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interesting arguments brought up about the connections between hip hop and philosophy considers the connections between hip hop and feminism, drugs, crime, etcother each chapter labeled as a track is kind of unnecessary but I understand where they are trying to go with that (((BOOK))) ⇲ Hip-Hop and Philosophy: Rhyme 2 Reason (Popular Culture and Philosophy) ☠ Is There Too Much Violence In Hip Hop Music What S The Difference Between Kimberly Jones And The Artist Lil Kim Is Hip Hop Culture A Black Thing Is It Okay For NWA To Call Themselves Niggaz And For Dave Chappelle To Call Everybody Bitches These Witty, Provocative Essays Ponder These And Other Thorny Questions, Linking The Searing Cultural Issues Implicit And Often Explicit In Hip Hop To The Weighty Matters Examined By The Great Philosophers Of The Past The Book Shows That Rap Classics By Lauryn Hill, OutKast, And The Notorious BIG Can Help Uncover The Meanings Of Love Articulated In Plato S Symposium That Rakim, Pac, And Nas Can Shed Light On The Conception Of God S Essence Expressed In St Thomas Aquinas S Summa Theologicaand Explores The Connection Between Run DMC Snoop Dogg, And Hegel Hip Hop And Philosophy Proves That Rhyme And Reason, Far From Being Incompatible, Can Be Mixed And Mastered To Contemplate Life S Most Profound Mysteries frickin phenom parallels between hip hop culture and classic white philosophers shouldn t really work, but boy does it I love hip hop.Half of the authors featured in this collection do not love hip hop.Even if one were to accept the eye rollingly frequent references to Lil Kim as something that resembles relevant evidence of anything, the arguments made by many of these authors are clearly surface level criticisms of hip hop music culture, akin to conservative and or stereotypically white America s casual dismissal of hip hop s artistic legitimacy Before truly delving deep into my feelings about this book and I had have ALL the feelings , here are my updates from the week I spent with Hip Hop and Philosophy Rhyme 2 Reason I m even going to overlook the cartoonishly condescending title chosen for this book July 9, 2019 page 31 13.3% This collection of essays was published in 2005, and the boom of legitimate hip hop journalism had yet to come But good LORD are these authors trying too hard to sound down while shoe horning adequate at best rap lyrics to support their claims Instead of deeply examining specific artists songs albums in order to find central philosophies, these jokers sound like Hip Hop Harry trying to be down with the kidz July 10, 2019 page 54 23.18% Essay 4 offers a farthought provoking and necessary link between essential themes in hip hop and philosophical concepts of self recognition.I wish Pittman would have taken Georg Hegel to task for his racist views of European dominance in history a fact of which I wasn t aware until I read this essay , but Pittman s use of lyrics especially Liberation by OutKast link directly to his philosophical claims July 10, 2019 page 65 27.9% Rap Aesthetics is miles away from the previous cartoonish hip hop narrators, but Shusterman s argument doesn t accomplish much unless his goal is to establish that he s a massive KRS One fan It s cowardly to purposely avoid the messier areas of violence in mainstream rap There are a myriad of claims to be made about how violence in the music is necessary to its aesthetic, claims that Shusterman dances around July 18, 2019 page 128 54.94% This book would have beeneffective if its editors would have found authors who actually, you know, like hip hop.The last handful of essays have been excuses to cherrypick out of context lyrics from specific artists enough with Lil Kim in order to wag a finger at childish, misogynistic, vulgar rappers The Bill Cosbian Black conservative critique is cheap And it disregards the plight of the artist July 19, 2019 page 183 78.54% Thank you, Bill E Lawson, for being one of the few authors in this collection who seemingly enjoys hip hop music and culture.And thank you for giving me an incredibly intelligent, challenging, relevant text for my young students to question the concept of the social contract and its inclusion of Black Americans I will delve into this uneven, often offensive collection of essays But it s late I have a baby And Nas just dropped The Lost Tapes 2, so I need to hear that sh t I wonder how many of this book s authors are equally excited about its release Hmmmm.