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Number 6 in the V.I Warshawski series and as it was first published in 1990 it is showing its age I can identify with that although I was around quite a bit before 1990 This is a great series but not one to binge read as it would definitely feel repetitive if the books were read closely after each other Sara Paretsky had a real formula going at the time she wrote these books and they only differ in the case she is trying to solve Vic leads an identical life in each one with the same friends and always the same confrontational attitude So I am spacing them out a bit and thoroughly enjoying each one Burn Marks is exciting, action packed and a quick and easy read. [[ Free Pdf ]] ☆ Burn Marks ⇷ Someone Knocking On The Door AtAM Is Never Good News For VI Warshawski, The Bad News Arrives In The Form Of Her Wacky, Unwelcome Aunt Elena The Fire That Has Just Burned Down A Sleazy SRO Hotel Has Brought Elena To VI S Doorstep Uncovering An Arsonist And The Secrets Hidden Behind Elena S Boozy Smile Will Send VI Into The Seedy World Of Chicago S Homeless Into The Windy City S Backroom Deals And Bedroom Politics, Where New Schemers And Old Cronies Team Up To Get VI Off The Case By Hook, By Crook, Or By Homicide I have been told by many of my friends that once I got to Burn Marks I would love VI Warshawski Since these books have been hit or miss with me I thought my friends were full of it Happily, they were not Burn Marks delves onceinto Victoria s messed up family Her father s sister, Elena who we have not heard of until now is a barely functional alcoholic She pops up on Victoria s doorstep at 3 am looking for a place to stay since the room she had in a single room occupancy SRO building caught on fire leaving her homeless Victoria calls on her uncle who sucks by the way to help her out, but it looks like Victoria may be stuck with her aunt for sometime Then her aunt shows up again with a friend who needs help saying that her baby died in the fire Couple this with the fact that Victoria keeps getting warned off looking into a friend of hers background spells danger for Victoria Victoria is 37 in this one and feeling her age a bit She s realized that kids and another husband are not in the cards for her What I like though, is that it doesn t bother her at all What made me laugh a bit about this book is that Victoria really doesn t want to be involved with looking into what her old friend is up to But people keep acting like asses to her so she perversely decides to figure out what is going on And for long time readers they know that Victoria is a feminist and went to school with like minded women And the blow back she gets about not being there for women when she starts looking into what her friends is getting into felt raw and real I love the line that she throws out that being a feminist does not mean just letting some other woman walk all over her and or turn a blind eye to whatever she s up to She also has a lot of guys thrown at her in this one, but resists a godson of Bobby s that is also on the police force She realizes that her need to be independent will never work with his need to just have a woman sit there and be pretty.And man oh man, I love that Victoria and Bobby once and for all have it out in this one I really loathed this character Bobby for 6 books His dismissing Victoria and always blaming her for being in danger if she just get married and have kids, none of this would happen finally hits a point that Victoria has to decide whether it is wise to even be in his life any We have appearances by Lotty and Mr Contreras I am really tired of the character of Mr Contreras Seriously I have a bad feeling he is going to be in the rest of the books and I need him to go away.I did laugh about the budding war between Victoria and her downstairs neighbor due to her and her late night visitors.The writing in this one was really good and the flow worked very well This book touches upon feminism, race, Chicago politics, etc I can honestly say that I was wondering how everything was going to tie up in the end, but it does work wonderfully I do wonder if Elena is going to pop up in any other books or not The ending left Victoria I think with finally getting some much needed respect from the police force I do wonder though what is going to happen in the next book Can t wait to read it. I ran across the word aeon in a book I just finished and then again in a book that I just started Both spelled in this British way rather than thecommon eon I considered that a sign Both books were published in 1990 and I thought that cinched it I should move into the current era and stop considering that 1990 represents current in any way.Learned an important bit of information from our heroine, Ms Warshawski , that expanded my horizons In 1990 in Chicago you could get 90 from a cash machine I hadn t even been introduced to cash machines in 1990 and all the machines I have known since then have dealt solely in twenty dollar bills Shows what you can learn reading books eons or aeons old V.I Warshawski is your average thirty seven year old, divorced, self employed private investigator, former public defender Laundry, jogging, dog, third floor walkup, Cubs fan, an occasional date, an occasional attempt on her life Normal stuff of life Her big money case in this book is investigating the arson of an old residential hotel for the insurance company She is also trying to help an idiosyncratic aunt, to check out the apparent overdose death of a young woman junkie and to look into some potentially crooked politics In her spare time, her life is complicated by the hopeful amorous attentions of several men.Ms Warshawski s experiences and dilemmas range from the improbable to the impossible In this book she is locked in a burning, abandoned building with her elderly aunt She escapes in a manner that is thrilling and leaps off the page of the book but is certainly out of the range of reality After this life threatening event in which she is badly injured, she is back on the case within days performing additional feats of daring do She should be the star of a super heroine comic book But I read on in spite of my apathy about super powers V.I with all of her unlikeliness has captured me V.I breaks into the offices of a construction company in a scenario shows the age of the book She climbs a telephone poll that has the spikes to allow a phone company worker to clamber up the poll I remember those from fifty oryears ago, but by the time I was tall enough to reach the bottom rung, I didn t want to climb the poll anyNo bucket trucks yet in 1990 And having broken into the office V.I sees an apparently abandoned Apollo computer, a brand from a 1980s company From 1980 to 1987, Apollo was the largest manufacturer of network workstations.A Smith Wesson is Warshawski s weapon of choice but she normally keeps it locked in a safe in her apartment She gets it out, loads it and carries it when she thinks she is going into a very dangerous place She gets it out, loads it and uses it in Burn Marks.She might not always be so wise in picking her friends and lovers My stomach twisted someHe couldn t have tried to blow me up We d never been in love, but we d been lovers for a brief sweet time Can you want to think of a body you ve caressed torn into ragged chunks of bleeding bones Or did my rebuff make him want to see me so Dum da dum dum, dum da dum dum DAAASara Paretsky continues to put out a series that I want to keep reading It is tamer at times than a lot of mystery thrillers you will find But it definitely has sections of high drama and intensity as it builds toward a conclusion I like Warshawski s feminist, left leaning politics that come out occasionally I look forward to watching our wonder woman gradually age as the series advances from year to year And of course she defies death she is the lead character in a series She can t die Small bits of humor throughout and a few allusions to sex Robin agreed, somewhat unwillingly It was perhaps the hope of dinner et cetera with me that made him agree at all I was going to have to build up my strength and get over a lot of wounds before I was in the humor for much et cetera Four stars for a fun and enjoyable read A little out of date, but what the heck As Murray, the newspaper reporter said, You go back to bed, kid OnceWonder Woman saves the city Go to sleep V.I has two years to rest up for her next big adventure in book 7 with her golden retriever and her 78 year old downstairs neighbor. Ok, the truth is I gave this an extra star because V.I Warshawski has a wacky aunt and this book is all about her I m an aunt, and I m getting wackier by the day, so I m supporting the troops VI s aunt, Elena, is a drunk now, but before, when she was a teenager, Elena could not settle down into the path mapped out for her high school graduation, marriage, kids and housework Instead she runs away from home at age 16 Unlike myself, so far, she is a rebel without a cause, living off of an inherited pension in SRO hotels and some money given to her by a brother, VI s uncle, to stay out of his life, as well as occasional earnings of rather dubious sources When she shows up at VI s condo in the middle of the night, she is stinking of sour beer with a story of woe The cheap hotel she was living in has burned down, set on fire by an arsonist VI is not feeling a bit sympathetic, but she reluctantly allows the woman one night to stay, mostly because her aunt has aroused the neighbors from sound sleeps, particularly a new neighbor, a tight assed banker, Vinnie, who cannot contain his outrage Adding to the pressure is Mr, Contreras, self appointed grandfather, who is in reality a 77 year old neighbor, living vicariously through VI s romances and cases, is standing in the hallway as well adding to the confusion The chaos is only beginning After a great deal of leg work, phone calls and mostly a fruitless investigation, begun after a chance meeting with an official arson insurance investigator, Robin Bessinger, at the hotel, VI has many many many many many people mad at her, the police, her lovers old and new, her neighbors, her closest friends, even the janitor of the building where she has her office Despite all of that, she turns up enough odd behaviors that her instincts tell her something is deadly wrong, and her aunt is right in the center of the arson While pondering what it could all be about, a peculiar invitation to a political fundraiser by a candidate s running mate, a childhood friend, Marissa Duncan, that VI hasn t heard from in a long time, turns out to be an opportunity for her friend to give her an unusually ugly warning to let childhood secrets stay secret but what secret VI could not bein the dark than if she had been lost in a cave Adding insult to injury, her car is literally grinding to a halt.Stir in the aunt s disappearing again, the murder of a friend of Elena s, a mugging, a beating, and several slaps and that s from the cops and even another arson this one is designed to make Burn Marks possibly VI s last case Talk about being the walking wounded No part of VI s body and heart is unbruised, no part of her psyche can be calmed Her troubles cause her to lose ten pounds and me to lose two days of sleep reading Omg Again. One of my favorite plots of the series, I feel like this kind of white collar crime gone mobster is where Paretsky thrives and she really hit her stride here The only thing that gets somewhat tiring for me is the constant element of men telling her she shouldn t be doing what she s doing and living how she s living as it doesn t suit a woman, because sometimes it seems to banal to be believable, but I m guessing that s how brazen it was in the 80s Otherwise she s right on the ball I loved the slight racial aspect of the story especially because I like it when she gets political, particularly as this came out in 1990 and I don t think you would expect a book like this to touch on those subjects as well. I just couldn t connect with the main character It was dragging me down, took me days to finish this one The fact that I finished it is not because it was good but because I just can t keep a book unfinished.Thank God it s done The phrase that came to my mind for Victoria warshawski, the private detective is Bull in a china shop.She has no skill and while she goes around burned out and knocked out and everything she expectsto be treated with courtesy and patience, which is good, but she herself doesn t treat anyone like that To be frank the only saving grace this character had was how she was concerned for Elena.W hile I enjoyed some parts, most of it was Vick being a colossal pain and a fool Awful read. The writing and the characters of this novel are decent, but I just couldn t get very excited over it I don t know who is imitating who, and it doesn t matter, because it just seems like the same old stuff.The plot is decent enough and offers some good suspense V.I s alcoholic aunt shows up in the middle of the night declaring that her building has burned down Soon, V.I is in the middle of an arson investigation and it seems everyone wants her to butt out However, what annoys me is the similarities between this series and Sue Grafton s alphabetical mystery series.Both are strong independent women.Both have a gentle, good natured, older male neighbor that looks after them.Both drive crappy old cars.Both get mixed up romanticly with the bad guys from time to time.Both have trouble making ends meet.Both eat odd things from their kitchen cabinet to keep going.I m not saying that either author realy emulates the other. but they are similar enough that after awhile I have to ask myself what letter of the alphabet I m on So for me, it was like reading a familiar western novel where you know a range war is going to break out, or you know that some rustling is going on, or something else that just seems so familiar that it just doesn t seet to tread new ground.Chicago ites might enjoy this storythan I did. It suggests that Chicago politics are full of crooks and double dealers gasp and further the streets and highways might be familiar enough to befun.so, I didn t partticular hate this one. just didn t get very excited over it. Much as I hate to do it I ve gotta give up on Sara Paretsky Just as with her last few novels, I ended up defeated by the confused beginning and had to put it down before the mystery even got rolling Paretsky spends too much time setting the scene before she gives the reader any clue what the book is about, a flaw I as a reader just can t get over Which is a shame, as V.I Warshawski is a compelling protagonist once the story finally gets rolling, at least in Hard Time The one Paretsky novel I ve been able to actually finish Tis a shame. V.I Vic Warshawski s alcoholic aunt shows up on her doorstep after Her aunt s hotel has burned down Her aunt, a senior citizen who is not above turning a trick to buy a bottle and other legally questionable activities, wants to crash at Vic s apartment More problems pop up when her aunt brings a junkie who also lived at the burned hotel The junkie is soon found dead at a constructions site How is this related to the political fundraiser Vic was invited to A Paretsky book is always worth a read.