapters from Evie and Cyrus s POVs a lot of questions from book 1 are finally answered I thought that Robotham might drag revealing Evie s background out in bits and pieces in future books, but almost all of the gaps are filled in We finally find out about what led Evie to be kidnapped and owned by Uncle She remembers all details, including her escape, as well as the abuse she endured These moments, thankfully, are not explicit, but one can get the gist I really enjoyed this second installment in the Cyrus Haven series The way this ended nicely wrapped up Cyrus and Evie s stories, but there are still a lot of possibilities to be explored in future installments I wanted attention focused on Evie s truth wizardry abilities, but perhaps we will get of that in the future I love these two characters and hope to see them again I received an ARC of this book from Edelweiss and Scribner in exchange for an honest review. This is the 2nd book in the Cyrus Haven and Evie Cormac series by author Michael Robotham I am a big fan of this author and really enjoy the Joe O Loughlin series and this new series looks to be to the same high standard.Forensic psychologist Cyrus Haven is involved in a new murder case which he believes will set the troubled Evie free Evie has a troubled past and six years ago she was found hiding in a secret room in the aftermath of a brutal murder But nobody has ever discovered her real name or where she came from, because everybody who tries ends up dead The duo have a very complex relationship and it is not helped by Evie s reluctance to trust anyone Evie has an interesting ability to know when someone is lying which can help in cases but I feel is slightly underplayed so far in this series.I would recommend reading the 1st book in the series to fully appreciate the back story as this book really deals with Evie s dark past This series is another winner for me and I really do look forward to Michael Robotham s books coming out.I would like to thank both Net Galley and Little Brown Book Group for supplying a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. Yes, another mind blowing, heart throbbing, gripping Cyrus Haven and Evie story is finally out to keep you on your toes I m so happy, dear Michael Robotham didn t wait us too long after introduced one of the mysterious, brilliant character Evie with dark and hidden past After the first book s ending , I wanted to know about her story and my prayer came true because at the second book, Cyrus teams up with Sasha who has found Evie when she was kid raped, tortured, hidden in a closet and a nurse named her angel face at the hospital After a police officer s suspicious suicide, Cyrus finds out the very same officer investigate the case of child pedophile recently died in the prison and he thought it may be wrong conviction There are still missing children connected to the pedophile s kidnapping cases When Cyrus searches for the names of those kids, angel face s name appears at the death police officer s notes which forces him to dig deeper Now he is conducting his own secret investigation with Sasha to search about the dark history about Evie starting by finding her real name because there is cold blue eyed man with a scar on his face acting like a police officer and searching for Evie in everywhere In the meantime, Evie is still at the hospital, waiting for 18th birthday s coming actually she s already 18 but she doesn t share this information with anyone And with the flashback, we start to learn about her childhood times which are the darkest, most shocking parts of the book because there are so many heart wrenchingly disturbing issues including sex trafficking, child prostitution and child porn Those parts give us the answer about brutally killed Terry who has found at the same house with Evie where she has been hiding Was he her survivor or was he the responsible of all those tortures and nightmares she has endured Finally we learned everything and found all those missing pieces of puzzle about the back story of her including real name and of course we found out the person who was responsible from it And it was complicated and terrifying than we imagine because a real powerful and a big organization behind all these mess Are Cyrus and Evie powerful and determined enough to stop them before losing their own lives You gotta read and find out.Overall I wished I could see Evie in action because she is human lie detector and her unique talent helped the detectives to solve unique mysteries But the author decides to explain all the missing pieces of her story to help us understand where she comes from and from now on where she goes so this book is all about her personal history which I gave me hard times to read I ached for her and the things she endured truly caused a big lump on my throat and big whole in my heart It was tragic, devastating and extremely traumatic So many times I took several breaks during my reading to digest what I read.But good part is I think on the upcoming series we re gonna see Evie and Cyrus healing processes about their pasts and teaming up to solve other cases together I m giving 4.5 stars and rounding them up to 5 from the beginning I enjoyed to read this series and I cannot wait to read books of brilliant author I literally devoured this at one sit and even it gave me nightmares it was definitely worth it Special thanks to NetGalley and Scribner for sharing this incredible Arc copy with me in exchange my honest review. It s a Deaux I was elated to receive this advance electronic reader s copy from Edelweiss I ve been anticipating the continuation of Evie s and Cyrus s story since the first in the series, Good Girl Bad Girl got under my skin.The narrative resumes in When She Was Good with a brief recap as Cyrus meets the mysterious woman discovering Angel Face aka Evie as a wild child It fits in seamlessly and then we re off to the races.Answers to Evie s past and a conspiracy theory encompass players from a murdered detective, to ex convicts, to those of higher nobility and many in between How do they all connect Pay attention because some of the seemingly mundane clues are significant Not many red herrings, it s just figuring out how the puzzle fits together So much fun I didn t want the book to end Thank you to Edelweiss, Michael Robotham and Simon and Schuster for my copy in exchange for an honest review. Evie Cormac is a damaged child living in a secure children s home, but now on the run No one knows her true identity, no one wants to find her than forensic psychologist Cyrus Haven himself traumatised by the brutal death of his own family Evie s life is in danger as witness to a murder she is targeted by those who wish her dead, and the secrets that she knows, and those she can expose will die with her A fast paced and very enjoyable thriller told in the first person alternating between the characters of Cyrus and Evie This is a form of story telling that the author uses to great effect keeping the tension taut and the readers attention from first to last page Many thanks to the good people at netgalley for a gratis copy in exchange for an honest review, and that is what I have written. I was absolutely thrilled to receive this ARC It truly felt like winning the lottery I dropped everything to read it as I have been anticipating this book since I read Good Girl, Bad Girl last August This book was fantastic Michael Robatham is a masterful storyteller of crime drama and he also does an excellent job creating of developing characters you care about This book is no exception and did not disappoint He wove an interesting mystery and slowly revealed bits and pieces ending in a satisfying conclusion Although this book can easily stand on its own, it was even better having read the first in the series Thank you Scribner and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review. Spent the best afternoon with Cyrus and Evie Another bestseller *Download Book ☝ When She Was Good (Cyrus Haven, #2) ✙ From The Bestselling Author Of The Secrets She Keeps And Good Girl, Bad Girl Comes A New Thriller Featuring The Brilliant Forensic Psychologist Cyrus Haven As He Becomes Embroiled In An Explosive Murder Case With Disturbing OriginsCriminal Psychologist Cyrus Haven And Evie Cormac Return In This Mesmerizing New Thriller From Internationally Bestselling Author Michael Robotham, A Writer Stephen King Calls An Absolute Masterwith Heart And Soul Who Is Evie, The Girl With No Past, Running From She Was Discovered Hiding In A Secret Room In The Aftermath Of A Terrible Crime Her Ability To Tell When Someone Is Lying Helped Cyrus Crack An Impenetrable Case In Good Girl, Bad Girl Now, The Closer Cyrus Gets To Uncovering Answers About Evie S Dark History, The He Exposes Evie To Danger, Giving Her No Choice But To Run Ultimately, Both Will Have To Decide If Some Secrets Are Better Left Buried And Some Monsters Should Never Be Named Loved it Such well written characters, intriguing story and a well thought out plot If this genre is one you gravitate towards, put it on your list to read when it comes out this summer I could have sworn I read the first Cyrus Haven book, but apparently I did not Did this spoil my reading of When She Was good No, it didn t, fortunately I even think I m better off because many people said that after reading part 1 they were curious about how this was going to go further Now we know There is just enough information in this book to understand why Evie is so important for Cyrus For me, it became clear pretty soon what happened with Evie and the author did good to end some of the story line the way he did It makes me, in turn, curious to read how the story of Cyrus and Evie will go further I try and avoid giving a summary of the book when writing reviews, especially when many other people already did that First, it becomes tedious to read the or less the same summary over and over, and second, I often think it is difficult to not give away of the story too soon.So I will keep this review as is I really enjoyed the book This was not the first Michael Robotham book I read and I m happy the publisher granted me this copy.Thanks to Edelweiss and Scribner for this digital review copy.