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( Download E-pub ) ⚞ A Mutual Favor ï Two Good Friends, Two Thorny Problems Kurt Needs A Wife To Convince A Judge He Can Provide A Stable Home For His Son Shelly Wants A Baby To Love She S Had A Crush On Him For Years He S Never Thought Of Her As Anything Than His Best Buddy So When She Offers Him A Solution To Both Their Problems, He S Not Sure But Knowing She Wants Him Changes Everything, And Pretty Soon He Can T Keep His Mind Or His Hands Off Her A Mutual Favor was a great book It s a fast read and a very sexy romance If you enjoy books about friend who become lovers this is a book for you 4.5 Stars One thing I really liked about this book is I like the best friends turn lovers storyline Honestly, I really liked both the hero and heroine, too They were people I could easily be friends with I like reading about people I can identify withit makes itinteresting to me sometimes.Shelly and Kurt have been friends ever since Kurt moved to San Antonio to start a new life for himself Both have successful careers in the medical field and have come to rely on one another as each other s rock When Kurt finds out that his ex wife is trying to stop his son s visitation with him because of an unstable home environment, he is generally scared he will lose his son Shelly is having baby fever She is wanting a child badly, and since she feels like her clock is tickingand it s not in her favor she starts becomingdesperate to have a child of her own.When Kurt comes up with the idea of them marrying to solve their problems, Shelly is stunned She has been in love with Kurt since she has known him, and she can t believe her luck when she realizes that she may have the man of her dreams, a wonderful step son, and the baby she has always wanted.The only problem is Shelly not only wants the marriage and children she wants Kurts love too.I really enjoyed this book Watching the relationship between Kurt and Shelly evolve from best friends to lovers andwas wonderful to watch I highly recommend this book if you want a really sweet love story with a well used plot, but with great characters that kept it fresh and interesting.If you are offended by hot sex and dirty words this book is not for you. This one was all right Shelly has been in love with her best friend and coworker, Kurt, for a few years She wants a baby and asks him, but he turns her down When his ex wife tries to prevent him from seeing his son though, he asks Shelly to marry him so that he ll look like a better parent to the judge deciding the case She agrees and they turn out to be very compatible.It really was OK reading, but there were some things I really didn t like The first is that when Shelly originally asked Kurt for the baby, he turned her down cold Which I think was his right, and he did comfort her subsequently and do his best to cheer her up, promising her that she d meet the right guy eventually However, then when custody for his kid comes up, he immediately figures out that marrying Shelly will make perfect sense and he reasons that he ll be willing to swap favors That kind of made him seem really selfish to me Also, when he said no that first time, he really seemed to have an attitude that Shelly would be better off never having kids than being a single mom What s wrong with single moms exactly She was an educated, financially stable thirty two year old woman His platitudes you ll find the right man and thank me later for this really seemed cheap and unrealistic And his quick turnaround made me feel like, Oh, so making a baby isn t a big deal to you then, as long as you get something out of it The next thing I disliked was that when Shelly agreed to marry him, they agreed to meet the next day to talk things over and at that meeting, he simply says, You ll be turning in your notice on Wednesday Kurt is a surgeon and Shelly is a physical trainer He s a bit of a workaholic and has a crazy schedule because he has to rush in a lot of the times when there s been an accident It pissed me off that on the one hand, his job meant so much to him and he made clear from the start that his hours were crazy and that she would have to be accommodating, but then on the other hand, he totally disregards her own job Shelly puts up a half hearted, Well I ll keep it part time, and then later realizes that he was right to demand she cut down on her hours because decorating the house was taking SO MUCH of her time Heaven forbid his house shouldn t be decorated She went from a physical therapist to a woman who was spent her whole day cooking her husband s meals, doing housework, and catering to his spoiled, unhappy son s needs whenever the kid s visiting In a book that was published recently, that s just not palatable for me At least until she got pregnant, she should have kept the job full time.Sorry if I seem like a rabid feminist Things like this will really ruin a romance novel for me though. For all of us who enjoy books about friends who become lovers and make it work, A Mutual Favor by Ann Jacobs would be a worthy additional to your reading list She does a great job of depicting the growth of love and how it s the constant little things that mean so muchthan a rare big gesture I would, however, categorize this asromantica really really sexy romance vice erotica.She wants a baby, he needs a wife When Shelly asks Kurt to father the child she desperately wants, he freaks But thehe thinks about it, thehe realizes the act would be no chore And in order for Kurt to be grantedvisitation with his son, his lawyer has recommended he marry Since he s certainly not going to fall in love, what could be better than marrying his best friend Very enjoyable, if sometimes typical, romance.