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Read this Stripped away of the music, GSHs poetry is laid bare in its brilliance At once a snapshot of history and durable work. Gil Scott Heron modestly addresses the reader in the introduction of this volume of his selected poems Your most significant asset is your time and your commitment to invest a portion of it considering my ideas means it is worth a sincere attempt on my part to transmit the essence of the idea With the passing of time, the transmission of some of these ideas could however be enhanced if the texts here presented were accompanied by clarifying remarks.The piece Work for Peace has been deemed puzzling enough to merit three footnotes, but these are the only ones that can be found in the volume Since some of these poems are deeply rooted in the political circumstances of the times in which they have been written a period that spans from 1970 to 1994 and generally cultural references abound, a great deal of texts would benefit from the addition ofcontextual information.Take for example the H2O Gate Blues from 1974, which contains the line Haldeman, Erlichmann sic , Mitchell and Dean It follows a pattern if you dig what I mean I sort of dig what Scott Heron means, but still an explanatory note on the intricacies of the Watergate related pattern that is alluded to would be a great addition in a future edition of this volume. #FREE BOOK Í Now and Then: The Poems of Gil Scott-Heron î A Poet And Polemicist Whose Lyrics Have Inspired And Galvanized Generations GQOne Glance At Now And Then And It Becomes Evident That This Is Not Merely A Collection Of A Songwriter S Lyrics The Song Poems Of This Undisputed Bluesologist Triumphantly Stand On Their Own, Evoking The Rhythm And Urgency Which Have Distinguished Gil Scott Heron S Career This Collection Carries The Reader From The Global Topics Of Political Hypocrisy And The Dangers Posed By Capitalist Culture To Painfully Personal Themes And The Realities Of Modern Day Life His Message Is Black, Political, Historically Accurate, Urgent, Uncompromising, And Mature, And As Relevant Now As It Was In The Early S This bookdamn The worst part is I never really knew about Gil Scott Heron until now, beyond of course his most recognizable The Revolution Won t Be Televised His work is filled with wit, and a display of absurdity, but mostly what I dove into, what I often find myself lacking honestly, is that ownership of his anger His frustration at the hypocrisies and inequalities surrounding marginalized groups Read This Book. Love his music, love the weird fact that his Jamaican dad played football at Celtic and Third Lanark in Glasgow in the 1950s and this collection of lyrics poems is a great read I particularly liked the ones about Ronald Raygun and those from the recent I m New Here album. Musician, poet, social activist Scott Heron s poems are insightful and convicting The quality of the poems, in terms of meter and rhyme scheme, varies from time to time, but the content is always spot on, and the poems always come across as authentic I not only enjoyed most of the poems, I was motivated by them motivated to be better and to doto listen to and understand the narrative of people with different backgrounds than mine A highly recommended collection. A collection worth the read My first introduction toe Gil Scott Heron was through his music I ve added his to the log list of talented and influential African American figures we should but fail to learn about in the American Public school system. One to re read every year, at least once. Scott Heron published prose and poetry even before he d embarked very far in his musical career but much of this collection seems to be the lyrics to songs from his long recording career Like Dylan lyrics or song lyrics by most anyone , they play better than they read and I found myself enjoying most the ones my ears knew best.An innovative songwriter and performer, Gil Scott Heron was influential but beyond influence, his political lyrics, his distinct perspective, and his linking of past to present, myth to reality, perception to misperception remain necessarily cold water tossed on the sleepy head of America This brief book is a good resource to spend time with as you listen to his jazzy blues recordings The work is vibrant, caustic, a dissenter s voice, a rebel s cry, defiant, strong and true Oh, and relevant.I write this a bunch of weeks after finishing reading it but a day and a half after the racist murders, the take back our country terrorist provocation, of nine African American citizens in a church in Charleston, South Carolina Not just a church but a landmark church of resistance to slavery, Jim Crow, and those who oppose freedom, equality and justice Scott Heron The blues was born on the American wilderness The blues was born on the beaches where the slave ships docked, born on the slave man s auction block The blues was born and carried on the howling wind The blues grew up a slave The blues grew up as property The blues grew up in Nat Turner s visions The blues grew up in Harriet Tubman s courage The blues grew up in small town deprivation The blues grew up in the nightmares of the white man Bicentennial Blues It was a white man s nightmare that prompted the murders of nine better Americans.Scott Heron also saw our propensity for inertia It s winter, winter in America and ain t nobody fighting cause nobody knows what to save it s winter, winter in America and all the healers done been killed or put in jail Winter in America.He also saw how television news would not get things right for fear of offending shopping shopping, a metaphor for complacency The revolution will not be televised The revolution will not be right back after a message about a white tornado, white lightning, or white people You will not have to worry about a dove in your bedroom, a tiger in your tank or the giant in your toilet bowl The revolution will not go better with Coke The revolution will not fight germs that might cause bad breath The revolution will put you in the driver s seat The revolution will not be televised will not be televised not be televised be televised The revolution will be no re run, brothers The revolution will be LIVE The Revolution Will Not be Televised. now and then collects nearly five dozen of gil scott heron s poems, many of which were also recorded and released on albums spanning three decades as a musician, poet, proto rapper, and novelist, the accomplished scott heron s writing never strayed far from the sociopolitical ramifications of poverty, racism, violence, and empire many of his poems actually have a greater effect on record, as the rhythm, cadence, and overall essence of his vocal delivery enriches his wordplay imbued with passion, determination, and an uncanny knack for re encoding political doublespeak, scott heron s poems are often incisive and darkly humorous while some of them may topically dated, their themes remain, sadly, all too timely.work for peace back when eisenhower was the presidentgolf courses was where most of his time was spentso i never paid much attention to what the president saidbecause in general, i believed the general was politically dead,but he always seemed to know how muscles were going to be flexedhe kept mumbling something about a military industrial complexthe military and monetarythe military and monetarythe military and monetarythe military and the monetaryget together whenever they think its necessarythey have turned our brothers and sisters into mercenaries,they are turning the planet into a cemetery.the military and the monetaryuse the media as intermediaries.they are determined to keep the citizens secondarythey make so many decisions that seem arbitrary.we ve been standing behind the commander in chief who was under a spotlight, shaking like a leafbecause the ship of state had landed on an economic reefso we knew he d be bringing us messages of grief.the military and the monetarywere shielded by january and went storming into february.they brought us pot bellied generals as luminaries.two weeks before i hadn t heard of the sons of bitchesand then all of a sudden they were legendary.they took the honor from the honorarythey took the dignity from the dignitariesthey took the secrets from the secretariesbut they left the bitch in obituary yeah, they had some smart bombs but they had some dumb ones as wellthey scared the hell outta cnn in that baghdad hotel.the military and the monetarythe military and monetarythe military and monetaryget together whenever they think its necessarywar in the desert sometimes sure could seem scarybut they beamed out the war to all of their subsidiariestried to make so damn insane saddam hussein a worthy adversarykeeping all of the citizens secondaryscaring old folks into coronariesmaking us all wonder if all of this was really, truly necessary.we ve got to work for peace.we ve got to work for peace.if we all believed in peace we could have peace.the only thing wrong with peace is thatyou can t make no money from it.the military and the monetaryget together whenever they think it s necessarythey have turned our brothers and sisters into mercenarieswe are turning parts of the planet into a cemetery.we hounded the ayatollah religiously,bombed libya and killed qadafi s son hideously.we turned our back on our allies, the panamanianswatched ollie north selling guns to the iranianswitnessed gorbachev slaughtering lithuaniansso we better warn the amish, they may bomb the pennsylvanians.we ve got to work for peace.peace ain t coming this way.we ve got to work for peace.peace is not merely the absence of warit is the absence of the rumors of war and the threats of warand the preparation for war.peace is not merely the absence of warwe will have all touched the power of peace within ourselves.because we will have all come to peace within ourselves.peace ain t gonna be easy.peace ain t gonna be free.we ve got to work for peace.