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Mira is summoned by the Coven following the events of the preceding book Danaus, Tristan, and her maker all accompany her to the seat of the Coven s power.Once there she claims Tristan as her own, creating a family, something she swore she d never do The only reason she does it now is because she knows their maker will never protect him from the court s games, and as chum, Tristan will never survive Even troubling, once she gets there she realizes there s already a Naturi on the island.My problem with this book is that it felt like the story didn t advance all that much We already knew the Coven was split on what to do with Mira and the naturi, we already knew about the horrible things that went on at Court.That there s a split in the supernatural world is important but doesn t feel particularly surprising It s surprising that there s a split among the naturi.We learned a little about Danaus background but for some reason it didn t impact me the way it was supposed to.I did think the plan for revealing the presence of supernatural beings was interesting, particularly the background work of making supernatural creatures popular in fiction and film.It s not fair to say that nothing happened in this book, but it definitely felt like it was mostly set up for the next book in the series. [[ Kindle ]] ↿ Dayhunter ⇻ A New Day Dawns Blood Red A Master Of Fire, Mira Is The Last Hope For The World For Centuries She Has Secretly Enforced The History Altering Edicts Of The Triad Now She And Her Unlikely Ally The Human Vampire Hunter, Danaus Have Come To Venice, Home Of The Nightwalker Rulers But There Is No Safety In The Ancient City, For The Threat Of Conflict Is In The Wind With Unholy Alliances And Earth Shattering Betrayals Taking Hideous Form In The Shadows Banished For Eons Beyond The World S Boundaries, The Malevolent Naturi Prepare To Feed Once Again Upon A Vulnerable Earth And Treachery Is Opening Wide The Portal That Will Enable Their Dread Re Emergence The Great Battle That Has Always Been Mira S Destiny Is Looming, And She Must Remain Powerful In The Face Of A Shocking Revelation That Danaus, The Only Creature She Dares To Trust, Is Something Than The Man He Claims To Be This book is the second installment in the Dark days series Dayhunter is an fast paced action packed Urban Fantasy read I m a huge fan of this series and cannot wait for Dawnbreaker She also has a anthology for this series in Unbound called The dead, The damned and the forgotten Also a great edition to this series.Dawnbreaker has lots of twists and brings a lot to the table for Mira and Danaus to handle I love the characters in this series Mira Master of fire is a vampire who can control fire is somewhat of an outcast within her own race And Danaus is an unknown vampire hunter that can help her fight against the Naturi I love their relationship and the way the interact My favorite thing about their relationship is that they are constantly building it even if they are fighting And that they have to trust each other even though they are unusual allies I know they are going to be even stronger and closer in the next installment Dawnbreaker, I just hope we get to see what we all hope with them Synopsis A master of fire, Mira is the last hope for the world For centuries she has secretly enforced the history altering edicts of the Triad Now she and her unlikely ally the human vampire hunter, Danaus have come to Venice, home of the nightwalker rulers But there is no safety in the ancient city, for the threat of conflict is in the wind with unholy alliances and earth shattering betrayals taking hideous form in the shadows.Banished for eons beyond the world s boundaries, the malevolent naturi prepare to feed once again upon a vulnerable earth and treachery is opening wide the portal that will enable their dread re emergence The great battle that has always been Mira s destiny is looming, and she must remain powerful in the face of a shocking revelation that Danaus, the only creature she dares to trust, is something than the man he claims to be Great book, great series I recommend this for those who haven t read it, that it s a great new twist on the Urban Fantasy genre. Dayhunter starts right after the failed attempt, by the Naturi, to break the seal and even though Mira win this battle, the war is far from being over Not only does Mira have to fight the Naturi, she also have to watch her back because Jabari, her former mentor, also wants a piece of her, namely her head, preferably on a plate or a spike At the beginning, Mira is summoned by the Nightwalkers Council to Italy and brings Danaus, Vampire Hunter and Tristan, her new prot g , along for the ride At destination, quite a few unpleasant surprises awaits our heroes and one in particular Mira wouldn t have believed if she hadn t see it with her own eyes.This book is mostly about secret agendas, treason, unknown threats and power struggles Our red haired girl does her best to untangle this mess and protect everyone in the process, but nothing is as it seems and like in every war, there are casualties.In this round, we got to meet some great new characters, including two werewolves and an handful of interesting vampires I can t wait to know about Nicolai and Valerio a bit Danaus is still my favorite though, and I really want him to end up with Mira The end was indeed one epic battle with surprises, injuries and death I won t tell you if Mira succeeded in stopping the seal from being broken, but I will tell you that I didn t expect what happened The war isn t over and some enemies still need to be dealt with, but overall, this chapter wrapped up nicely, with promises of adventures. Not as good as the first book in the series Had to force myself to continue reading as it was very very slow going It was difficult to get into the characters as Mira was irritating and Danaus was very quiet so couldn t get a real sense of him The conflict was so abstract as to be nearly impossible to figure out what was going on Too much treachery by all characters which made it difficult to follow the action as the direction kept changing All in all, not a good installment There were a surprising number of typos which forced me to slow down even further in order to figure out what was meant instead of what was typed Very disappointing in a printed book which wasn t an advanced readers copy. is the second book in the Dark Days series by Jocelynn Drake.The Premise 600 year old nightwalker aka vampire Mira is the narrator in this series who is the only nightwalker to ever exist with the ability to control fire She and other supernatural creatures who humans are unaware of , have been fighting an epic battle against the return of the naturi, a race of powerful beings who believe humans, nightwalkers and everyone else should be exterminated from the planet 500 years ago Mira was used to create a seal to keep the naturi out, but there are some naturi still around trying to bring their comrades back Minor spoilers for book 1 from this point on My thoughts One of the people Mira is fighting alongside is a vampire hunter named Danaus who isn t quite human I find myself following the series to find out how their relationship plays out From enemies in the first book to an unusual friendship in this one, I feel that there are hints of possibly The two keep referring to their promise to kill each other once the situation with the naturi is over but bah, I don t believe it They work well together and an odd symbiosis means they are both in tune with the other s thoughts and powers The reason for that is revealed when we get some of Danaus back story along with some of Mira s, and their compatibility makes me believe they won t be going back to hunter and prey later on.Dayhunter is set mostly in Venice, which is the location of the Coven, the most powerful vampires that rule over the rest From what the reader sees of them, these creatures are mostly involved with power games where the strong cruelly manipulate the weak in order to make points and further their own agendas Sadira, Mira s maker, and the three on the Council, Jaburi, Elizabeth, and Macaire are all equally uncaring of who they have to use for their own purposes.There s a lot of unlikeable other characters in this book who Mira deals with, but I found that Mira herself uses her powers to make her own points So there is some moral ambiguity, although Mira s reasons are heroic than villainous, and she has Danaus to stop her from going too far down a path she may regret Mira and Danaus are quite similar in wanting to do the right thing and I found their conversations about their fundamental conflict as vampire and vampire hunter revealing Danaus in particular is conflicted now that he s met Mira, and it is telling how little he actually knows In this book we get a little bit about Danaus motivations, and he s on the page a lot, but his character still feels mysterious.The book has some dark, dramatic overtones I just saw a bit of Francis Ford Coppola s version of Dracula the one with Gary Oldman in it on TV the other day The atmosphere of that movie could work with this book, but add to that plenty of non stop action At least Mira and Danaus get to sleep, but one day seems to follow another with problems and very little time to stop things from unravelling.Overall Fast paced, steeped in vampire politics and intrigue, everyone with their own agenda, and Mira in the thick of it trying to stay alive and protect her friends If you like a book with courtly intricacies and manipulations, this one has quite a bit of that going on The writing style has a dark, Gothic feel to it, every so often an elaborate turn of phrase would sneak in The voice may not be for everyone, but I associated it with Mira, a 600 year old vampire being the main character, and it seemed to fit her well.The next book, Dawnbreaker comes out this September. If you sit down with the first two books in the Dark Days series, they read just like one long story Dayhunter picks up just moments after whereNightwalkerleft off This book is not a standalone Each installment of the series including those that follow this one is just a piece in a larger story Personally, I love serialized books, but it can be frustrating to wait between each installment Fortunately in this case, you can sit down with a stack of these and read them from beginning to end, if you re so inclined.Mira is a vampire, who is now working with vampire hunter Danaus to stop a race of fae, called the naturi, from destroying humanity and nightwalkers alike Not that Danaus is all that interested in protecting vamps, but he does realize that he needs their help to deal with the naturi threat At the end of the last book, we learned that Mira is really a weapon, whose fire starting abilities can be manipulated by her old mentor Jabari and now Danaus The whys are complicated, but let s accept it and move on She hates the idea of being at anyone s mercy, but she really has no choice in the matter.The story follows her journey with Danaus across different parts of Europe and the Mediterrean as they try to figure out how to stop the threat Things get complicated as they realize that members of the vampire coven are in league with some of the naturi It s not clear where anyone s loyalties lie And and , it seems like the only person Mira can count on is Danaus That makes it so much worse, every time we are reminded that the two are really enemies It s clear they feel something for each other, but only when Danaus can make himself forget what Mira really is We re also learning about what Danaus is and why the ideas of good and evil are so important to him.Mira is stepping outside of her comfort zone in so many ways But the most fulfilling way, to me, is seeing her willingness to extend herself to protect others She brings Tristan and Nico into her fold, building a family that will continue to grow as the series progresses She is the rock to them that she always thought Jebari was to her Now she is dealing with his betrayal on top of the staggering responsibilities she has to face.Mira s character development and her relationships with Danaus and Tristan are to me the best parts of the book This series is not a casual read Each book intertwines with the next It s layered and it s complicated There are a lot of characters and a lot going on It s all topped off with a healthy dose of violence and a dollop of sex 4 stars. When I read the 1st book in the series, it took a long time for the story to get going This was not the case for this book I was totally captivated by this one The action started on pg 1 We find our main character heroine don t say that to her face going to Venice to find out answers about the Naturi supernatural beings bend on world domination Her maker and her mentor want to use her in a dangerous power play She has a new nemesis to worry about The Daylight Coalition humans trying to extinguish all supernatural creatures and it appears that lycans and witches are siding with them to terminate vampires and nightwalkers Her companion in this war is Danaus, the immortal who is not all that he appears to be I like Mira because she is very complex and a lot of times you really don t have a lot of sympathy for her She is very tough, independent, a fighter, brawler and a powder keg This makes her an interesting character Danaus a vampire hunter who was going to kill her in the first novel, is now assisting her with her quest He wants to make sure that no humans are killed That is his sworn duty to keep them safe He is a good balance for her because he tries to make her aware of her humanity She struggles with some of the choices that she makes but, she feels that it is for the benefit of race They are trying to stop the Great Awakening were supernatural creatures will be out in the open living among humans She soon realizes that there are many players in the Coven who want to use her to gain power There is backstabbing, political in fighting ongoings, back alley alliance being made and lots of treachery afoot Can t wait to find out , I have already started on the next book. This book is better then the first, but still lacking in some ways.I hate that Mira is constantly manipulated by the men in her life While she still tries to act like a heroine, she is the consummate victim Always one step behind, always being abused.I want to see her be much I want to see her not be manipulated She snot an idiot, but she constantly acts like one.Of course we all know Michael s body going missing will end up biting her in the ass It s a repeat of Nerien well gee, I thought he was dead, but I guess I was wrong Come up with a little something better author, quit using the same old bullshit ad nauseam Which brings me to the next point of contention..I have a REAL problem with Danaus I mean we find out WHAT he is, which is a great thing, but from the explanations of Nightwalkers and Bori, shouldn t they inherently be on the same side I mean the author s own description says as much when she is describing the difference between Naturi and Bori And then of course, there is this bullshit let skill each other at the appropriate time thing It s not creating a lover s tension POV, it s creating, I just can t stand either character and want to put a knife in both of their back s view.Alas I m going to stick with the series in the hopes the author can right her left turns. I liked this one than the first, it s still a little predictable but there was world building and I empathized with Mira As in the first book some questions were answered at the cost of being created, this one at leas has a resolution, one thing that bothered me in the first was that it just ended, with no clear conclusion to the storyline.Now I really hope the origins of Danaus is better explored in the future books, no one likes a tease Jocelynn.