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I spent over three months with this book, never reading than one story per day I have read selections of Vonnegut, including parts of Player Piano and Harrison Bergeron, but this was my first cover to cover read I love the guy Something about his writing is so believable to me I rarely have difficulty stepping into his POV Welcome to the Monkey House is a bit of a hodgepodge collection, jumping from sci fi to articles suited for Ladies Home Journal Some of the stories, naturally, are not as good as others but this is a collection, not a coherent narrative I enjoy how Vonnegut takes simple genre fiction and still catches my attention with his subtle humor I would suggest taking your time with this one and reading it across several months Vonnegut may not be for everyone, but I look forward to reading novels in the coming years. Welcome to the Monkey House is the best collection of stories I ve read.Rating it accurately is as difficult as ever Should it be based off of the best stories Or all of them I don t know.What I do know is Harrison Bergeron, Welcome to the Monkey House, Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, EPICAC, Where I Live, and The Euphio Question are some of the best shorts ever written.Much like Vonnegut s other novels, they re strangely scientific with quirky characters, great dialogue, and plenty of comedic moments.The rest of the stories weren t so great to write about Some of them are pretty out there, though, if that s your thing #READ KINDLE ô Welcome to the Monkey House ⚤ Welcome To The Monkey House Is A Collection Of Kurt Vonnegut S Shorter Works Originally Printed In Publications As Diverse As The Magazine Of Fantasy And Science Fiction And The Atlantic Monthly, These Superb Stories Share Vonnegut S Audacious Sense Of Humor And Extraordinary Range Of Creative Vision Alternative Cover Edition Here This is a master class in the art of short story writing Every short story is finely crafted Many have humor, many have heartbreak, many have subtle romance Almost all have commentary on society, especially American society, that is as relevant today as it was in the 1950s What are these stories missing You reader It s missing you to unlock their meaning and beauty. Vonnegut does a wonderful job with a short story and while most stories were okay to yeah, I liked it I guess , it s definitely worth it for the few 4 to 5 star ratings Where I Live Venture Traveler s World, October 1964 2 5 Kinda boring and no real plot Just meandering Harrison Bergeron The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, October 1961 5 5 Loved this one science fiction Handicapping people so everything is fair and no one can take unfair advantage because of their looks, intelligence, physical prowess, etc Sad but true and hilarious at the same time exactly what Vonnegut does best Who Am I This Time The Saturday Evening Post, 16 December 1961 3 5 A play that I guess Vonnegut had to put on Street Car Named Desire I don t know if it s a true story or what, but it sounded autobiographical Main actor who acts amazingly in everything and duddy female actor who he is able to bring out of her shell Welcome to the Monkey House Playboy, January 1968 4 5 Another science fiction story where the world is overpopulated and there exists a mandatory pill called ethical birth control that doesn t make it impossible to have children the ethical part , but makes you numb from the waist down Another sad but true, although I don t quite agree with the jab against religion in this one Long Walk to Forever Ladies Home Journal, August 1960 3 5 A military man visits a woman he s in love with and who s about to get married The Foster Portfolio Collier s Magazine, 8 September 1951 2 5 Nothing really exciting here A financial consultant consults a man who s reasons for how he manages his money are than they seem Miss Temptation The Saturday Evening Post, April 21 1956 3 5 An actress struts her stuff, but is brought down for no reason she can help All the King s Horses Collier s Magazine, 10 Feb 1951 5 5 A game of chess becomes a game of survival Definitely one of the best of the collection Tom Edison s Shaggy Dog Collier s Magazine, 14 March 1953 4 5 A funny story about a really annoying me monster Brian Regen who corners a man in the park New Dictionary The New York Times, October 1966 3 5 Who hasn t looked up dirty words in the dictionary Next Door Cosmopolitan, April 1955 4 5 Pretty funny story about a kid who hears fighting next door and tries to help Assume makes a what out of whom More Stately Mansions Collier s Magazine, 22 December 1951 3 5 Quaint story about interior decorating The Hyannis Port Story 3 5 Secret Service calls a Commodore Rumfoord a name that comes up a few times in Vonnegut s work about his son Rumfoord is not a big Kennedy fan D.P Ladies Home Journal, August 1953 3 5 A kid in a prison camp meets his father Report on the Barnhouse Effect Collier s Magazine, 11 February 1950 3 5 SciFi Barnhouse is a scientist who discovers an interesting talent he has The Euphio Question Collier s Magazine, 12 May 1951 4 5 SciFi An interesting discovery leads to happiness although it s than you bargain for Go Back to Your Precious Wife and Son Ladies Home Journal, July 1962 3 5 A famous actress and her fifth husband have some work done on their bathroom Deer in the Works Esquire, April 1955 3.5 5 An owner of a newspaper decides he needs something secure and gets hired on at a large corporation Say bye bye to your freedom The Lie The Saturday Evening Post 24 February 1962 3.5 5 About a father s excitement for his son to enter boarding school Unready to Wear Galaxy Science Fiction, April 1953 4 5 SciFi Bodies are really just a pain in the neck aren t they The Kid Nobody Could Handle The Saturday Evening Post, 24 September 1955 2 5 A boy who s been neglected all his life acts out Actions speak louder than words The Manned Missiles Cosmopolitan, July 1958 4 5 This was a really emotional tale about two astronauts fathers writing each other whose sons recently died EPICAC Collier s Magazine, 25 November 1950 4 5 SciFi Our narrator has a discussion with the smartest machine in the world Adam Cosmopolitan, April 1954 3 5 This one was definitely close to home for me, I have a seven month old Babies are great Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow Galaxy Science Fiction, January 1954 4 5 SciFi Another story about overpopulation in the future In this one, because of a new anti aging drug, there are so many people, each family lives together for generations and there are no resources. 1982 January 62014 October 3Where I Live Keenly observed I wonder what an update would be like 50 years on Harrison Bergeron This one has aged a bit, but it s still good.Who Am I This Time I vividly recall the American Playhouse production with Susan Sarandon and Christopher Walken Magic.Welcome to the Monkey House Likewise aged, not that there aren t people who would be delighted to see the sex drive killed for everyone else, but those people tend not to be in favor of birth control or assisted suicide.Long Walk to Forever This is the story that made me want to reread the collection particularly A walk said Catharine One foot in front of the other, said Newt, Through leaves,over bridges Vonnegut repeats that line through leaves, over bridges several times, and it is amazing how much emotion he manages to convey in that utterly prosaic phrase It kills me As does Vonnegut s preferred title, Hell to Get Along With , which should probably be the title of every proposal story ever.The Foster Portfolio Heh.Miss Temptation I m not Yellowstone Park she said I m not supported by taxes I don t belong to everybody You don t have any right to say anything about the way I look Vonnegut understands and conveys, in 1956 mind you,a point which still continues to elude many supposed adults even today.All the King s Horses A rather dark musing on war, but not too dark.Tom Edison s Shaggy Dog Just perfectly amusing.New Dictionary Would go well paired with David Foster Wallace s review of dictionaries.Next Door Oh, my.More Stately Mansions This is another one that has lived long in my memory It s a very kind and accepting and loving sort of story about a quirky, possibly annoying as hell character And also, the obsession with having the perfect home has only become stronger and widespread.The Hyannis Port Story Another really sweet story that still manages to be cynical and funny.D.P Vonnegut writes children so well, so real Not at all like Salinger s improbable paragons A most unusual war story.Report on the Barnhouse Effect Interesting to compare this with LeGuin s Lathe of Heaven in focus and tone and characterization.The Euphio Question Amusingly presented.Go Back to Your Precious Wife and Son Oh, I love this, the contrast between the couples, the shower enclosure Why doesn t anyone write stories from the point of view of storm window installers these days Deer in the Works I d say this one has exerted a small but deeply felt influence over my whole world view.The Lie Vonnegut can be warmly sympathetic to unlikely characters.Unready to Wear No question that I love this story.The Kid Nobody Could Handle An appreciation of the importance of finding one s home, in every sense.The Manned Missiles Perhaps the world didn t go this way because Vonnegut warned us against it Interesting note he thinks Earth will look green from space.EPICAC Unlike some of his peers, Vonnegut can easily imagine a brilliant mathematician who happens to be a woman.Adam Another sweet story that isn t sentimental at all.Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow Boy was the population explosion a big deal.It s been than 30 years since I first read this book, and a while since I ve read anything else by Vonnegut But rereading, I can t help notice how completely I ve absorbed the Vonnegut mindset into my own Most of my favorite authors these days I love for their humanism, their warmth, their sympathy, and their humor Most of that must have come from Vonnegut, since I can t recall any one else I read in high school who was similar, except Douglas Adams These are not bad people to have been raised by.Kindle library copy Previously read June 2003 among many other times Like many offbeat outcast teens, I went through a Vonnegut phase and am glad to say I never completely recovered I would heartily recommend Welcome to the Monkey House for anyone new to Vonnegut s body of work, as it covers basically the first two decades of his career and IMHO, the best years It contains an honest to goodness love story Long Walk to Forever that always makes me sniffle a little Then there s the familiarly sardonic Report on the Barnhouse Effect and The Euphio Question The Kid Nobody Could Handle contains one of my many favorite KV quotes You are better than you think A one, a two a three Both comforting and chilling this collection of stories, while a bit dated at times The Hyannis Port Story and Epicac , I m looking at you is still in my top 50 of favorite books and will continue to be a re read for years to come. This man was a genius And a loving Husband father One heck of a decent human being A few stories were soooooooooooooooooo good, that I was wishing I could go back and change a few things about my College days I would have loved to be talking about this book in a College Class I m ready now I m really happy I won this book I could have missed it THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to whom ever picked my name as a first read I enjoyed reading other reviews early this morning 3am wonderful Here is a little something I ll add which I have not read in other reviews The copy of the book in my hands is The Special Edition Building The Monkey House by Gregory D Sumner It was a treat added to this book I love what he wrote about Kurt Vonnegut It was a time when Kurt himself was having an add on built to his home He needed a place for quiet to write He and his wife had 6 kids 3 of their own 3 where his sisters after she died This I the type of man he was he had a very unglamorous way about him He worked hard showing up for work He said Mechanics fix automobiles he once observed Carpenters build houses Storytellers use a reader s leisure time in such a way that the reader will not feel that his time has been wasted. A Compendium of Curmudgeonly HumourKurt Vonnegut is a curmudgeon Curmudgeons are often misunderstood and taken for irascible pedants On the contrary, they are anything but pedantic Curmudgeons are introverts who are simply tired of adapting themselves to the demands of an extrovert world They want to be left alone Which is why they occasionally write or say nasty things to annoy people The hope is that other people will then have something to talk about with each other and give the curmudgeon some peace.A curmudgeon like Vonnegut is the opposite of a totalitarian A curmudgeon knows the world around him and its imperfections through direct experience But he is wary of turning his opinions, of which he has many, into policies This is just as well because his opinions are anything but consistent He has learned over the years that consistency is indeed the sign of a trivial mind which would like to impose order on a universe that is inherently chaotic Curmudgeons are male by definition because they fear the power of women and have no defences against it Female power arises from the inherent male incompetence in things like communication and relationship building Sisterhood is a mystery which manifests to him as a hive mind and he dares not mess with it The curmudgeon knows he is deficient and relies on women to suffer frustration and annoyance in his presence He is aware of this sufferance and, as a mark of respect, neither contradicts nor criticises his female companions They in turn accept the deal as the best they are likely to get and desist from all attempts to improve him.A curmudgeon is not without charm in certain situations, primarily those in which he is forced to respond to the opinions usually political, but sometimes anthropological of others, particularly blowhards and dilettantes In such circumstances his remarks are likely intended not to convince but to undermine He perceives this as healthy cynicism The charm emanates from the fact that he doesn t mind what anyone else thinks of him The combination of the unexpected and the absence of obvious banality helps. The world is overpopulated, and they have Ethical Suicide Parlors, where public minded citizens are encouraged to go in and get a lethal injection from the attractive hostesses There s a big thermometer outside, showing how many people there currently are in the world.So the guy comes in, and he s chatting with the hostess He wants to know how much the mercury will go down if he decides to do it A foot No, she says.An inch Not quite, she says.Suddenly, he changes his tone Every inch, he says, represents seventeen million people That s not the right way to look at it, she says But she doesn t say what is the right way to look at it.Ever since reading this story as a teenager, I ve been unable to take anyone seriously who uses the expression That s not the right way to look at it Not my fault Blame the late Mr Vonnegut.